SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - June 2019

SAFER Meeting Minutes

June 21, 2019

SAFER Board Attendees:  President Quinn,VP Weise, Seely, Vendor Liaison Sposato,   

LAFD Hotchkin Memorial Training Center

0950    Meeting called to order – President Quinn, welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting with the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.  Scott related some features of the Training Centers “Simulations Lab” to those visiting. He related his experience in accident investigations and after action report development.

Thanks to Kelly Whitt – (Dupont) for morning hospitality.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – Meeting in Quincy next week, San Antonio meeting gives the ISP’s a two year certification cycle. Wildland: Respiratory Protection (1983 & 1984 Std’s) will be addressed in the near future.

Cal-OSHA – Nothing to add.

Vender Liaison – Joe Sposato - LA Fire Show was poorly attended. The 2020 show will be moved to Las Vegas but is open to moving it elsewhere in the Western region in the future. Venders have been doing good this year, related September 3rd, 2019 is the last day a 2013 SCBA can ship – after that all SCBA’s must be 2018 specification(s).

Apparatus – No report at this time.

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – New year, please pay your annual dues. Account balances were discussed but not documented herein.

Communications – Tracy / Tony:


Program: After Action Review and Serious Incident Investigation

Presented by Captain II Kenneth Cook

When “Right” doesn’t go right, how do you investigate and memorialize the event.

Key Points: (abbreviated from PP Presentation):

Notebook provided included:

  1. Sample Green Sheet

  2. LAFD Departmental Bulletin – After Action Review Policy and Procedures

  3. LAFD Standard Operating Procedures – “After Action Review”

  4. LAFD – Blue Sheet (LFD D-8R Rollover)

  5. LAFD – Green Sheet (Roscoe Incident)

  6. LAFD – SIRT Guidance for Monrovia Fire and Rescue – Chestnut Fire

Attendees were surveyed for agency / company roles that might intersect with the topic.

Discussion on the evolution of LAFD’s “After Action Review” process. The AAR’s used by the military was reviewed as a model for the LAFD AAR Policy.

Process should:

  • Influence agencies to develop similar policies

  • Transparecy of the evolution of the present AAR policies.

  • Educate  

What are the key questions?

  1. What was planned?

  2. What actually happened?

  3. Why did it happen?

  4. What can we do to prevent future incidents?


Challenges, Successes and Failures = Lessons learned

The policy document was reviewed and key components discussed in Captain Cooks’ presentation.

“Curriculum Delivery Model”, a sample video was reviewed covering AAR’s (“What does “Right” look like?) and was developed for use by the Los Angeles Area  Regional Training Group.

Purpose of the AAR is to improve future operations by reviewing key incident components: plans, actions and outcomes, “A culture of improvement”.

  • Serious Incident Review Teams – SIRT’s

Several incidents the LAFD has experienced were identified with the intent of demonstrating the risks all agencies may shoulder.

Serious Incident:

  • Inpatient admission to a hospital

  • Near-Miss – a occurrence that

  • Fatality


  • Initial Notification

  • Subsequent Notification

  • Initiate Team

CalOSHA Title 8


  • Provide an overview with factual information to eliminate false rumors.

  • Identify / mitigate safety hazards or concerns


Safety Unit Products in AAR process:

  • Blue Sheets - With 3 days

  • Green Sheets – Within 30 days

  • SIRT Final Report -

  • Confidential Working Recommendations Report

  • Safety Stand Down – From FC, goes across agency.


  • All documents MUST REMAIN in DRAFT form to remain non- discoverable

Things to know:

  • Professional , critical thinkers, open minded

  • Extremely confidential, non-punitive

  • Work with other investigative bodies

  • Incidents are highly emotional, highly critized, avoid confect of interest

  • Unbiased report, make recommendations

  • Don’t jump the gun release preliminary information.

Video shown: 1700 Soto Street where an LAFD FF went through roof.

Psychologists want to conduct CIS debriefing asap, AAR interviews should be conduct first.

SIRT Positions:

  • Team Leader

  • Lead Investigator

  • Safety Representative

  • Training Representative

  • Labor Representative

  • Documentation Specialist

  • Technical Specialist

Scene Considerations:

  • Report to IC or Management Team for a debrief on the incident

  • Liaison with any other investigative bodies.

  • Ensure scene safety

  • Approach the scene methodically

  • Control the incident site

  • Start the photograph process and collection of evidence immediately

Interview Considerations (see Monrovia doc in booklet)

  • Team Leader and Lead Investigator shoule be at every interview

  • Labor Rep should assist with scheduling

“Facilitated  Learning Analysis” Tells a story about the thoughts of the members and their actual accounts of the events. (Mendocino Complex Burn Over)


Deliberation Consideration’s:

  • Reconvene the SIRT

  • Et al


Joe AllStar: Has new hoods with particulate filter, Barrier. Recommends visiting Normandy

Jim – Citro-squeeze – Has had calls regarding “on-scene” mitigation as compared to PPE cleaning after an exposure.

NFPA 2018 standard will shipping September, after September 3rd you won’t be able to get 2013 SCBA’s. The new buddy breather connection will not connect to older SCBA’s. Compatibility can be made with an adapter soon.

Kirk Owens - Veridean – Has two hoods with separate fabric make-ups for immediate delivery

Tracy –  Line Gear - Related product line(s) and availability of catalog.

Steve Colley – Related a SAFER meeting many years ago where LAFD had PPE from a near-miss incident. Cobra litter has recent order with Kern County.  

Melisa – HAIX -


Richard Wiese LACoFD – NFPA Committees will be meeting to enhance

Laz – IDEX – SAM – Simplified Apparatus Management device to operate , Lunch at 11-2:00 PM on July 1 at AllStar Fire Equipment. 

Jeff – Kapler Protective Hazmat suits. Specific PPE for white powdery substances (ei fentanyl etc.)

Christina – Hero Wipes – Sells wipes for decontamination. Has product that decontaminates bio / ems materials.

Jordan  Evans – Solutions Safety / Citro-squezze – encourages on-line questions and dialog about use of their product . Next Run for mental health issues,.

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety / Citro-squzze – Thanks to LAFD for hosting and the presentation on UAV’s. Encourages gross decon and subsequent on-scene and station PPE decontamination programs. Suggests purchasing PPE extractors that are proven effective to insure carcinogins etc are

Scott Ramirez – Fillmore Fire.


            Elsegundo Fire July Meeting            

SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - April 2019

SAFER Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2019

SAFER Board Attendees:   President Quinn, Past President Gurrola, Seely, VP Weise, Wilkerson, Szczepanek , Communications / Social Media Liaison Rabe   

Capstone Infrastructure Protection Services

2240 Auto Park Way, Escondido CA 92029

B/C Kelly Sisson , (619) 742-5573

0940    Meeting called to order – President Quinn opened the meeting and related the meeting agenda and introduced B/C Kelly Sisson who welcomed the attendees and provided location information. He related he hopes to make Capstone a regular SAFER participant / member and led the pledge of allegiance. Introduced the CEO of Capstone Infrastructure Protection Services. He related the various responsibilities and business services they offer to industry and utilities in the areas of fire-life safety, industrial safety and perimeter protection. They key on insurance support strategies such as site survey’s and fire prevention, follow-on / mop up measures in the wildland fire scenario.

Chief Quinn related the dues we pay in support the organization.

  • Thanks Capstone for the morning hospitality.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – No report available at this time.

CalOSHA –  Scott Hudson :

  • Dept of Industrial relations (DIR): is moving ahead with an Emergency Smoke Standard. This is for non-first responders.

  • Monthly Cal/OSHA “advisory meeting’s” has now ended.  

  • New Standard – Night work elimination standard.

  • Note – Valley Fever – Both a standard and endorsed by governor.

  • Working on an “Indoor Hazards” standard. (Includes high temperature locations – not incident specific locations but does cover apparatus bays and training venues.

  • Workplace violence issue is another current “hot Button” topic.

Apparatus – Rob – No report this month

 Safety and Training- No specific committee report.

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – Given by B/C Guinn for Tony Duran – Reminder to please pay your annual dues!

Communications – Tracy / Tony:

Vendor Liaison – Gabe for Joe,

*FDIC is at the end of April 27, 28 & 29 in Indianapolis.  

Program: Gas Detection Fundamentals for Fire and Emergency Response

David Molinatti – Industrial Scientific

Introduced his background and several experiences he had:

  • Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • Chimney Fire

Introduced the program agenda:

  • Gas Related Causes of Death

  • Rules to Live By

  • The Gas Monitor

  • Oxygen and Oxygen Sensor

  • Combustibles / LEL Sensors


#1 cause of “monitor failure” is not trusting the metering unit

Rules to Live By

Bump Test Monitor – How Often? Why?

            Every week: connect to docking station

            Before each use

“Peak Screen” – saves highest reading on screen until cleared before next sampling.

Use monitors per manufactures recommendations to comply with CalOSHA and recognized national standards

Electromechancal Sensors for toxic gases is like batteries- in the presence of a target gas they will react and “wear out” more quickly.

Sensor Response Time : (T90 factor) Certain sensors

LEL Sensor Options

Catalytic Bead LEL Sensor – Detection of all LEL’s. Disadvantage: High power usage. Sensor will be damaged by “silicones” like Amoral like products – calibrate if exposed 

Infrared (IR) Sensors detect combustible gases and are immune to poisons (ie silicon based lubricants). Can detect combustibles in an inert environment. Disadvantages: effected by temperatures and humities.

PID (Photoionization Detection: Detects Hydrocarbons and some inorganic vapors.


Calibrate: According to manufacturers recommended procedures – may be diffent fo


Effects of Oxygen :

  • 23.5 % Maximum Safe Level (OSHA)

  • 21.0% O2 content in air (20-954%)

  • 19.5% Minimum allowable safe

1% of Oxygen = 10,000 ppm of other gases, Oxygen = 1/5 of air

1% displacement of

43% of all deaths are oxygen diffiecency related.

#1 sensor that fails is oxygen sensor – because it’s always being exposed to its target gas (Oxygen) even when the monitor is turned off

Combustible gas LELs:

Methane 5% by volume

Propane 2.1 %

Pentane (gasoline) 1.45

Butane 1.95



A methane calibrated sensor “under estimates” the hazard – a pentane calibrated sensor will “overestimate” the hazard


Carbon Monoxide:

  • Flamable at 12.5% vol= 125,000ppm

  • CalOSHA 25 ppm TWA, 200 ppm stel

  • 200-400 headaches, dizziness, nausea

  • 800-1600 death within 1-2 hours

  • At LEL-death in 1-3 minutes

Blood has affinity for CO 200x that of O2

Hydrogen Sulfide:

  • 0.13 ppm can detect odor of H2S

  • 10 ppm – eye irritation

  • 100 ppm – loss of sence of smell in 2 minutes

  • 300 ppm – IDLH

  • Can Hide in “black puddles”

  • Inhibits cell respiration , shuts down your lungs

Hydrogen Cyanide (overhaul)

  • Colorless to pale blue liquid or gas

  • Extremely dangerous due to its toxic  

Confined Space Entry – 2x2 Rule

**Show Phoenix FD Video (on internet) on CO2 hazards

Remote Sampling:

Fault check pump and sample line prior to drawing sample

Sample top middle and bottom of the space PRIOR to entry


New Capabilities in Gas Detection:

  • Man Down and panic button

  • Peer tp Peer Wireless Communication

  • Ability to identify if data for gas readings is occurring while fire fighter is using SCBA

  • Live Monitoring (SFS Chlorine plant)

Area Monitoring:

Detects up to 7 gases -15 censoring options including PID


Agenda (from PPT – Word Transfer – May restate meeting notes above)

•          Gas Related Causes of Death

•          Monitor not working correctly – How do you identify this?

•          Not using your monitor correctly – Proper Confined Space Entry Procedure?

•          Not trusting your monitor – Why?


Rules to Live By;

Bump Test Monitor – How often?  Why?


Confined Space Entry – 2x2 Rule


When your monitor goes into alarm, immediately remove yourself from the environment, ESPECIALY if you are in a confined space. 

Peak Screen – how to use.


The Gas Monitor

•          Sensor Response Time (% x time)

•          LEL Sensor Options

•          Catalytic Bead LEL Sensor – advantages include detection of all LEL’s, linear response to LEL’s.  Disadvantaged include high power consumption, more easily poisoned.

•          Infrared (IR) Sensor – advantages include not easily poisoned, can work in inert environments, low power consumption.  Disadvantages include blind to H2 and Acetylene, designed primarily for Methane. 

•          Combustible Bead

•          Combustibles (LEL) – catalytic bead


•          Poisons

  •           Adhere to the catalyst bead

  •           Damage all or part of the sensing bead

  •           Sensor cannot recover

  •           If exposed - calibrate

  •           Most common

  • WD-40

  •           Silicone based lubricants

  •           Silicone caulking

  •           Armor All 



Infrared Sensor:

•          Infrared sensors use infrared light with filters to identify combustible gases within the specific wavelength spectrum

•          Most gases have a unique infrared wavelength signature

•          The amount of light absorbed by the gas determines the concentration present in the atmosphere

Infrared Sensor Advantages

•          Infrared sensors:

–          Will detect combustible gases in inert atmospheres

–          Are immune to poisons (e.g., silicone based lubricants, )

–          Have a quick response

–          Can be used together with a catalytic bead sensor in the same instrument

–          Sample range is 10 times greater than dilution tube

–          Have fail safe operation


Infrared Sensor Disadvantages

•          Infrared Sensors:

  •           Can be affected by temperature change

  •           Can be affected by high humidity

  •           Can be affected by dusty environments

  •           Cannot detect H2, O2, N2 , CO, Acetylene, Ammonia

  •           Can be affected by pressure change


•          Photoionization Detection:


          PID – Detects hydrocarbons and some inorganic vapors by photoionization in ppm from 0.1 to 2000 ppm

          Measure low concentrations of ionizable chemicals like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other toxic gases

•          Effects of Oxygen:

  •           23.5% vol – Maximum Safe Level (OSHA)

  •           21.0% vol – O2 content in air (20.954%)

  •           19.5% vol – Minimum Safe Level (OSHA, NIOSH)

  •           17.0% vol – Impairment of Judgement begins

  •           16.0 – 12.0% vol – Breathing and pulse rate increase, coordination is impaired.

  •           Effects of Oxygen

  •           14.0 – 10% vol – Fatigue, disturbed respiration

  •           10.0 – 6.0% vol – Nausea and vomiting, inability to move freely and loss of consciousness.

  •           < 6.0% vol – Convulsive movements and gasping respiration occurs; later heart rate ceases.

  •           3.0 – 5.0% vol – Life expectancy three to five minutes.

  •           LEL Correlation Factors


•          Toxic Sensors:

  •           Typical for confined space and personal monitoring is H2S and CO.

  •           Some applications may require other gasses to be detected such as NH3, SO2, HCN…


•          Carbon Monoxide Data:      

  •           Odorless and colorless.  By-product of incomplete combustion.

  •           Flammable at 12.5% vol = 125,000 ppm

  •           Cal OSHA 25 ppm TWA, 200 ppm STEL

  •           200 – 400 ppm – headaches, dizzinesss and nausea

  •           800 – 1600 ppm - death within 1 – 2 hours

  •           At LEL – death in 1-3 minutes


•          Hydrogen Sulfide Data:

  •           Colorless gas that smells like rotten eggs. 

  •           By-product of composition. 

  •           0.13 ppm can detect odor of H2S

  •           10 ppm – eye irritation

  •           100 ppm – loss of sense of smell in 2 minutes

  •           300 ppm – IDLH

  •           Can hide in “black puddles”

  •           Inhibit cell respiration, shuts down your lungs


•          Hydrogen Cyanide (overhaul):

  •           Colorless to a pale blue liquid or gas with a distinct odor resembling bitter almonds. 

  •           Extremely dangerous due to its toxic / asphyxiating effects. Eliminates O2 to tissues.

  •           Barring death, normal function quickly restored upon removal from HCN.

  •           10 – 50 ppm – headaches, dizziness, unsteady

  •           100 ppm – feeling of suffocation, nausea

  •           100 – 200 ppm – death in 30 to 60 minutes

  •           280 ppm – immediately fatal


•          CO2:

  •           H-CMvw0  minute 5:00

  •           Odorless and colorless, measured with PID or CO2 sensor.  O2 deficiency is indicator.  False high LEL reading is other indicator. Heavier than air.

  •           300 ppm (0.03% vol)

  •           10,000 pppm (1.0% vol)  - feeling clammy, lack of attention to detail, fatigue, weakness (jelly legs)

  •           50,000 – 100,000 ppm (5 – 10% vol) can quickly result in irreversible health effects


•          New Capabilities in Gas Detection:

  •           Man Down and Panic Button

  •           Peer to Peer Wireless Communication

  •           Ability to identify if data for gas readings is occurring while fire fighter is using SCBA

  •           Live Monitoring


FEATURE: Man-Down & Panic Button:

Man-Down Alarm


Two-Part Alarm:

Alert:  Alerts user to move after set amount of time with no movement


Alarm: After 120 seconds of no movement, alarm will sound


FEATURE: LENS™ Wireless:

•          Saves Lives

  •           Relying on a localized alarm is not always practical

  •           View peer gas readings, man-down, and panic alarms

  •           See gas readings from area monitors and personal monitors

  •           Rely on help from workers nearby, rather than a control center

  •           Removes obstacles

  •           Modeled after Military Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  •           Power up monitor and Peer to Peer connectivity is automatic, No setup or IT assistance needed.


          Area Monitoring:

•          Detect up to 7 gases

  •           15 sensor options, including PID

  •           Pump option

  •           IP 66

•          Intrinsically Safe

  •           Class 1, Div 1

  •           Zone 0

•          Can Automatically connect to personal monitors

          Live Monitoring:

  •           Confined Spaces

  •           Monitor and protect your people working in and around confined spaces.




1000 Round Table:

Carsten Gulberg - Danish Fire – Has new pump / nozzle system that is 15 times more efficient that tradition nozzles. Works with water, A & B foam.  

Steve Hanks – SCOTT repr in Cal, After Sept all new SCBA’s must meet 2018 standards.

Gabe AllStar Fire – Returned from FDIC, well attended. Expect increased costs for

Rincon Fire – Interested in equipment

Jeff Larson – Kapler Level A & B suits that protect from fentyle

Delon – Pelican Products – Interduced ne special lighting product for “Smokey” environments, covers SD County and AZ

Drico ISI – reps a new nozzle that is more effience

Vern Evans Solution Safety – NFPA 1851 Training experience, discussed decon trends and procedures being developed by different agencies

Chris Palmer – Capstones

Jeff Story – Air Research – Plymovent systems

Jake ASherman – Hero wipes / ems wipes

Terry Palmer – AllStar Fire –

Eric Higgins – Bestway Laundry systems – interested in providing safety gear maintenance.  

Keith Gurrola – Fillmore Fire – Thanked PlyMoVent for recent install at Fillmore Fire Station. Foundation Golf Tournament June 1. Near miss of CalFire unit will be discussed at Forestry Wardens meeting.

Tracy LineGear – Discussed has info on fire wardens meeting. Related the Mystery Ranch gear she is representing. Thanked Capstone.

Matt Rios – Mirmar Fire EMS coordinator.

Jeff Wilkerson – Camp Pendleton Retired – Thanked Capstone for hosting discussed events planned at Camp Pendleton.

Scott Hudson – Hemet Retired – Hemet is out to bid for 2 new utility vehicles and ambulances. Discussed DRONEs and a recent FBI class giving first responders guidance on the use of DRONE’s. Discussed cyber security issues affecting water agencies.  Related the importance of networking with local PD / sheriffs to learn what hazards relating to danger

Tifani Swink – Mallory Safety & Supply -Glad to see Capstones growth and evolution in the area.

Scott Quinn – LAFD - Discussed the “Drop Program” and how it will affect institutional knowledge in the agency. Discussed the San Diego County Fire Situation Awareness System relating how good the site is.

Mike Wyzenburg – Ventura County Fire – Discussed promotions and re-assignments within the agency. Related they will be hosting next month’s meeting Topic: Shooting in



Next meetings:

Ventura Co FD – Newberry Park Station 35 – Mass Shooting


SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.

Meeting adjourned: 1200


SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - February 2019 - Newport Beach FD

SAFER Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2019

SAFER Board Attendees: President Quinn ,Past President Gurrola, Seely , Tracy Rabe   

Newport Beach Fire Department – Marina Park Community Center

1600 West Balboa Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA  92663

0940    Meeting called to order – SAFER President Quinn, welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, introduced B/C Justin Carr who led the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

**Thanks to Line-Gear  for morning hospitality.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – No report at this time. Jim Evans - AB-2146 is working its way through Sacramento. Adapts portions of NFPA 1851 (Cleaning, maintenance, repairs) will be phased in over a few years. (All gear must be NFPA certified equipment will be enforced by CalOSHA). Quinn related the headache CalOSHA investigations

Chief NFPA 1851 2020 Edition – will be issued in August 2019. Some changes to cleaning standard. NFPA 1877 is one to two years out for Wildland PPE.

Cal-OSHA –  Scott Hudson (via email): Nothing to report

Vender Liaison – FH World will be in LA City March 24-28, 2019 at the Downtown Convention Center.  Reno November 6,7 & 8, 2018. FREE pass –Enter AllStar for a free pass to

Safety and Training:


Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn

Treasurer – Tony Duran (Via email to board members) Savings and Checking was reported to Board Members (Not posted herein for privacy / security reasons)

Communications – Tracy / Tony: Please “sign-in” to receive emails and be included on meeting minutes. 






SAFER Meeting Program(s):

Wildland Exposure Risks & Valley Fever

Presented by: EMS Chief Kristin Thompson – Newport Beach Fire Dept.

B/C Carr related Chief Thompsons background and related her current responsibilities before introducing her as our program presenter.

Chemical Exposures on the Fireground

Insert PP Here


Paul Laker - Workrite – Has new dual compliant PPE,.

Chief Tony Pighitti -  Santa Barbara City

Steve Hanks – SCOTT Safety - New pro airpack out, will comply with new SCBA NFPa

B/C Barry Owens Cal Fire Riverside – Available to assist with other agencies.

Brent Nunez - Torrance Fire – Developing a CA prevention policy. NH3 ongoing today (Tony Duran)

Sabastian – Fillmore Fire :

Keith Gurrola – Fillmore Fire : 3 new paid firefighters added to roster, (6-7 persons a day) Will be hiring- FF-1 & EMT-1 required. Looking for type 3 units

Kelly Whitt - DuPont – Working on Nomex with new liner with less weight. DuPont wants to support FF with

Tracy Rabe – Linegear : Has new catalog of product line.

Gail Mills – Mills Custom Art: Has array of professional poster depicting career highlights and professional gear.

Jeremy Verderber -  (Retired Corona B/C) – Now Merkan Rep – Open to tour facilities at Merkan PPE ISP here in Corona.

Tom Martain – Responded Solutions: Black Diamond, Night Stick, Shelby, Lakeland Fire, Gerber, Nupla products reversible high visibility jackets, many other products related to emergency operations.

Eric Higgins – BestWay Laundry solutions: new FireLink software to allow scanning individual PPE elements for recording keeping.

Scott Estrada FIREETC –San Diego: They stock all fireground equipment and Class A foam inventory. Has Citrosqueeze

Bill Ward – PumpPod USA : giving demonstrations to numerous fire service agencies of their pump training / testing units as well as water source units for refilling helicopters.  (HeloPod) Will be at Cal Chiefs meeting next Thursday to show their units

Next Meeting: Clark County Fire Department in March – Topic Shooting


Chief Gurrola – Fillmore Fire – No isues with equipment

Tony – Santa Ba Fire

Brandon Neilson – Ventura City

Ventura City – Getting three new apparatus, new web-sets fron Line-Gear, Had a CalOSHA heat-illness policy issue.

B/C Carr – Newport Beach, Has begun using “Hot-Shield” product for wildland particulate filtering

Eric Higgins – Bestway Laundry Solutions- Related their new software (FireLink) to scan gear for maintenance of PPE.

Jim Evans – Discussed status of 1851 adoption as a national standard for Selection, Care and Maintenance of firefighter PPE in California.

Hector Garcis Ventura County Fire – is participating in a multi-agency grant for SCBA. Completing study

Jordan Evans – Solutions Safety – Focusing on gross decon methods / procedures.

Swede Rescue Systems – Solo Rescue – Has equipment to decontaminate SCBA components

Hostin in two months

Kelly – Capstone – Will be hosting in April

Newport Beach Fire Depart. –

Kieth Henderberg – NBFD –

Matt – NBFD – First timer

Scott – NPFD – Looking for

Kelly Whitt - DuPont – Related new products avail from Dupont

Rochille - Workrite Uniforms – Is working to fulfill backorders

Pual – WorkRite – Related the sales rep district they are using. Has samples of various PPE / Enseble componemts

Lazaro Martinez – IDEX Fire & Safety  – Has products to support various lines associated with fire apparatus. Rep’s HALE equipment

Russ Snider – OCFA – Has new classes starting Monday, 10 new apparatus

Steve Hanks – 3M Fire Safety – New SCBA standards will be in effect September 2019.

Chief Kristin Thompson – NBFD – A registered nurse, Safety, PPE Committee member. NBFD has a new rehab trailer with equipment for on-scene support needs.

Adrerial Mesa – Torrance FD – New extractor and PPE decon policy. Is at a Wildland Station and works to develop Wildland capabilities.

Chuck Spencer – Air Bandit Filters – Has a line of wildland respiratory protective devices.  

Jeff - AllStar Fire Equipment –

Safety Components – Fabric Mill who supplies materials to SCOTT Airpacks and thermal liners that many manufactures use for Structural PPE and Wildland PPE. Also makes products of the military. CalFire is now using their uniform

Brett – Foxfire Lighting – Will be at

Mike McBride – FoxFire Lighting – Has a light system to support many on-scene needs.

Ed Vella – 3m – Promotes various PPE products for the fire service. N-95 filters

Bill Ward – PumpPod USA – Manufacture of  Helo pod, and pump pod units. Related the various models / uses their units  are used for. Related their recent sales

Davis Molinarti – Related his experience with gas detection / CalOSHA Compliance issues. Related has product lines and the unique capabilities they can offer.

Tracy – LineGear – Located in Orange County – Focus’s on Wildland PPE / Gear.

Kirk Owen – Veridian – Provides gear / support of PPE and related ensemble components

Xxx - Hot Shield – Thanked NBFD for choosing his Hot-Shield product. Related the backround on the development of the Hot-Shield product for Wildland uses.  Offers information.

Jake Sherwin – HeroWipes – Related the performance statistics of their cleaning wipes. Fire wipes / EMS Wipes were discussed.

 ISP - Marken PPE – Related their companies services and

Jerry Marken PPE ISP –

B/C Quinn – Related the “near-miss” report on a recent burn-over of LAFD crew assigned to Mendocino Complex fire. Suggested everybody should read to fully appreciate the value of PPE worn correctly. The report was completed by a US Forestry Staff.


SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - January 2019

SAFER 18 January 2019


DICK Weise opened meeting with announcements housekeeping. Snacks in the back. Lunch for $4

Dick led pledge of allegiance.

Scott Quinn welcomed everyone and started business meeting. Welcome to 2019


Treasurer: Five member renewals and one new member last month.  2019 dues are due.  Treasurer keeps record of when you last paid for actual one year or can pay in January to ease bookkeeping

NFPA:  NFPA meeting for wildland apparel next month. Lots of things to be discussed including contamination.  Also looking at fire shelters, need performance criteria and test methods.  New shelters provide a few more seconds of protection.  These improvements require updated wear and maintenance recommendations.  Helmets also to be discussed.  Some departments still wearing non-NFPA compliant helmets.  SB 2146 is trying to address selection for care and maintenance of structural and wildland PPE.  Hoods also being looked at and, finally integration of equipment to lighten the FF load and make more cohesiveness with all equipment for better function

Trying to reduce cancer, addressing respiratory care.

Apparatus:  VCFD reported Apparatus Report – January 2019 re: issue of corrosion in vehicles.  US Federal Highway Administration and NACE (leading authority on education and training on corrosion) estimates the cost of corrosion to be a staggering $276 billion issue.  Fire apparatus are not immune.

                New Apparatus actions: Manufacturers are sifting to alternative coatings and new materials, such as using composites for vehicle bodies and water tanks. Isolating dissimilar metals and galvanizing through engineering and assembly of parts. When specifying new apparatus, ask manufacturers about their use of anticorrosive materials. (Reference: 2018, Fire Apparatus and Emergency Equipment).


OSHA:   Corruption within the organization.  Hiring for vacancies. 

TECHNOLOGY: FIREHOUSE WORLD in LA Convention Center March as close to FDIC on the west coast. Lots of technical people to talk to us.  Exhibits free – passes not yet available but will be.  Get free passes from SAFER vendors when available. Register online before the event.


-          Scott opened a brief roundtable prior to presentation to prevent the problem of members leaving immediately after the presentation and not hearing about the vendor information


Bonita Beeman – MARKEN PPE new location of n Corona DOING WEL

Decontamination wipes of carcinogens HEOR Wipes/Diamond Wipes. Also EMS wipes for EMS issues.

MES – running a TICs promo buy 5 cameras get one free

Wade White – Fleet mgr for LACoFD

Jim Roth – Storm King Mtn Tech – thanks to SAFER for support.  Fire shelters and fire curtains for apparatus

Scott Hudson – Hemet FD retired.  3 years ago tried to contract out fire service but failed, closed some equipment and stations. All cleared up now.

Also, water safety for water district.  Use of drones, class available that talks about benefits and disadvantages of drone use. FBI Infraguard offered class.

Jason Housing = FD, PPE program

Brian Heath, VCFD, DC Gardner accepted promotion, chief spaces available. Looking for new people.  40 person academy coming up.

Shane Miller – Cal fire- riverside. 12 CADEMIES scheduled.  Retention issues.

Kelly Sisson CAPSTONE Fire business development team

David Molinatti – gas detection.  IS able to monitor five different monitors in real time.  Jim Evans asked if they had a meter that can detect off gassing after PPE has been washed.  Different technology for that operation.

Russ Snider, OCFD, academy starting next month 50 people

Gabe Sayegh, Allstar – new boots from HAIX and Thorogood

Steve – Scott new thermal imager 3-4 different models available. Hot & cold spot tracker.  All items available for testing

Steve Cooley – Cobra litter.  Next month may have demos that can be left with departments for testing. Bullet resistant Cobra soft litter tactical version

Amor Express – vendor for ballistic equipment for first responders. New designs have been adapted for use in the field.


Bill Ward- PumpPodUSA – helo-pod new unit 7k dip tank available.

Louie Garcia – VVG – samples of PPE looking for T&E departments to test

Tracy Rabe – Liongear – couple different new boots from WHITES.  One never been seen before.

Keith Gurrola – Fillmore FD – VCFD went on grant for research for respiratory protection for wildland.  Offered to several VC departments to test but available shields not the best.  Hoping to force the issue to develop a better mask.  This is what SAFER is all about directing research and development for needed safety equipment.  Rob Szczepanek is setting up a meeting in Las Vegas, about 90% there.  Hopefully in March.   Fillmore locally is looking for ballistic ensembles to improve active shooter response.  Also looking for swift water rescue equipment.

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety – met in Australia and NZ meeting 10 departments introducing NFPA 1851 issues.  SAFER known/mentioned in that meeting (our reputation). SS developed a lot of SOPs for gross decon of PPE. Many departments are doing on-scene cleaning

Jordan Evans – SS – continuing to work on SOPs for gross/onscene decon of PPE.  Citrus Squeeze helps increase the degreasing/decon of PPE.  Using detergent helps increase the cleaning of the garmentSC-14 for tools and equipment.

Dick Weise added the questions being discussed of “How clean is clean?” we’re not getting PPE 100% clean, remaining contaminants are affecting the garments and its performance. SCNBAs off-gassing

Jim Cleary – Plymovent vehicle exhaust systems – early on the work was to convince departments to use an exhaust system.  Now an accepted process and many calls to ensure proper maintenance of systems in place.  All of LAFD converted, most of OCFA, working with many departments.

Kelly Witt – Dupont – stop by booth for new items.  Nomex nano thermal liner, Improved abilities and quicker drying.  Dupont working closely with Miliken in early stages fro …

Mark Schroeder – LAFD – IOD injuries. Medical liaison. Over 3.8 milion in medical costs



“Wildfire Mitigation, Safety & Grid Resiliency”

Scott Brown, SCE, Fire Safety Manager in Wildland Fire over 30 years’ experience.

POWERLINE SAFETY VIDEO available for attendees.  Al direct impact of electrical issues for first responders.  Safety handout for all fire apparatus. Available.

All journeyman has the sole authority to such down lines for the safety of the public.


Vendor visits, meeting adjourned at 12:00 as members retreated for lunch served by Camp 2 kitchen staff.


Next meeting: Newport Beach, February 15, 2019

SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - December 2018


SAFER Meeting Minutes

December 21, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees: Past Presidents Gurrola and Duran Vice President Weise , Wilkerson, Seely , Hudson,  Sposado, Snider, Weisenberg, Tracy Rabe   

Santa Fe Springs Fire & Reascue Department

0930    Meeting called to order by Past President Gurrola who introduced Santa Fe Springs Fire & Rescue Fire Department Chief Brent Hayward. Chief Hayward welcomed SAFER,  opened the meeting, led the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. Chief Hayward related recent activities within the city and the agency.

Chief Gurrola related there are several board member positions

** Thanks to Santa Fe Springs Fire & Rescue for breakfast morning hospitality

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – 1851 is being re-written to focus on cleaning efforts to reduce carcinogen exposures to crews. New Wildland Standard to address all possible exposure routes: on apparatus, in stations, in base camp, etc.. is being developed. Testing modalities / methods are going to be included in the standard to eliminate toxins. County of Ventura is studying respiratory protection at Wildland Incidents.

Cal-OSHA – Scott Hudson – Deaths in CA remained level with previous year. (Second only to Texas) Deaths due to falls continue to rise. CalOSHA will be raising fees next year. If you have an “outdoor” heat illness / injury policy you don’t need to have a separate “indoor” policy. Prop 11 covers private ambulance employees only. Fire smoke exposure.

Vender Liaison – FH World will be in LA City March 24-28, 2019 at the Downtown Convention Center.  Joe thanked SFSFD for hosting the December meetings for many years and thanked the attendees for their participation.

Safety and Training:

Apparatus:  Ventura Co. handled a lot of apparatus repairs during the recent wildland fire activity. Fillmore related they has a fire on one of their Pierce Apparatus priming pump.

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – Tony Duran (Via email to board members) Savings and Checking was reported to Board Members (Not posted herein for privacy / security reasons). Savings ***** Checking******

Communications – Tracy / Tony: Please “sign-in” to receive emails and be included on meeting minutes. 




SAFER Meeting Program(s):

Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response (ASHER)

Scott Quirarte


B/C Scott Quinarte - Ventura County Fire Department, HazMat Captain, developer of policy / procedures for response to various “typed incidents”. Is a member of the NFPA 3000 committee and of several other public safety committees / groups.  

B/C Scott Quinarte related the evolution of the ASHER program where Law and Fire/EMS personnel are training to improvements in tactics / strategies in response to various multi-disciplinary responses. ASHER was developed in Orlando FLA. With federal grant funding mechanism, includes multi-disciplinary stake holders.

Insert PowerPoint Here

Insert Borderline Bar and Grill sound track here

“We are not prepared for acts of mass violence”

“It’s not about the program, it’s about the networking”

First care providers – citizen actions before EMS arrives

NFPA 3000 tells you what you need to do, not how you need to do it – it’s not a tactical document

To work in the “Warm Zone” (Safety Islands, corridors etc)

ASHER Program:

Run, Hide Fight

School Safety Summit

First Care Providers (Stop the bleed – Equipment and Training) Public access kits

Over convergence – Fire Presence at all Training Events

Unified Command –

Integrating of Dispatch Centers –

Warm Zone Care for Law – (Post Training, Trauma Tuesday, TECC Training at all drills)

TEMS Specialist Program – (Tactical EMS)

RTF Drills –

Micro learning Videos –

Regional Drills –

EMT Schools – Required in curriculum

Trauma Skills and speed – needs to improve across all disciplines

CalOSHA requires “scene safety” to all team members, “Contact and Cover”

Fire Suppression Integrated Response training – (When Fire is used as a weapon Barricade incidents) for LAW

SWAT Training

TEMS Specialist Incident Fire Plan – ID hazards, access and infrastructures

MCI Drill – in Warm & Cold Zones

Prep for event alternative transport possibilities


Scott Quirarte








Round Table:

Dick Weise LACoFD : Lateral FF/PM Exam coming out soon, (100 PM’s short) New Engines and Truck Co’s being speced

Jeff Wilkerson Camp Pendleton FD Retired: Working with Irvine to secure site for California Fire Museum

Scott Hudson Hemet FD Retired – Hemet is “re-manning” certain units after new sales Tax initiative passed. Hemet received two new engines this year. Dept. is using various manning strategies.

Steve Lloyd _Torrance Fire Retired – Former Board Meeting –

Dave Zimmerman – Ventura County – Planning a 40 person academy, department is using a “roving resource” engine to help with peak call volumes. Cleaning up wildland fire (Wolsey Fire)

Mike Weisenberg Ventura County FD – Thanked B/C Scott Qur… for his presentation today. Related what their agency is doing for mental wellness.

FF /PM Torrance FD TEMS Specialist – Thanked Scott

Brian Nunez Torrance Fire : Changing some responses to include Truck Co

Capt –Torrance FD : Just completed their MCI drills 

Sean Miller -Cal Fire – Lots of Riverside Co Unit retirements, neew FC

Fed Fire Ventura County – New Mini Truck on San Nicolas Island, had a fire on the island in which other Federal Bases sent resources for coverage.

Pete Brown – Downey Fire –

Mike Whitney Fire – New Dragger 4-gas monitors, personal TIC’s for each front line position. Ordering a second pair of wildland gear (single layer). Remodeling all 4 fire stations beginning next year.

Steve Hoyle – CA Fire Muesum, accepting donations for the musesum

Edwin – 3M – Thanked SFSFD for hosting the meeting. Is attending today to offer latest technology for FF safety

Jim Boyd – Retired Corona PD SWAT: Provides law enforcement training and an array of FIRE / EMS safety equipment (Vests, helmets etc) Can make Kits for agencies.

Bill Ward – Pump Pro USA : Has production unit with 1800 gallons for training, apparatus maintenance and water conservation. Clean water act prohibits discharge into water ways. Several units are being sold to various agencies in the state. They produce a “HelPod” to provide helicopters with a lighted water source.

David Molinaty – Industrial Scientific: Has full line of gas monitors and telemetry for emergency and industrial use

Gabe : AllStar Fire Equipment: Featuring lightweight boots, new NFPA Gloves and Lion Turnouts

Joe Sposado – AllStar Fire Equipment: Thanked CalFire fire for going to the new SCOTT SCBA’s statewide.

Tom Martain : Responder solutions : Manufactures rp

Tracy Rabe – Line Gear – has full line of PPE

Louie Garcia – Thanked SFSFD for hosting today’s meeting

Frank Flores – EMS – Thanked presenter, related they provide safety gear for ASHER response. Is interested in providing

Chuck Spencer – Air Purifying Bandana, works for

Christina – Hero Wipes : Has Fire Wipes and EMS Wipes for on-scene decontamination, has third party testing to show the products can remove up to 95% of carcinogens. Uses patented cleaners in their wipes. Made in Chino, CA.  

Tony Duran : LACoFD Retired: NH3 Trainer, provides free training for Ammonia Release Incidents for first responders.


Next Month: LACoFD – Camp 2, Electrical Grid Presentation.


SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - October 2018

SAFER Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees: Vice President Weise , Wilkerson, Seely , Tracy Rabe   

Carlsbad Fire Department

0941    Meeting called to order – President Quinn, welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, introduced A/C Lopez who led the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

** Thanks to SCOTT Safety  for morning hospitality.

**Thanks to Michele Trout - “Lion Manufacturing” for Pizza Lunch.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – Absent today

Cal-OSHA – Scott Hudson – Absent today

Vender Liaison – FH World will be in LA City March 24-28, 2019 at the Downtown Convention Center.  Reno November 6,7 & 8, 2018.

Safety and Training: B/C White (LAFD Logistics Section) – Related the FF Cancer Issue and his personal experiences. He is relating the value Cancer Registry Act of 2018 (Chris Collins sponsored) – recently signed into law by the president. He related the efforts to take preventative measures LAFD is taking to reduce the incidents of CA within the agency:

  • No PPE in Quarters, no contaminated gear to subsequent calls.

  • Two sets of PPE to allow for cleaning

  • Cleaning / maintenance of soiled PPE  (Extractors and ISP servicers)

  • Gross decon in-field / on-scene with cleaning pads

  • Overhall done on tank air

Changing the culture begins in the training tower. NFPA 1851 is on track to become law in California. Mary Murphy related the importance of maintaining a record of your exposures over your career should a CA occurs. The National Registry will consolidate data at the national level.

Apparatus:  No report

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – Tony Duran (Via email to board members) Savings and Checking was reported to Board Members (Not posted herein for privacy / security reasons)

Communications – Tracy / Tony: Please “sign-in” to receive emails and be included on meeting minutes. 




SAFER Meeting Program(s):

Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens Update

Presented by: Mary Murphy BSN – Carlsbad Fire Department EMS Manager

PowerPoint Insert:


Designated Infection Control Officer is an CalOSHA requirement

Written Policies and Procedures

Blood borne ; Hepatitis B & C, HIV, 

Airborne : Measles, TB, Chickenpox

Lack of Vaccination & Air Travel are leading causes of increasing disease spread.

Droplet : Diptheria, Influenza

Meningitis, Mump, Pertussis,  

Airborne Diseases (Factors to consider):

  • Organism

  • Transport Time

  • Task / Procedure Performed

  • Ventilation

  • Distance

Protective measures:




Round Table:

Steve Hoyle CA Fire Museum – Take equipment donations – will give tax deductions, wants brass coupled double Dacron / cotton lined layered fire hose for use on static displays.  

Dave Molinatti – Industrial Scientific – Discussed battery off-gases around electric cars and back-up battery systems in solar systems. Hydrogen sensors will likely react to the presence of battery Hydrogen.

Lisa Rameriz – MES - Thermal imaging camera that is small, waterproof around $600.

B/C White LAFD – Getting replacement apparatus through funding sources. Has spec’s if anyone needs spec’s.

Joe Vicinte – Central Valley Fire – First SAFER meeting

Russel Ames – Source One – Products include an array of decon products (wipes, soaps, surface cleaning materials)

Art Camarena -San Miguel Fire – Handles logistics for SMFD.

Josh Krimston – Bonita Fire – PPE manager

Jay Wojnowski -Harland Fire and Rescue – B/C in charge od EMS and Safety programs. Related his experience with improving ff health and safety and his agencies efforts to improve H & S

John Hunter – Swede Rescue Systems – Inventor of Fire Containers, New device “Solar System” to clean PPE and equipment. Relates the swedes are way ahead on CA prevention measures.

Jeremy Verderber – Corona FD (Retired); Works with Marken ISP in Corona.

Kirk Owen – Plano TX FD (Retired): works for fire Veridian equipment, has glove product that was highly rated in testing in Texas.

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety – Related his experience with NFPA 1851 Standard development. Markets Citro-Squeze cleaning PPE. Discussed new Clorox solution for use in decontamination procedures.

Eric Higgins – BestWay Laundry Solutions – Related they set up extractors / laundering systems in FD’s, related they now have software to track SCAM of PPE elements.

Jeff Storey – PlyMoVent – Discussed article on diesel exhaust and the statistics on CA and the effect on personnel. Advises everyone to “connect the system” instead of coasting in to apparatus bays.

Mark Shelton : Days off Consultants –

Mike McBride – FoxFire Lighting – Related the importance of CA prevention. Discussed the companies lighting solution products.

Jordan Evans – Solutions Safety – Working on videos for “gross cleaning”.

Scott Estrada – Fire Etc .- Has contract for wildland gear for SD County, is and ISP with a 7 day turn-around , 7 days a week.

Bill Ward – Pump-Pod USA – SB 555 Water agencies must account for all un-reported water to the state.

-Discussed the HeloPod : 7K gallons movable tank for remote water source for helicopters

Bill Smodio – MES – Has contracts with SD County for compressors.

Tracy Rabe – Linegear : Has new catalog of product lines. Is working with several FD’s to complete equipment / gear orders.

Steve Hanks – SCOTT – Is shipping the SP PRO Airpacks (Meets current standards, not the “buddy Breathing” connection as this standard is being developed in NFPA comittee.

Gabe Sayegh - AllStar Fire Equipment – Showed new LION PPE, discussed the company’s products and upcoming conference in LA.  

Tom Martin – Solutions – Markets Gerber, Lakeland Fire – working on a non-fire response ensemble to limit the exposure to 1972 PPE. Discussed the SAFER Organization advantages.

Bill Black – Safety Components – Discussed the agencies using their fabrics being used by PPE manufactures. Related the new “Sigma” fabric (7 oz. for wildland PPE) originally a fabric used by military applications. Several colors are being offered: Yellow, Tan and Orange for prison crews. Relates the coloring is within the “fiber” not just dyed.

Scott Quinn – B/C LAFD – Discussed a recent “near miss” incident where a couple of FF’s partially fell through a roof. Related the PPE is the reason they’re not having funerals / retirements on the two members.


Next Meeting: Scheduled in Newport Beach – CANCELLED due to extreme deployments to wildfires throughout the state.

Meeting Adjourned: 1230 

SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - September 2018

SAFER Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees: Vice President Weise ,Past President Gurrola, Wilkerson, Seely , Sharbo, Tracy Rabe   

Corona Fire Department @ Circle City Center

365 N. Main Street, Corona

0941    Meeting called to order – Vice President Weise, welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, introduced Board Member Jeff Wilkerson who introduced A/C Cox who led the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. A/C Cox introduced Fire Chief Young who welcomed SAFER to the Corona Fire Department and related his appreciation of SAFER’s work.

**Thanks to Marken PPE ISP for morning hospitality.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – Just returned from an NFPA 1851 committee meeting in Fort Lauderdale. Dick related some changes in the standard that will soon be in effect. The new standard for Wildland PPE (NFPA 1877) will provide standards for SCAM of Wildland PPE. Standard for determining “cleanliness” are now available. Discussed the numerous test methods and “age standards” will be included in both standards. There is ongoing work on the issue of respiratory protection in the Wildland arena.

Cal-OSHA –  Scott Hudson (via email): Nothing to report

Vender Liaison – FH World will be in LA City March 24-28, 2019 at the Downtown Convention Center.  Reno November 6,7 & 8, 2018.

Safety and Training:


Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – Tony Duran (Via email to board members) Savings and Checking was reported to Board Members (Not posted herein for privacy / security reasons)

Communications – Tracy / Tony: Please “sign-in” to receive emails and be included on meeting minutes. 


Up Coming Event:

Behavioral Health Conference – October 24 or 25, 2018 – 0900-1700 Hrs.

Hosted by Orange County Fire Authority

1 Fire Authority Road, Irvine 92602


Kim Lightley – USFS / Pineville Hotshots

South Canyon Fire on Storm King Mountain Survivor – NFFF Stress First Aid for Wildland Firefighters


Battalion Chief Joe Krebbs and Firefighter Frank Ungaro – FDNY

Founders of Peer and Family Support Services FDNY (established 9/12/2001)


Fire Chief Frank Babinec and Captain Chris Bator – Coral Springs – Parkland FD

Captain Bator – President of Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative


Captain Jeremy Hurd – Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

Mental Wellness Director of Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative


**To enroll, visit:



SAFER Meeting Program(s):

Marken PPE ISP 

Presented by: Jeremy Verderber of Marken PPE

Jeremy spotlighted some technologies being used to assess and improve cleanliness issues related to firefighter PPE.

**Video shown demonstrating laundry cleaning equipment:

New BASF “beads” are used to gently massage fabrics while being laundered. (The Zeros Technology) The beads are reusable (1000 washes or about 30 days) and are then remanufactured and reused. 800,000 beads used per use in the Marken ISP facility. These beads have been shown to help remove asbestos in PPE. Conventional technology also is also effective in removing asbestos but the Zeros Technology is much easier on retroreflective trims on PPE as well as less damaging to the underlying fabrics. The “massaging effects” of the beads on the fabric(s) has been shown to be beneficial in the laundering process. 


Corona FD - Lessons learned from Fires / Floods in the past two years

Presented by: Chief Cox – Corona Fire Department

A/C Cox related the recent activities the Corona Fire Department has had. They have opened the “EOC” eight times in the last year:

7 Stations, 7 engines 1 truck, 1 B/C – 170,000 population

  1. Canyon Fire (#1 & #2) – September 25, 2017

  1. Started in ORCO along 91 Frwy

  2. Wind reversal blew fire into Corona

  3. Activated Structure Protection Contingincy Paln

  4. No Structures Lost

  5. A few house damaged

Lessons Learned:

  1. Contigincy Pplan works

  2. Train, Train, Train

  3. Cal Fire / Firescope WUI Structure Defence Tactics

  4. Partnerships works, SOLAR response plan

  5. FMAG Approved, set up a plan and follow directions

  6. EOC Excercises are critical:

    1. PIO (Social Media)

    2. Reverse 911

    3. Logistics

    4. Traffic

  1. Jan Mudslides – January 8, 2018 – 1600 hours

  1. Contingency Plan

  2. Plan adoption and training

  3. Decision Points

  4. Evacuation Terminology – (using FIRESCOPE terminology)

  5. EOC Activation

  1. January 8, 2018, opened EOC and issued Evacuation Warning (Voluntary Evacuation)

  2. January 9th - , about 1530 hours received major rainstorm and a flash flood warning from the NWS – triggered a mandatory evacuation order.

Lessons Learned / Successes:

  1. Contingency planning works

  2. Pre-program reverse 911 when you can

  3. Stay on top of social media

  4. Pre=plan CalFire hand crew contracts


  1. Social Media

  1. March Rain Event

  1. Predicted large rainstorm

  2. EOC Activation

  3. Major event didn’t occur

  1. Skyline Fire – July 19, 2018

  1. Tin Mine Canyon / Skyline Truck Trail (Popular Hiking trail)


  3. 282 Acres, 4-day fire

  4. Potential for a few thousand acres

  5. Fire ran downhill / Elsinore effect

  6. Evacuations of about 150 structures

  7. No structures lost, very minor damage (retardant

  8. Early Unified Command

  9. Lots of Resources

  10. ICP moved away from fire area back to a fire station

  11. Use of brand new XRI Management Team

  12. Corona OEC Management watch, good PIO coordination,

  1. Research Fire – August 2, 2018

  1. Approx. 15 acres

  2. Good use of aircraft

  3. Several hundred structures potentially threatened

  4. Evacuations considered but not orders

  5. Lots of hose use , tasked the agencies hose

  1. Rincon Fire x2 – August 6

  1. About 40 Acres

  2. No aircraft available (eventually got a firehawk, thanks to LA CO FD

  3. 20 total engines used

  4. Several homes and a three story framed new construction apartment complex threatened

Lesson Learned:

  1. Good pre-fire planning

  2. Good aggressive firefighting

  3. Ran out of hose!

  4. Second operational period


  1. Holy Fire -

  1. Started same day as Rincon Fire

  2. Fire never impacted Corona

  3. Impacts: local events cancelled, traffic


Busy Summer! Issues going forward;

  1. Lots of crews on strike teams

  2. Fatigue  - resting in stations

  3. Pulling and cleaning hose

  4. Use of Acting B/C’s

  5. Enough Utility Vehicles

  6. Logistical support

1130 Adjourn to network with equipment venders

1200 Return to roundtable:


Paul Laker -  Workrite – Has new dual compliant PPE,.

Chief Tony Pighitti -  Santa Barbara City

Steve Hanks – SCOTT Safety - New pro airpack out, will comply with new SCBA NFPa

B/C Barry Owens Cal Fire Riverside – Available to assist with other agencies.

Brent Nunez - Torrance Fire – Developing a CA prevention policy. NH3 ongoing today (Tony Duran)

Sabastian – Fillmore Fire :

Keith Gurrola – Fillmore Fire : 3 new paid firefighters added to roster, (6-7 persons a day) Will be hiring- FF-1 & EMT-1 required. Looking for type 3 units

Kelly Whitt Dupont – Working on Nomex with new liner with less weight. Dupont wants to support FF with

Tracy Rabe – Linegear : Has new catalog of product line.

Gail Mills – Mills Custom Art: Has array of professional poster depicting career highlights and professional gear.

Jeremy Verderber -  (Retired Corona B/C) – Now Merkan Rep – Open to tour facilities at Merkan PPE ISP here in Corona.

Tom Martain – Responded Solutions: Black Diamond, Night Stick, Shelby, Lakeland Fire, Gerber, Nupla products reversible high visibility jackets, many other products related to emergency operations.

Eric Higgins – BestWay Laundry solutions : new FireLink software to allow scanning individual PPE elements for recording keeping.

Scott Estrada FIREETC –San Diego : They stock all fireground equipment and Class A foam inventory. Has Citrosquese

Bill Ward – PumpPod USA, giving demonstrations to numerous fire service agencies of their pump training / testing units as well as water source units for refilling helicopter’s.  (HeloPod) Will be at CalChiefs meeting next Thursday to show their units

Mike Schlaggs – Cobra Litters : Has built the perfect wheeled liter system, Showed the product in many scenarios via a promotional video system. Unit is uniquely designed for logistical transport – patient transport – crew transport scenarios.

Brent – Red Equipment Group -KME,

Next Meeting: Carlsbad Fire Department in November


SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - August 2018

SAFER Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees:  Past President Duran , President Quinn,  Wilkerson, Seely , Vendor Liaison Sposato, Russ Snyder   

Orange County Fire Authority Headquarters / Training Center

0940    Meeting called to order – President Quinn, welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, Russ Snyder led the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. Assistant Chief Sanchez welcomed SAFER to the OCFA and related his experience with SAFER as a young firefighter and realizing the value of the organization as he grew and promoted within the OCFA. He thanked the fire service membership and venders for attending the meeting today -.  “Make a change for the better”. He related the importance of the efforts being made to prevent the occurrences of Cancers in our profession.


Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – Absent - Nothing to report

Cal-OSHA –  Scott Hudson (via email): A Grant opportunity to Provide Health and Safety Training:

OSHA Susan Harwood Training Grant Program is accepting applications to provide training and education programs. State or local government agencies are not eligible to apply. So, your fire department would not be eligible, but employer associations and labor unions would be. So, your fire unions could apply for this grant. There is not much time but maybe there might be a current program that could qualify.

If interested you can go to the OSHA website or call 847-759-7700. Applications are due by September 2nd.

If you have any questions. Please let me know

Vendor Liaison – FH World will be in LA City March 24-28, 2019 at the Downtown Convention Center.  FRI last week in Dallas, was well attended. Reno November 6,7 & 8, 2018. Grants are being awarded for facilities. Recommends getting a professional grant writer to help with your grant applications. (Over 90% success). Vendors need to be members of SAFER ($100 / Year) to help support the ongoing SAFER program.

Safety and Training: Nothing reported

Apparatus: Nothing reported

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – Savings and Checking was reported to meeting attendees. (Not posted herein for privacy / security reasons)

Communications – Tracy / Tony: Please “sign-in” to receive emails and be included on meeting minutes. 


Up Coming Event:

Behavioral Health Conference – October 24 or 25, 2018 – 0900-1700 Hrs.

Hosted by Orange County Fire Authority

1 Fire Authority Road, Irvine 92602


Kim Lightley – USFS / Pineville Hotshots

South Canyon Fire on Storm King Mountain Survivor – NFFF Stress First Aid for Wildland Firefighters


Battalion Chief Joe Krebbs and Firefighter Frank Ungaro – FDNY

Founders of Peer and Family Support Services FDNY (established 9/12/2001)


Fire Chief Frank Babinec and Captain Chris Bator – Coral Springs – Parkland FD

Captain Bator – President of Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative


Captain Jeremy Hurd – Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

Mental Wellness Director of Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative


**To enroll, visit:





Program: Cancer Prevention in the Fire Service

Presented by: Captain Jeff Hughes – OCFD & Dr. Jeffery Burgess

Capt. Hughes (OCFA) opened the presentation on the status of the OCFA Cancer Awareness / Prevention program(s). Capt. Hughes related the evolution of the OCFA’s program and its openness to offer “lessons learned” from their experience(s). OC has an individual with an “Industrial Hygienist” background in their Risk Management Department. He discussed the new video the agency produced dealing with cancer.

Insert Video here:

“Two out of three professional firefighters will be diagnosed with cancer in their lives”

PowerPoint Notes:

“Taking a Stand Against Cancer “ – The Organizational Changes

August 2017 SAFER Meeting Presentation

New OCFA Cancer Awareness Video

Instructor Lead CA


CDC States that man have a 1 in 2 lifetime risk of developing CA

Firefighter’s have a 9% higher risk of getting Ca and 14% higher risk of dying from Cancer.

Risk Management Options – Hierarchy of controls slide shown

Org changes vs Cultural changes slide shown.

OCFA Gold Standard: Discussed OCFA CAPP components / SOP’s:

  1. Create emotional impactful video

  2. Deliver instructor lead awareness to all members

  3. Branding Campaign

  1. Posters

  2. Clean Air

  3. Clean Body

  4. Clean Gear

  1. Policies & Procedures

  2. State and National Outreach

  3. Selection Care and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural FF

  1. PPE Exchange Programs – Second Set,  Flash Hoods, Structure Gloves, Helmet liners

  1. Respiratory Protection

  2. Use of Multi-Rae 6 gas monitor

  3. Use of Exhaust Extraction (DRAFT)

  1. Proper Use of System

  2. Pneumatic

  3. Magnetic

  4. Preventative Maintenance Program

  1. Post fire Decon Procedures (DRAFT). Video being developed.

  1. “While effective at removing PAH had no apparent effect on VOC concentrations as decontaminated gear provided similar off gas levels as the gear…”

  2. “Cleansing wipes were able to reduce PAH contamination on neck skin by a median of 54%” (Removing Metal Oxides is the goal)

  3. Clean CAB measures – SCBA & other contaminated gear OUTSIDE of crew cabs.

  4. Exposure Reporting:


  2. California Professional Firefighters PER

  3. CSFA

  1. Asbestos Exposure During Emergency Incidents (DRAFT)

  1. Suspected in structures built pre-1980

  2. Deconstructing is what we do

  3. Firefighters have more than 100% greater risk of getting mesothelioma

  4. 30-50 year latency period

  5. Asbestos testing is available, but tedious to perform. – New ISP is available in Corona who can test and clean PPE with asbestos exposure.

  1. How clean is clean?

  2. ISP’s

  3. Sampling Procedures

  4. What about other tools and equipment?

  1. Micro Learning

  1. “Potty” Training

  2. 52 Small Training Nuggets

  3. “QR” Code training products

  4. Video or written

  1. Investigators

  1. SCBA Use

  2. PAPR / w-CBRN Filters

  3. Wipes

  4. Decon for Work Vehicles

  5. PPE DECON (Periodic)

  1. NESTE Renewable Fuel

  1. 100% renewable & Sustainable

  2. Up to

  3. ....

  1. FACE Team:

  1. 30 Members Strong

  2. Decentralizes Work

  3. Training Opportunities

  1. Vehicle DECON

  1. Equipment exposed ….

  1. Research Projects

  1. Statistical Power

  2. Incidence VS Mortality

  3. Examination of risks in other groups

  1. Control for potential bias – “Healthy Worker Effect”

DR. Jeff Burgess MD, MS, MPH - University of Arizona

Dr. Burgess Conducting research and analysis of Firefighter Health and Safety related to toxic / carcinogen exposure(s).

  1. Evaluate carcinogen exposures

  2. Measure biomarkers of carcinogenic (epigenetic_ effect)

  3. Reduce fire service carcinogenic  exposures

  4. Inhalation and dermal exposure


  1. Fireground Urinary PAH-OH Results slide shown – notable observation was engineers had similar results. Tucson FD now has pump operators on SCBA. Investigators now wear smaller “industrial” SCBA’s and Tyvek suits.

  2. 1-Naphthol slide showed results of intervention effectiveness in Tucson, AZ.

Cancer Pathways – Latency period 5-30+ years 

  1. Exposure

  2. Cellular

  3. Cancer

Epigenetic Changes –

  1. Changes in gene expression with changes in DNA sequence


MicroRNA Results showed incumbent firefighters genetic changes are related to Cancer occurance.

Firefighter Cancer Cohort Study (>10,000 subjects) was described by Dr. Burgess. Program goals and aims were shown.

Colorectal Cancer is 30% increase in firefighters – is “low handing fruit” in the battle against Cancer.

Other chemicals and known carcinogens are possibly going to be added to the studies at the request of stakeholders (CPF, IAFF and others).

Question: is exposure to “purple water” being used for training at risk for firefighters?

Answer: This has not been studied by the above study programs but he wanted to follow-up with the questioner. Note: “purple water – reclaimed waste water” does NOT meet AWWA standards for domestic use.

Question: Have there been any studies on the use of sauna after fire incidents?

Answer- No data yet, but Tucson, AZ is conducting a local study at this time.

Question: Has fire scene contamination transfer to station vistors, family and citizen – patients been documented.

Answer: Tests have been done to demonstrate the transfer using a dye material. 


How can you dispel the notion that a particular station is a “Cancer Cluster” workplace.

Dr. Burgess related that epidemiologist’s typically study and identify “Cancer Clusters” after study of occurrences. Epidemiologists are available through Health agencies, Universities and NIH.


Captain Hughes related his availability to present this program to other agencies or to share program resources with others.

Captain Jeff Hughes – OCFA – Operations Training and Safety

(714) 573-6756

(949) 560-7197





Steve Hoyle – California Fire Museum

Jack Koltaj – Ventura County Federal FD

Cristina Hero Wipes – Acquired Rescue wipes , Now DBA Rescue Wipes, Has Fire Decon and EMS Decon Wipes.

Tracy Rabe – Line Gear – New Catalog available

Jon Hunter – Swede Rescue Systems – Has a line of Swedish Rescue Equipment – Has a new Decon system to clean tools, SCBA Masks etc..Known as Solar Rescue

Dr. Burgess – Thanked SAFER for the opportunity to present his study information.

Jeff Wilkerson Camp Pendleton (Retired) - Calif Fire Museum moving along slowly.

Bill  Ward – Pump Pod - Helo Pod developed (A dip tank device)           Has a system to pump test, train pump ops and save water.

Steve Hanks – SCOTT Safety – Discussed XP-Pro has a removable harness and waist pad for decontamination. Demonstration units are available.  

Russ Snyder – ORCO – Nothing to add.

Justin Carr – Newport Beach – First time at SAFER – Hosting SAFER in November.

Kirk Owen – Veridian – Update on 1851 – Meeting Sept in Fort Lauderdale to finalize updates on 1851, release expected next year. Study Identified hazardous material on gear, how to clean and how to measure cleanliness. Best practices are being defined, maintenance standards and methods. Cleaning techniques must be accredited as being effective.

Jordan Evans – Citrosqueeze – Developed a Gross Decon SOP available.  

Bob Wood – CalFire Riverside – Has Double set of PPE per employee. Have new extractors in several spots in the organization including the drill tower. Has cooling containers for heat injury prevention.  All tees shirts are being background printing instead of solid printed.

Joe Sposado – AllStar Fire Equipment – Related SAFER has been in front of the PPE SCAM standard from the beginning. CalFire should be getting their SCOTT SCBA’s soon since

Tony Duran – LACoFD (Retired) – now with NH3 Institute: Classes: Torrance Fire next month (1/2 day) Check website for NH3 link.

Michele Trout – Lion Gear – Complimented Dr. Burgess for his efforts for firefighter safety, NFPA ensemble available .

Jim Cleary – Plymovent – Related the exhaust extraction systems are very important to reduce Cancer occurrences’ in the fire service. Jim related he appreciates the friendships and business opportunities within the SAFER community.  

Jeremy Verderber – Marken ISP – In Corona, can clean asbestos.

Bret Nunez – Torrance FD – Thanked OCFA for hosting. Torrance had units out at statewide fire incidents including overhead assignments.   

Next Meeting: Corona Fire in September

SAFER Meeting Minutes - July 2018

SAFER Downey Fire

July 20, 2018

Board Members Present:

President Quinn, Past President Duran, Seely, Weise, Sposdo,

0940    Meeting called to order: B/C Mike Whitney welcomed SAFER to Downey Fire Headquarters and led the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice. B/C introduced Engineer Rich Vos who is his equipment officer.


***Sign-in sheet was passed around for attendance.

Apparatus: None

Venders: None

OSHA: Nothing

Treasurers Report”: Discussed but not reported herein. $100.00 for department membership – discussed adding links to department / company websites. Venders need to pay for membership and link.

Program : First Responder Electrical Safety - NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the workplace for first responders

NECA  - National Electrical Contractors Association

IBEW – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

CJ Hamilton

46 Years in electrical trades, retired 10 years.

Switches :       Open = Off

                        Closed = On

100 FF’s / year injured by electrical current

65 Killed this year from electrocution

Arc Flash / Arc Blast / Faraday Cage

Dr. Grossman’s Video on the mechanism(s) of an electrocution / electrical injury

Types of injuries from electricity:

1.      Locked-on: Boils your blood from the heating effect of electrical flow.

2.      Terminal to terminal (+/-) Effects heart conductivity

Shut down procedures:

1.      Shut off loads

2.      Shut down sub-panel breakers

3.      Shut down main

Don’t be in a hurry around electricity!! Don’t take short-cuts!!

**Always test electrical distribution equipment with the back of your hand in case it is electrified from a short – if you’re shocked your hand will “pull away” from the equipment instead of “Locking-on”.

Milliamps to kill:

Severity of the shock:

·         Path

·         Push (Voltage)

·         Time – of the shocking current through the body

Electricty KILLS:

·         Can’t see it

·         Can’t touch it

·         Cant taste it

·         Can’t smell it coming

·         You don’t have to touch it , sometimes just be close, it can arc or flash over to you


It’s HOT till you prove it’s NOT

Faraday Cage: Electrified BUT NOT GROUNDED to make current flow – “You’ve got Electricity on your body”.

Moisture, sweat, proximity to ground, material(s) you’re in contact with (clothes, boots, walking surface.

CJ warns of unexpected electrical sources:

ü  Shorted panels, “stolen” power that by-passes usual safety system(s) – common in grow houses and bootleg businesses.

ü  Downed distribution lines

ü  Stray voltage


CJ demonstrated the “faraday cage” phenomenon with several attendees. Hair raised with grounding source.

·         12KW line can “reach” 30’ diameter to effect a grounded person, if you step outside the faraday gage you must “bunny-hop” or “shuffle your feet” or “roll out” to avoid becoming grounded. If you start feeling tingling sensation you’re getting “low voltage” as you begin to

·         “10 feet” is the minimum safe distance to energized lines / equipment

·         30 feet from high voltage “Downed” lines

·         Stay out for smoke 1 to 1 ½ times the height of the pole to avoid a GROUND STRIKE

·         10 feet from a down low-voltage line (cable / telephone etc..) because it may be energized from an electrical line elsewhere

·         10 feet from a Down Insulated Entrance Wire.

Only operator should be in contact with an aerial apparatus. Must jump clear to avoid being the ground

Average two workers a day from Arc Flash –

Arc Flash:

35,000 degrees – copper wire turns to vapor (67,000 x expansion going from solid to vapor)

Intense light is source of injury to eyes

Molten copper “dots” can injure tissues and be inhaled

When you enter a utility room – LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN due to potential vapor expansion in the space.

Don’t pull a meter unless you have to, if you must pull one pull it from the side – never in front

Don’t approach electrically energized equipment “facing direct”

11:00 Break to vendor displays

1145 Roundtable:

Acknowledgement of Steve Cooley’s contribution to SAFER – 40 Year of membership in SAFER, contributing to Firefighter Safety. Joe Sposado presented the SAFER appreciation plaque to Steve.

Steve related his long time association with SAFER as a representative of Halprin Fire Equipment.  He discussed the original “meeting” 40 years ago and related how SAFER evolved and grew into the current organization. He related the value of the old newsletter at that time, before email and on-line communication methods.

A/C Ibey – Downey Fire Dept . – Related P/M Engine program , 1/3 dept 5 vears or less on the job. Lots of remodeling

B/C Whitney – Downey Fire Dept. - Going single layer wild land gear from Line Gear. Two new ambulances (one at each station). All city employees.

Torry D’ALESIO Inc. – Returning to SAFER after a 6 year , they design and manufacture leather equipment for Firefighters

Tony Pighetti – Santa Barbara City FD – Working with PD to prepare for Actice Shooter Incident. Related PPE issues for a regional PPE std for mud flow incidents

Jim Cleary – Plymovent, related the exhaust removal systems they design and install.  Related the new DPF systems aren’t a replacement for fixed station exhaust removal systems. Add the carncinagins are in the gas as well

Eric Higgins – BestWay Laundry Systems – New scanner based PPE tracking system is now available to track cleaning and maintenance.

Mike Weisenberg – Ventura County Fire – Grad new class this AM, promoted 6 Captains.

Tracy Rabe – LineGear Equipment – Thanked the program and DFD

Lisa Rameriz – MES – Thanked CJ for the presentation today, new with SAFER

Wade White – LAFD – New Apparatus coming to city, new helicopter, going to morning pride PPE.

JP – LACoFD Retired / now with MES – Related Lazarow Martinez and Lisa Rameriz is now on the MES team. Discussed the new Viper Pant and coat design that has become very popular and is being delivered to the LA Area consortium. 

Hero Wipes – Discussed CA in the fire service, has a wipe product that is effective at removing carbon based material from the skin.

Russ Snider – ORCO Fire Authority – Organizational Look at Cancer Prevention Program – One year later w/ Dr. Burgess will speak. New Apparatus coming Type 3’s etc..

Gabe AllStar Fire Equipment – Discussed their new Lion Hoods

Steve – Scott Safety – Fresno South – Discussed the new Scott X3 Pro Airpack – Relatede harness is fully removable for cleaning.

Joe Sposado – AllStar Fire Equipment – Related appreciation to DFD for hosting the July Meeting . NFPA Glove sizing is going to “Military Sizing” to comply with the new NFPA Standard. New SCBA standard working its way through the update process.

Michael Sledge – Ventura County (Retired) – Cobra Rescue Carts – Related improvements to the Rescue system (vinyl).

Steve Cooley – Cobra Litters – Related his appreciation to program presenter and DFD.

Industrial Scientific – Discussed the importance of improving monitoring and gas detection technics to reduce exposures. Related new

Brent Nunez – Torrance Fire – Working towards CA prevention and illness reduction. 

Lazrow  Martinez – MES – Related the various products they represent in the area to improve FF Safety. PPE

Tony Duran – Treasurer SAFER, LACoFD Retired, Ammonia Institute –

Dick Weise VP SAFER, LACoFD – NFPA Committee Meeting – 1877 SCAM for Wildland PPE, has standards for decon techniques in the field and advanced decon and maintenance. NFPA is trying to connect the care and maintenance of the various PPE ensembles “across the board”.

Robert Hamilton – CAR – Build grab handles etc for apparatus.

Tom Martin –Manufactures Rep. – Listed the companies he represents: Lakeland Fire, Gloves, Gerber Outerwear, Nupla (axes, pike poles etc,) Black Diamond.

Scott Quinn – Pres. SAFER, LAFD B/C

SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - June 15, 2018


SAFER Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees:  Past President Duran , President Quinn, VP Wiese  Wilkerson, Seely, Szczepanek , Vendor Liaison Sposato,   

LAFD Hotchkins   Training Center

0940    Meeting called to order – President Quinn, welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting with the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. Scott relating some unique features of the Training Center to those visiting.

Past President Duran related the recent improvements to the website and the move towards a new sign-in process.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – NFPA committees are “in between revisions” on numerous standards with possible changes out for comments. Fire Shelter standards being updated with a performance as well as a test standard.

Incorporation of several capabilities into one ensemble is being looked at to reduce weight on FF’s as well as increase CA prevention. Examples: TIC’s within SCBA facemasks, axe holders built into SCBA harnesses. The issue of how test and approve such additions into current single ensemble standards / certifications is being discussed. 

New “Wildland” PPE (NFPA 1877) coming soon. Best practices for SCAM. Discussed each article of the ensemble must be laundered / inspected at least once a year.

 Helmets must be cleaned, liners removed and cleaned or replaced as need to remove toxins from the unit. Gloves cleaning and standards of cleanliness are being looked at for future 1851 standards.

“How clean is Clean?” It will take years to get where we need to get to our “best practices” goals.

Cal-OSHA –  FED-OSHA requires form 300A being submitted to CalOSHA electronically every year.  Indoor Heat Illness Draft Standard has an exemption for agencies meeting the Outdoor Heat Illness standard.   

Vender Liaison – FH World will be in LA City March 24-28, 2019 at the Downtown Convention Center.  Grants will be announced shortly for 2018. NFPA SCBA has been delayed due to “buddy breathing connection” being selected as DRAGGER, which is one of the product lines in the US. SCOTT filed a request to use their connection as the standard for Buddy Breathing Connections. Expecting the new standard to be out in 2019.

Safety and Training: Nothing reported

Apparatus: Type 6 units: Many agencies are buying type 6 units instead of sending Type 1 units to wildland incidents. Vehicle  weight has been a problem as these units are often overloaded.

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – New year, please pay your annual dues. Account balances were discussed but not documented herein.

Communications – Tracy / Tony:


Program: UAS ”Drone” use in the Fire Service

Presented by Sr Chief David Danielson(USN) and B/C Richard Fields

Key Points: (abbreviated from PP Presentation):

Chief Fields discussed the LAFD UAS (Drone) Program as a developing capability. He related LAFD FF/PM David Danielson (retired USN Master Chief) with extensive experience in the use of UAS equipment has been the technical “lead” on the Drone program. Chief Fields discussed the benefits the agency has experienced at recent incidents:

·         Program acts as a “force multiplier” allowing field commanders to better assign resources to “actual” areas with tactical needs.

·         Program enhances firefighter safety by providing accurate situation / status intelligence to incident that identifies “hot spots”, physical hazards and real time fire behavior(s). 

·         Drone can “monitor” fireground conditions saving $4,440 to $4,900 / hour compared to maned rotorcraft; vs. $10,000 to $12,000 to purchase a FLIR system equipped UAV.

·         Can be equipped with sensors and camera capabilities to support S&R, HazMat, WMD and other “high hazard” scenarios.

LAFD FF/PM David Danielson related the various requirements the department has in place to insure their use of these resource types remain “transparent” and within agency protocol:

·         COA - “Certificate of Authorization to fly” required to operate a UAV:

Blanket COA:

o   At or below 400 feet AGL and

o   5 Nautical Miles from an airport having an operating control tower or

o   3 miles from an airport having a published flight control policy

·         LAFD program operated on the basis of “you are a pilot operating an aircraft” mindset. This mindset maintains professionalism and operational standardization in the program.

·         LAFD UAV features Hi-Def zoom and an IR camera.

·         Operator / Pilot training requires 20 hours plus part 107 cert. as well as other materials / studies to operate the LAFD Drone(s). UAV Pilot must also have a” visual observer” allowing the pilot to focus entirely on operation of the UAV. The Visual Observer maintains communication between Incident Command, tactical units (including air-ops / air-boss) and associated technologies (mapping, data collection and situational awareness).

·         LAFD gets FAA approval by phone (and hardcopy next day) before every incident use. Notification of the regional RADAR traffic center may be part of their approval.

·         FAA can issue an “NTAM”: Notice to airmen when a UAV is operating in an area to prevent conflict with general aviation. 

·         LAFD documents every use by tying  an incident number, with flight data  attached and  after action report with the incident for maximum program operational  transparency 

Q: Where does this fit into FIRESCOPE?

A: This program is being developed by LAFD for LAFD (and cooperating agencies when appropriate). Will be offered up to Incident as lead agencies evolve (such as transitioning to management teams or as an incident moves into another jurisdiction)

NASA – Ames Research is studying the area airports, in 3-D, with pathways / flight patterns INCLUDING the addition of UAV/UAS devices that may occupy the airspace in the future.

Issues of security / public privacy of down-links and access to aerial data were discussed.  

 B/C Richard Fields : Richard.




Ron Harris Noice Industries – Security Solution’s based on Drones, sensors , detectors. Has fixed wing, rotorcraft as well as drones.

Kevin Rockwell – Chief Pilot for Noice Industries. Touts doing things right.

Richard Wiese LACoFD – Classes moving forward, getting new B/C’s cars based on ½ ton P/U

Mike Weisberg Ventura CoFD – New classes moving through, chiefs interviews ongoing. B/C’s test coming up. ½ staff retiring in next few years. Santa Paula annexation moving along as planned. Will be a big benefit to the citizens of VC

Jeff Wilkerson – Camp Pendleton Fire (Retired) – Camp just completed dozer school and wildland fire training. Museum

Steve Hoyle – ORCO Retired – California Fire Museum Project at the Irvine “Great Park”.

Fed Fire Ventura County –

Bill Ward – Pump Pod USA – Rolled out new pod designed for heli-spots. Several P.0.

Amir Emadi -Sky lift Global – Develops and builds Drones to deliver equipment to lines on wildland incidents. Has units able to build fire breaks. Has passion for developing products to help protect troops.

Jeff – Kapler Protective Hazmat suits. Specific PPE for white powdery substances (ei fentanyl etc.)

Joe Sposdao AllStar Fire Equipment – New SCOTT SCBA has a removable harness for cleaning and / or replacement. New SCOTT TIC is built into the facemask. Has new boots : HAIX, Danner. New sizing for gloves will be based on military standards beginning in August. Girth of glove, length of fingers etc.

Tracy Rabes – Line Gear – Has new boot by HAIX that is compliant but not certified due to the boots height.

Happy Fathers Day to dads.

Jerry Mertimer – Market PPE – Opening an ISP in Corona first week

Christina – Hero Wipes – Sells wipes for decontamination. Has product that decontaminates bio / ems materials.

Jordan  Evans – Solutions Safety / Citro-squezze – encourages on-line questions and dialog about use of their product . Next Run for mental health issues,.

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety / Citro-squzze – Thanks to LAFD for hosting and the presentation on UAV’s. Encourages gross decon and subsequent on-scene and station PPE decontamination programs. Suggests purchasing PPE extractors that are proven effective to insure carcinogins etc are

Bob Mercurio – AllStar Fire Equipment – Reminds personnel to clean helmet “Ratchets” and liners as well as hoods to reduce carcinogens. Use Dawn dishwashing liquid to clean hoods.

Jimmy Smith – Lead Docent African American Fire Museum (14th and Central) Open Tues and Thurs 10-2, Sunday 1-4. Center is available for events.

J Price LACoFD (Retired): Commented on today’s program. Thanked LAFD for event.

LAFD Having tower graduation in a couple more weeks.

Tony Duran – LACoFD Retired / NH3 Institute –

David Molnetti – Industrial Scientific Instruments – Offers help to all agencies

Jordan – Fillmore Fire – On a strike team to Montecito to assist on mud / debris flow.

Scott Ramirez – Fillmore Fire

SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes -May 2018

SAFER Meeting 5/18/18 

Start 0940 Gurrola presiding , thank you to VCFD Chiefs for refreshments, lunch provided (Taco Man) – Louis Garcia and VVG Truck and Western States Fire Equip.

Present: K. Gurrola, IPP, T. Duran, Treasurer, T. Rabe, Social Media Director, J.Wilkerson, Board Member, R. Szczepanek, Board member, plus 32 (see roster)

Absent: S.Quinn (excused), D. Weise (excused), C. Seely (excused), J.Sposato (excused)

Pledge and MOS

BC Rob Szczepanek provided introduction to facility

Intro BC McNeil to VCFD facility and department and topic “Thomas Fire”, multiple presenters, Latigo facility, (1/30 VCFD facilities) - Welcome


Business meeting:

                Intro of SAFER, since 1976

                OSHA – no report, Tony gave overview of what to expect when an inspector arrives.  Keith talked about a recent incident of a person who had “cramping”, hospital diagnosed “dehydration” don’t use “heat stress or heat exhaustion” in your reports of FF injuries or they will initiate a Cal/OSHA inquiry.

                Apparatus – (Rob) new seats and LED lights in their rigs.  Keith – Fillmore FD is going away from SCBA seats and practicing a “clean cab” environment.  Many depts. are getting away from in-seat SCBA. The need for rapid donning is rare vs. Cancer exposure is quite high.  Jim recommended to get away from cloth seats for ease of cleaning.

                PPE/NFPA – Dick absent, Jason Rangel – specking out new uniform. SAFER to host PPE symposium maybe spring time.  Putting together a committee to put that together.  Resurrection of PPE on Traffic Collision incidents.  Most wear turnouts, made for structural FF.  Is there another garment better suited and less expensive?  May need a subcommittee to evaluate.  Dual compliant, EMS (Blood Borne Pathogen) compliant and flash fire protective.  Some agencies already using something.  Options are available.  Time to revisit, $$$ a factor.  NFPA 1851 going thru rewrite.  Will be a great document, 3 parts involved, one will be “onscene mitigation” also verified ISPs.  Higher level of evaluation.  How many departments are cleaning in house?  Need to go to ISP and ask if they are complying with clean regulations.  Will come out at end of 2018.  AB 2146 will begin (all about carcinogen consideration)

                Case study – VCFD FF went to TC, did not clean Turnouts before going to structure fire and turnouts ignited.  Rob S. also mentioned an incident where the left radio pocket burned away

                Vendor Rep – No report, next week EMS SHOW in Palm Springs area.

                Treasurer – Balances provide.  Dues payment available at meeting.  KG encouraged department membership.

                Technology – website being updated, FB and Twitter.  Travel mugs now available for sale on website.  FB – please “like”, Twitter – No Good, Instagram – OK

The Thomas Fire - 2018

The Thomas Fire - 2018


Presentation: DC John McNeil,  Thomas Fire 2017 this presentation to be adapted to what safer is more of interest (Vendors, FF safety, etc.)

                Multiagency – over 8k FF and staff at top of incident

                VCFD Op area includes all agencies involved ( LE, fire, Feds, etc.) No boundaries – closest resource concept.   Not so in "old days”  now an integral part of all large incidents.  Partner agency relationships.

Ventura County Operational Area

Ventura County Operational Area


                2 Public agency dispatch centers – Ventura County Sheriffs (LE) and FCC, communications always a factor in all incidents.  In this area this was successful as they work together on a regular basis daily.  In this multiagency incident they worked well together within the OP area.

                Partner Agencies began getting together well before the incident as they recognized potential weather.  Constant coordination created a mire successful outcome int his incident.  Coming together and talking before the incident occurs creates the potential for a better outcome.  Draw up agreements prior to the incident.

                Fire History:  Not new (map of area overlaid with current and previous fires).  Five-year Drought, “global warming” concept.  Largest fires in California, Ventura has had 3/top 11.

Ventura County Fire History

Ventura County Fire History


               Preparatory Actions:  Agency expectations, SA, exercise relationships, Investment in CICCS, Emergency plans manual.  Weather was expected, no real surprise when it arrived.  Some of magnitude was surprising, no past slides to compare with current situation.  Joint agency relationships are now common place and works well (challenge in the past).  CICCS qualifications played critical role placing qualified personnel in critical positions.  Must be committed well in advanced due to time it requires to become qualified.  Great investment!  BC Fred Burris first onscene and worked with people he recognized due to past training and exercises and incidents.  Successful in relation to no injuries, equipment protection, etc.  Emergency Plans allowed for appropriate pre-positioning before fire began.  Requires $$$ commitment by FC but paid off in this case.

                Initial actions:  Staffed up prior to, fire started Dec 4 at 6:30 (after dark) 

                Fire Progression – 63, 000 acres in first day, 32, 900+ acres on second day , peak at Dec 10th at 60,800 ac, lasting thru Dec 24th fro total of. Access was challenging as main road to Ojai (second start) was impacted, Hwy 150.

                Branch Mgt – Thesis by Mike Rohde, 122 pages with 15 Page summary.  Published in FH magazine and NFA curriculum.  Not used by many agencies.  ICS normally builds from “bottom – up” this concept turns on that.  Succession plan is critical for all agencies. KG given credit for foreseeing the need for the qualification of personnel before CICCS.  Departments have to commit to training their people in incident team training, FTX and incidents outside of local jurisdictions.  Newly hired talent often come with varied experiences that should be captured and used by the agencies that hired them. Use the talents that your personnel bring with them.

                There were situations where personnel were sent where they would be dependent 100%  on their PPE and safety gear for their survival.  Duty to act requires action even when risk is high.  Confidence in PPE is paramount!  Priority is to save lives, including the evacuation of personnel within apparatus.  Message for evacuation must get out early (only one part) executing the request is the key piece.  Success of execution was due to collocating key personnel (LE) in CP to execute the order.  Use the PA to get the word out, clear direction to the public were most successful.

                Lessons Learned:  Early resource orders, Draw your box quickly, regardless of fire conditions, Write on the map and communicate the box, Branch early, Gauge rates of spread to the impacts, early evacuation orders, Ability to disengage and redirect, Communicate mission, overall purpose and expected results, Don’t wait to bring partners into the the plan.

Lessons Learned

Early resource orders

•Draw your box quickly, build it regardless of fire conditions

•Get info down on the map and communicate the box

•Branch early

•Gauge the rates of spread to the impacts

•Early evacuation orders

•Ability to disengage and redirect

•Communicate the mission, the overall purpose and the expected results

•Don’t wait to bring partners into the plan

Final Tally

281,893 acres

1063 structures destroyed

280 structures damaged

2 fatalities

BC Mike Weisenburg talked about presentation re: “Oil Fire Seeps” oil fire subsurface and how they were able to control. 

Tour of facility

Round Table:

Keith problems with Drip-Drop – deal with individual's fitness

Tony ASTI continues to provide training to refrigeration and agriculture industry  personnel, as well as, emergency responders for Anhydrous Ammonia leaks.  LACoFD to accept applications in June.

Oxnard FD – All going well

Steve Hoyle – CA Fire Museum San Diego

Jeff Wilkerson - ret CPFD, VP with museum

Jason Rangel VCFD – gross decon policies, researching respiratory protection in wildland

Hector Garica – looking at hoods, prevent from vetter (?)

Christina Hero WipeRes (decon wipes) launched last October . Lab testing behind wipes proving efficacy

Tyler Miller VCFD – fire controller with wildland division.  PPE during saws nicked himself but chaps saved him from serious injury.  "Get rid of “two-strap” chaps" - K. Gurrola

Steve Swindoll VCFD –

Steve Cooley Cobra litter – good for victim extraction and moving equipment up to 800 #

Mike Schlaggs – inventor of COBRA litter, stretcher add on. Adding super-fabric for motorcycle gear to prevent chaffing and rat damage (during storage).  All things developed through FF input

Amir – Skylift (UAV) ran tests with SDFD with delivery of hose packs.  Cut time in half.

KG – next month LAFD meeting and UAV presentation.

Jim Evans (solutions safety) – gross decon kits exploding across the country.  Take look at configuration – 'square instead of round' fit better in rigs.  Huge trend in used turnout gear and hose being turned into inside plastic gear (souvenir items).  Tests run which turn water black, these products are being taken into homes.  Coasters made of old fire hose turned water black.  CLEAN YOUR GEAR!

Bestways LS – ERIC

Louis Garcia – Weastern fire apparatus – issues with evacuation requires building relationships prior to evacuation need

Tracy Rabe - Linegear – new Mystery Ranch modular fire web gear.

Kelly Witt - Workrite – based in Oxnard, Oct 1 purchased by BF 1.  Workrite will remain in tact and in good hands. HQ moving to Nashville, Oxnard plant will shut down but product will continue.  Kelly will continue to be SoCal representative.

Steve Hanks SCOTT rep for SoCal – released new SCBA,built on trusted features with slight tweaks.  New harness now removable without tools for easy cleaning.

Pete Jensen VCFD HMC – nothing to add, exercise May 22nd with Port Hueneme. May 23rd is MAST EXPO in Pt Hueneme corporate office, designed for vendors mainly related to port security.

Chuck Pike VCFD

James Allen warehouse sup for VCFD

Jim Roth Storm King Mtn tech – fire barrier curtains, during evacuations in Australia, eight civilians sheltered inside fire engines with fire curtains survived.  Rain dance aerial incendiary machine in UAV recently approved in Australia.  Working to get approved in USA.  Looking for instructors for wildland fire instructors per NCWG standards. Beginning a new fire academy

Charlie Turansky with LN Curtis – new wildland, particulate hoods, taskforce tips has decon kit (new) LACOFD testing

Rob Szczepanek

Rob McNeil – long duration effort to decon during long term incidents will be helpful.

Shawn Feeney VCFD IT –

Jeff Shade VCFD

Bill Ward – Pump Pods – Firehouse world delivered fire unit and full demo, featured in CSFA magazine.  Glendale just submitted orders.  FFW meeting introduced dip tank and portable cistern system

Rick Holman ALLSTAR –

Mike Weisenberg VCFD – Should be seeing more of VCFD personnel at SAFER meetings, FF Academy going thru now, new BC test, engineers academy in September, captains academy in fall, gearing up for new fire season.  Welcoming Santa Paula into VCFD mold. 

Presentation mug to DC McNeil by Keith

Lunch, vendor visit and tour of facility.

Meeting adjourned 11:45 hours.

Next meeting:  LAFD at Frank Hotchkins.


Respectfully submitted,

Tony Duran, Treasurer, acting secretary

SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - April 2018

San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District

San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District


SAFER Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees:   President Quinn, Past President Gurrola, Seely, VP Weise, Wilkerson, Szczepanek , Communications / Social Media Liaison Rabe   

San Miguel Fire Consolidated Fire Protection District Sta 15  – Admin Headquarters

2850 Via Orange Way, Spring Valley, CA 91978

1000    Meeting called to order – President Quinn opened the meeting and related the meeting agenda and introduced Fire Chief Brainard who welcomed the attendees and related he recently learned 61% of FF deaths are from Cancer and encouraged the fire service to improve that number. Chief Marugg who led the pledge of allegiance and moment of silence then introduced David Picone the SDFD – Health and Safety Officer.   

  • Thanks to San Miguel Fire for the morning hospitality and MES / Fire Etc for lunch.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – Updated the meeting attendees on the status of the NFPA 1877 standard development. This proposed “Wildland SCAM” document will include a “performance” standard for fire shelters. How clean is clean? Single Layer concept is a current”1977” topic and is often adopted by agencies. New wildland gear is much lighter, more comfortable but offer superior protection. Dick related the issue of cross-contamination and the methods used to limit / eliminate risks to crews and the public.

  • Public input is currently available on-line for 1877 standard.

CalOSHA –  No committee report available.

Apparatus – Rob – Related he is now monitoring the Fire Mechanics forum.  

 Safety and Training- No specific committee report.

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – Given by B/C Guinn for Tony Duran – Reminder to please pay your annual dues!

Communications – Tracy / Tony:

Vendor Liaison – Gabe for Joe, FDIC this week. FH World will be in LA next year.

*FDIC is at the end of April 27, 28 & 29 in Indianapolis.  

Program: General Decon and Best Practices to Keep Gear and Crews Clean

Chief Marugg – Dave Picone SDFD H&S Officer & FF Truver

Video showing “contamination” (shaving cream) and the numerous routes common PPE contamination can take into the workplace. (from SFFD). The contrast was shown between “no decon” and “proper decontamination”.   


Chief Marugg related the agencies period as a CalFire affiliate and explained the evolution of new procedures / sog’s since reformation as an independent consolidated agency. Related recent injuries / illnesses experienced by crews at various incidents.

Described their migration to new PPE ensembles under wildland scenarios and related the various techniques and methods being employed to protect crews from known carcinogens and toxics.  

Chief Marugg introduced San Diego Fire & Rescue Health and Safety Officer, Dave Picone, who related the new techniques /methods being employed by SDFD in concert with their Relief Association. (CAP Program)

  • Two sets of PPE, two sets of hoods and B/C carries a cache of hoods for replacement as required.

  • Extractors being installed

  • Wipes for “in-field decontamination”- on rigs, in stations, with decon units.

Chief Dave Picone introduced FF Truver who explained the components of their new H & S procedures. (FF Truver is the secretary of the Relief Association)

Posters from the SDFD workplace(s) were distributed to attendees showing the “Three C’s” – Clean Air - Clean Body –Clean Gear”:

Clean Air:

  • SCBA used Throughout Overhaul

  • 100% Exhaust Extractor use

  • Mindful of exhaust flow

Clean Body:

  • Gross Decontamination

  • Action Wipes

  • Strip Down and Bag Turnouts

  • Shower ASAP

Clean Gear:

  • New Hood

  • Break Turnouts apart & wash

  • Use Citro-Squeeze

  • Run and empty load after PP washing


  • Rotate crews during overhaul

  • Consider remaining assigned to incident after released for personal decontamination as needed

  • Prolonged incident , most contaminated back to quarters for personal decontamination

After exiting a fire environment they remove their helmet and hood, wipe down face and neck with cleansing wipes to reduce the amount of carcinogens in contact with the vulnerable skin surface(s). FF Cancer in the lymph nodes is a major illness in our population.  The goal is to remove as much of the “heavy metals” from the skin. (Learned from Military experience handling munitions)

The typical equipment provided to every unit was demonstrated:

  • Citro-Squeeze spray bottle

  • Cleansing Wipes

  • Brush(s)

  • Bags to capture contaminated PPE

  • Spare Hoods (in bag)


Discussions are ongoing for adopting specific methods into the Wildland scenario – Type 3 units. Crews at stations with Type 3 units are issued two sets of Wildland jackets, one of pants.

BC Quinn explained the long term effort is to reduced risks incrementally, big issues first then continue solve the smaller issues while moving towards “best practices” in all areas.

SDFD is reviewing data from previous years:

  • Hoods

  • Boots (rubber vrs leather)

  • Illnesses

  • Injuries  


  • IAFC Safety Stand-down Week of 6/17/2018


1045 Meeting to venders in apparatus bay

1120 Round Table:


Scott Quinn- Bat Chief LAFD: (4 yrs risk mgmt, litigation etc.) Feel free to call if he can help with any agencies H&S program. Related recent accidents at LAFD  (1) Dozer roll-over, (2) structure fire with a propane tank BLEVE.

Jeff Wilkerson – Camp Pendleton Fire – Related personal experiences with Ca in his fire “family”. Thanked SG and complimented SDFD for its wellness efforts.

Miamonte – Drone manufacture, can haul hose, other logistical items to crews via UAV’s.

Rameriz – Filmore Fire PIO – nothing to add.

Rob Szczepanek -  Ventura County Fire – Conducting a “Whole Dept.” review of Thomas Fire “lessons learned”.

Dick Weise - LACoFD – Relate AB2146 is being pushed through legislature – requires NFPA standard(s) adoption. LACoFD is going to morning pride PPE. LACoFD is expecting lots of turnover in the next few years. Will be adding Station 100 in one of the beach cities later this year.

Brian Bulger – Retired Ventura Co.

Kieth Gurrola – Fillmore Fire – June 30 is their golf tournament, Looking for used TIC’s and Gas Monitors. Needs some new “used” Type 6 engines.

Bill Ward – Pump Pod USA – Sacramento will be delivering unit(s) , 15 quotes out, several agencies are committed to purchase. Is demonstrating their units are numerous venues.

Jim – Viejas reservation – Hiring medics.

National city FD – Took over PPE officer 9 months ago and is learning a lot from other local agencies. Is seeing changes in old H&S culture towards a more healthy

Mark Beverage – National City- Discussed the changes being made in favor of better H&S. Complimented his PPE Captain on his contributions. Related his superiors are learning the benefits

Dave Picone – SDFD – Related they are developing a LOOD procedure / policies and are looking for other agencies programs.  B/C Quinn related LAFD’s experiences with “LOOD Investigations”and the importance of assistance of other agencies with expertise in specific areas.

Rich Smith – Lakeside FD – Discussed compatibility of various SCBA’s “Buddy Breather” fittings. Rich related  the issue in light of other department’s equipment not being connectable.  Cancer on forehead and in the groin area are the most common in the firefighter demographic. .

Brent Waddy – Lakeside Fire – Works in PPE are with Rich.

Chris – Lakeside FD – Has taken over PPE program from a retiring Captain several years ago. Lakeside is trying to stay on track with H&S “best practice’s in the fire service. Related the SDFD has been a big benefit to the area in this area.

Jordan Evans – Citro-Squeeze- Related they are now on Facebook, Twitter etc. network the H&S messages. Recommended a “decon kit” shown in the vender area.

Jim Evans – Citro Squeeze – Jim related the company’s growth in the field of H&S over the last 25 years. Added clean gear is for more than just Cancer, but many other illnesses and diseases.

Paul Laker – VF Workwear – Purchased Workrite Uniforms. Kelly Whitt will still be with the company.

Eric Higgins – Uni-Mac Extractor Sales – Complimented SG CFPD – Related new capabilities and features available to comply with 1851

Steve -  Scott Representative for Southern California. NFPA is working to standardize the RIC / Buddy Breathing connection. Complimented SDFD on their Ca / Health Program. Added the new Scott air pack has a fully removable waist belt and harness ensemble for washing in an extractor.

Gabe – AllStar Fire Equipment – PPE August – All PPE must meet 2018 standard, exception – may ship product within its 10 year like span.

Bill Black – Safety Components – Manufacture of Nomex for belt / harness ensemble for SCOTT SCBA’s. Introduced a new 5 ½ oz fabric (sigma) for wildland gear (1977 standard) that is very comfortable and Brian – San Miguel Fire -durable.

Brian  - San Miguel fire – Nothing to add.

Bill - MES – Represents Scott and Morning Pride PPE

Chase Powell – SoCal PPE – Appreciates the networking

Scott - Fire Etc – Retired CalFire , Started SoCal PPE after a Cancer diagnosis and subsequent retirement. Has Decon Kits available for gross decon on rigs. The “Kit” Contains tools and cleaning solutions for decontamination for around $100 to produce your own.

Chief Marugg – Thanked the venders for contributions to the SAFER group.


Next meetings:

Ventura Co FD – Regional Training Center – Thomas Fire, Oil patch fire. May 18th .

LAFD – Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center - UAV Program – June 15th







SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.

Meeting adjourned: 1200


            SAFER April 20, 2018

San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District

Agency / Co                             NAME                          PHONE #                                 EMAIL (s)

Downey Fire (Retired)                        Chuck Seely                 (949) 492-7993             

Quala-Tel                                Frank Uram                 8585772900                  

Bestway Laundry Solutions     Eric Higgins                 1-800-542-6166            

Camp Pendleton Fire ret        .Jeff Wilkerson                        949-830-087                  

LineGear Rire & Rescue Equipmen    tTracy Rabe     949-230-5610                

Workrite                                  paul laker                    9513170606                  

Fire-Etc                                    Scott Estrada               6194033442                  

MES                                         Bill Zamudio                6197261050                  

AllStar Fire Equip.                   Gabe Sayegh               6262550431                  

Mark Sheldone            760-505-3473                

LineGear Fire & Resque Equipment   Tracy Rabe      949-230-5610                

National City FD                      Matthew Lucas           619-599-3038                

LACoFD                                    Dick Weise                  951-807-1914              RWEISELACOFD@YAHOO.COM

San Miguel Fire & Rescue      Brian Bayne                619-654-3746                

SoCal PPE                                Chase Powell               619-733-3808                

Lakeside Fire Prot Dist            Richard Smith             6193902350                  

Lakeside Fire Prot Dist            Brent Watte                6193902350                  

Naitonal City Fire Dept           Mark Beveridge          6193364555      

Lakeside Fire Prot Dist            Chris Downing             619-390-2362    

Viejas Fire Dept                      JimBingham                619-743-1863    

PumpPodUSA                          Bill Ward                     949-246-6999    

CitroSqueeze                           Jordan Evans               619-607-5305               



SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - February 2018

Glendale Fire Department

Glendale Fire Department


SAFER Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees:  Past President Duran , President Quinn, Seely, Snider, Past President Gurrola, Szczepanek , Vendor Liaison Sposato, Communications / Social Media Liaison Rabe   

Glendale Fire Department Sta 21 – Admin Headquarters

1000    Meeting called to order – President Quinn opened the February 2018 SAFER meeting and introduced Glendale Fire Department Deputy Chief Bill Lynch who  welcomed SAFER and began the meeting by leading the pledge of allegiance. He related Glendale Fire Department provides “all risk”  services to 32 square miles with 9 engine companies, 3 truck companies (4 man staffing - P/M Engines with private EMT-1s for transport). Glendale Fire Department is “A full service, all risk department”.  Thanks to Glendale Fire Department for hosting the February  2018 meeting of SAFER. Deputy Chief Lynch introduced the Glendale staff officers in attendance: Verdugo Fire Communications Deputy Chief lanzas, BC Chris Stavros A Platoon, Jeff Brooks Local Union President.

President Quinn related the recent improvements to the website and the move towards a new sign-in process.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – No NFPA report – Dick unavailable due to injury. Is at home reviewing select NFPA standards the NFPA is considering.

CalOSHA –  No committee report available. President related “What to do if CalOSHA comes knocking”. He related some of the characteristics a CalOSHA inspection that everyone should be aware of before allowing an inspection to begin.

Apparatus – No specific committee report.

 Safety and Training- No specific committee report.

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – Doing OK, can take membership renewals here at meeting. Improvements on the website – let him know if you have any suggestions. Thanks to Tracy and Tony for work on the website.

Communications – Tracy / Tony:

Vendor Liaison – March 5, 6 & 7 Firehouse World in San Diego. This is the last year in San Diego, will be in Los Angeles beginning in 2019. Will be a three day FH World when it comes to LA. Joe believes the LA FH World will be a big improvement – second only to the FDIC.  Joe reminded everyone planning to attend FH World – San Diego to register on-line for free passes to show display floor as there will be an admission fee for those without advanced registration.  Pre-registration is free on-line, $25.00 at the door. President related the LAFD Chief has related to his staff that the FH World event will be a huge attraction with large participation.

Behavioral Health report: President Quinn related a wellness / behavioral program element will be added to our “Standing Committee”.

*FDIC is at the end of April 27, 28 & 29 in Indianapolis.  

Program: “Three Strikes, You’re Out” – Hazard Warning Standard

Brian Bulger – Retired Ventura County, FIRESCOPE Safety Specialist – Safety Subcommittee Chair, Type I Safety Officer, CA Interagency IMT Team (CIIMT) 4.

PowerPoints: (1) Tradgedy – Mark McCormack

                        (2) Train the trainer

                        (3) Self Taught Program

Related Gordon Crane (Unit Leader at a fire that involved LOOD’s) spoke at a meeting where a breakdown in communications and missed situational awareness resulted in the deaths of crew members in his command. 

Robert Saleb – Survivor of “Man Gulch Fire” @ age 17. Described his experience at that fire where the balance of the crew were killed. The  “10 Standard Fire Fighting Orders” were written after three fires : Rattlesnake Fire, The Man-Gulch Fire and ____.


(1) Mark McCormack – Santa Clara County Fire Department in bay area. Mark worked his way through several California Fire Departments, received several community awards and participated in agency committees. He was a frequent volunteer for community / fire service related initiatives.  

(2) Train the Trainer PP: Developed to help agencies state wide to utilize the “Tree Stripes, You’re Out” standard by Santa Clara County.

Swiss cheese Theory:

The US Air Force has a theory that it takes seven mistakes / errors to allow an accident to occur. The concept that when considering the ability of light to show through as multiple layers of cheese slices are added. Such is the likelihood of errors / omissions can add together to allow an accident to occur.

The specifics of the incident that Mark McCormack lost his life were related by the speaker using a plot plan of the property showing the location of the house and 12 KV powerlines above. The house had “packrat” conditions, well involved in fire in the darkness of night. Same crew had been to this address before on other responses. The Branch 1 Director and safety officer had knowledge of the 12 KV line that had fallen across the driveway from the power lines above, at about chest height. The Safety Officer laid out yellow tape to mark the hazard on the ground. Communications had dialogue about the power line over the tactical frequency. There was large fire flow being used to attack the structure fire which drained into the area of the downed wire(s). The victim had left the immediate area to get a new air bottle. A crew member walking through the area related he felt something hit his helmet as he walked through the hazard area – failed to contact enough to “go to ground”. A company member tried to prop the line back into the tree with a fiberglass pole to make a corridor to work through – he also didn’t go to ground. Mark walked by himself to look for a fellow crewmember and came into direct contact with the 12 KV for about 20 seconds. Damage to his gear showed the metal in his boots had melted into the concrete. CalOSHA sited Santa Clara County for several issues.

This was the incident that started the “Three Strikes, You’re Out” Hazard Identification Procedure.

The speaker demonstrated the use of the “single safety tape” as a safety barrier: It is met to keep “unauthorized personnel out” - most public safety personnel don’t honor the barrier tape to “them “as emergency workers.

The clearly identifiable method to assure that emergency personnel

President Quinn related a “Green Sheet” that LAFD has from an accident (façade collapse) that they are currently investigating. Injured 5, 3 with Fx bones.

***OSHA Check sheet(s) are available on line. They can be long and tedious but can be helpful.

CalOSHA will usually default to “General Industry Standards” when considering citations after an incident

***”The Three Strikes” Standard will be in the FIRESCOPE FOG manual and in NIIMS in next publication.

An issue with “Wildland Incidents” - where a hazard exists but can’t be effectively marked using “Three Strikes” techniques was discussed. In these incidents the hazard should be in all  Safety Statements, Morning Briefings, and clearly communicated to all incident participants.   

The standard is meant to be “all hazard” so any “color” of tape is acceptable but RED / BLACK is recommended when available.

The intent is that a method is used to communicate hazards to emergency workers by a clearly identifiable standard.   

1100 Meeting to venders

1145 Round Table:

Scott Quinn- Bat Chief LAFD: Recruiting beginning - look at LAFD website. Recommends beginning candidates apply and experience the process. Working to organize a seminar RE: FF CA Support Network, PPE Maintenance. 

Brian Bulger – Thanked the group for hosting the meeting on the Three Strikes initiative.

Keith Gurrola – Fire Chief Fillmore City – Looking to purchase some equipment items: (TIC) and gas monitors. Training is available in RENO for wildland.

Russ Snider ORCO – Recruit class just started 48 people, 10 new Type 1 Engines…

Kelly Witt – Workrite Uniform Co.- Will be at FH World

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety – Related 1851 is being finalized with strong language for equipment use for cleaning and defining decontamination types / levels / methods for various types of exposures. ISP’s will likely have to demonstrate effectiveness of their cleaning services. The “How clean is Clean?” questions discussed.

Jordon Evans – Solutions Safety- Related her position at SS, wants to develop as a reference source for the fire service.

Joe Sposato – AllStar – SCOTT EX3 PRO harness can be removed and laundered easily. Next SCBA change is supposed to make all SCBA’s inter-connectable for “buddy breathing” connections. NFPA chose the DRAGER connection which nobody in the Fire Service uses. 62% of all SCBA’s in US are SCOTT. This standard will likely be held up to remedy this issue.  

Lolo Hernandez – Acct Manager – Christian Brothers Mechanical Services (Nedermean Vehicle Exhaust Removal System)s – Related their company sells / installs exhaust removal systems – newest system allows faster response from station and is based on a magnetic link / connection.

Eric Higgins - Bestway Laundry Solutions:  Has equipment for PPE laundering, extractors, installation, service and coordination with Solutions Safety for Injector pumps. Will be at FH World.

Jack Koltaj – Fed Fire Ventura County – Changing PPE from silvers to structure fire turnouts.

Gail Mills – Scott Mills Prints - Thanks crews for work on recent fires, related her family has property in the fire area. Have posters for fire / law with individual identifiers / personalization’s for wall decoration. 

Mark Sheldone - Days Off Consultants – Related the products / lines Days Off represents.

Tracy Rabes – Line Gear – Related her product lines for wildland PP and FF gear

Bill Ward – Pump-pod USA – Related the uses / benefits  his test / fire flow trailer offers to fire / water agencies: Water conservation, Engineer Training – Testing, Pump Testing.

Mike Weisenberg – Ventura County Fire – Discussed the aftermath of the Thomas Fire his agency is working through. Related the Pump-Pod was very beneficial to engineer candidates who took their recent promotional test process. New recruit process will be starting soon. Getting two BlackHawk Helicopters. Annexation with Santa Paula is ongoing.

Hector Gonzales – Ventura County Fire –

Jim Cleary – Plymovent – Related the “Plymovent System” is widely used throughout the regional fire agencies.

Ashly Silcott – Curtis Fire Equipment – PPE Specialist - Related they will be at FH World.

Charles Turansky – Curtis – Showed new boot they will be showcasing at FH World. He discussed their hood product(s) with excellent performance numbers.

Louis Garcia – Western States Fire Equipment – Thanked Glendale for hosting, related the issue with plastic hoses mentioned last meeting that failed under fire condition’s during the recent wildland events.

Bob Mercurio – AllStar Fire – Discussed hood selections available through AllStar, demonstrated a new flexible light they’re showcasing. Will be at FH World.




SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.

Meeting adjourned: 1200

Vender’s, Manufacture’s and Consultants represented at this meeting:

SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - January 2018


SAFER Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees:  Past President Duran , President Quinn, VP Wiese  Wilkerson, Seely, Past President Gurrola, Szczepanek , Vendor Liaison Sposato   

Vernon Fire Department Station 1 - Training Center

Vernon FD Live Fire Training Facility

Vernon FD Live Fire Training Facility


0935    Meeting called to order – President Quinn, Fire Chief Bruce English welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting  relating some unique features and the history of the Vernon Fire Department. He related the importance of “safety” issues in this highly industrial city. He revealed the department will be losing about 40% of his personnel in the next few years which is a significant “Safety Issue” for the agency.  Thanks to Vernon Fire Department for hosting the January Meeting of SAFER, use of the facility and continental breakfast / coffee hospitality.  

Past President Duran related the recent improvements to the website and the move towards a new sign-in process.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – The NFPA 1851 Committee met in LA last week. He related the importance of top quality PPE as seen in the recent fire experiences in Southern California.

New “Wildland” PPE (NFPA 1877) coming soon. Best practices for SCAM. Discussed each article of the ensemble must be laundered / inspected at least once a year.NFPA 1877 Committee will be meeting in Roleihle, NC later this year.

Helmets must be cleaned, liners removed and cleaned or replaced as need to remove toxins from the unit. Gloves cleaning and standards of cleanliness are being looked at for future 1851 standards.

“How clean is Clean?” It will take years to get where we need to get to our “best practices” goals.

ISP requirements were discussed

CalOSHA –  No committee report available.

Vender Liaison – Firehouse world first week in March in San Diego (Last time in San Diego). Apparatus – Ventura County related their experience in vehicle maintenance areas at the recent Thomas Fire Incident. They had a number of plastic air-line “burn trough’s” on various apparatus after exposure to flame contact. They are placing “covers” over the lines (brake lines etc.) Cost is around $100/ rig to protect these vulnerable plastic lines which can take an apparatus out of service. Vender related they are going to offer replacement materials to replace the plastic.

Safety and Training:

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – New year, please pay your annual dues. $1837 in checking acct / $ in Savings acct.  Scott related we’d like to present a “thank-you” item to hosting agencies / presenters this year.

Communications – Tracy / Tony:

Vendor Liaison – March 5, 6 & 7 Firehouse World in San Diego. This maybe the last year in San Diego. Joe reminded everyone planning to attend to register on-line for free passes to show display floor as there will be an admission fee for those without advanced registration.  Pre-registration is free on-line, $25.00 at the door. 

*FDIC is at the end of April 27, 28 & 29 in Indianapolis.  

Next Meeting : Glendale Fire Department -  Feb 17th.

Program: “The Vernon Fire Department Training Center ”

Vernon FD Burn Training Facility

Vernon FD Burn Training Facility


**Demonstration of the new Vernon Ventilation Prop

B/C Painton took the group on a tour of the several training (HazMat, Fire Control, Flash-over room, USAR) disciplines designed into this “SHSGP” Grant prop.  

**Insert Vernon Docs Here:

Informational Outline:


•          UASI Grant

•          HSGP Grant

•          City of Vernon

13.5 Containers

•          First floor- 6 Containers

•          Second Floor- 4 containers

•          Third Floor- 3 Container

•          Fourth Floor- ½ Container to roof access

Fire Training

•          Total of 5 burn areas

•          Propane fueled props

•          (2) 500 gallon propane storage tanks

•          Meets or exceeds NFPA 1402

First Floor

•          Two burn rooms

•          One roll-over hall way

•          Haz Mat Ammonia room- Leaks to pipes and valves

•          Office area

•          Interior staircase

•          HM Storage Room- High pressure gas cylinders, 55 gallon drums, totes and rack storage

•          Ceiling access to Nance prop

Second Floor

•          One Burn Room

•          One roll-over hallway

•          Rack Storage

•          Denver Window

•          Floor/Ceiling access for Nance Prop

•          Shallow pitch ventilation prop on exterior

•          Steep pitch ventilation prop on exterior

Third Floor

•          Fire Ground Survival\SCBA Confidence Maze with moveable walls

•          Balcony area open to exterior for ladder training

•          Floor access to Nance prop

•          Empty room for future improvement

•          Interior staircase

Fourth Floor

•          ½ container for roof access

•          Interior staircase

•          Storage

Roof Deck

•          Reinforced expanded metal decking to accommodate personnel

•          Anchor points for rope rescue training

•          Removable gate for rope rescue

Window\Doors above first floor

•          Anchor points above for belay\main line rope application

Exterior Staircase

•          Stairs to roof deck

•          Platform at each entry point to all floors

•          Standpipe with outlets at each floor



Brett Nunez – Torrance Fire – Recently got approval for two new extractors with $ from a federal grant.

John Harget – Ventura City Fire – Installing air scrubbers in all facilities, has done a cleaning of all facilities.

Tony Durran – LACoFD Retired / NH3 Institute – Provides training on handling Ammonia emergencies. 

David Mol – Industrial Scientific Instruments – Offers help to all agencies

Dick Weise LACoFD - related the effects of toxic smoke of FF Health. LACoFD Is having a new selection process for new FF’s. Squad was recently stolen while left running outside an emergency call. PPE contamination is a health concern for FF’s and the public we contact and transport.  

Mike Whitney – Battalion Chief Downey Fire – RTF 2 returning from Montecito today, related extensive support of recent wildland incidents. Downey will be buying “Wildland Helmets” for members who go on active incidents. Downey is  planning to implement a “single layer” pants (two per member).DFD has  7 recruits in recruit tower, having problems getting good candidates with FF-1 & EMT-P certification to apply.

Eric Higgins – Best-Way Laundry Solutions – Will be at FireHouse World , will show Scanning / Logging software for agencies PPE tracking needs.

Russ Snider – OCFA – Related their recent academy experiences as several quit / failed / hired by another dept.

Benita Beeman - MarKen - ISP is now in Corona on Grand Blvd. Currently in Las Vegas.

Keith Gurrola – Fillmore Fire – Looking for checklists for Hoods, Gloves to solicit input from members. Looking for monitors.  Lost a monitor / defibrillator off tailboard. Door left open on rig which caused some damage.

Jordan – Fillmore Fire – On a strike team to Montecito to assist on mud / debris flow.

Scott Ramirez – Fillmore Fire.

John Price - MES / Honeywell – Thanks Chief English for hosting.

Tracy Rabe – LineGear – Has wildland equipment and is working with certification process for multiple NFPA classifications.

Frank – Communications – Related the “wind-screens” on radio microphones are a source of droplet contamination. Replacement or/or cleansing should be included in routine maintenance for employee wellness. 

Mark Shelton – Retired

Gabe – AllStar Fire Equipment – Related select Gear / Equipment currently available through AllStar Fire Equipment Company.

Bill Ward – Pump – Related uses of the pump-pod us which is on display behind Vernon Fire Station.

Joe Sposato – AllStar Fire Equipment – Related Scott is releasing a new cover for web harness that is removable for cleaning. New particulate reducing hood is being manufactured with new fabric with color-coded Inside/outside indicators. Recommended writing name on outside to better differentiate inside from outside.

Rob Mercurio – AllStar Fire – New employee, formerly from Turn-Out Maintenance Company.

Rob Szczepanek – Ventura County Fire – Related the department is recovering from the recent Thomas Fires. Will be buying two Blackhawk Helicopters, Pump Pods, Rain Gear.

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety – Related he’d used the burn rooms at TEEX and immediately sent the gear through the extractor station which the VERNON prop doesn’t require because the propane fueled prop’s represent no toxic hazard.

Jim Cleary – Plymovent – Related their system is widely used by the members of SAFER agencies. Related the AFG Grant is current open for submittals. Systems over ten years old qualify for replacement.

Louie Garcia – Western States Fire Equipment – Changing company name “  has new glove for review.

Kelly Whitt – Workrite Garments – Has been busy the last few years with single layer gear program and new NFPA certification standards.

Jordan Evans – Solutions Safety – Marketing for the company.

Fed fire Ventura County – Sent rigs to Thomas Fire and Montecito Incident.

Tom Wilson – CalFire Riverside – Dual academies running, 6 new soap pumps installed on their extractors, install HCN monitors in several stations to monitor gear. CalFire Riverside has contracted out for gas monitoring device calibration / maintenance. Had a Greensheet report for a FF burn injury during interior attack. Purchasing 50 hoods for a test batch – might use Survey Monkey to seek input from other agencies.

Steve Colley – Cobra Litters – Related capabilities of the Cobra Litter product including the characteristics of the “balloon tires” on the units as well as unique configurations for specific missions.

Scott Quinn – LAFD is opening a new hiring process, is a lengthy process. Three accident investigations currently on-going in the LAFD: (1) Façade dropped on some crew members, (2) a dozer roll-over and (3) a injury burn propane tank rupture while doing structure protection at a recent fire.

Jeff Wilkerson – Pendleton Retired – 1-800-Board-Up

Steve Hoyle – OCFA (Retired) – CA Fire museum


SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.

Meeting adjourned: 1200

SAFER Board Meeting - January 2018

SAFER Annual Board Meeting 

January 4, 2018

AllStar Fire Equipment 0900 Hours

Board Members present: Gurrola, Quinn, Duran, Wilkerson, Tracy Rabe, Weise, Sposato, Seely, Szczepanek

Scott Quinn related issues he has observed during the past year that he’d like to improve on:

·         Meeting attendance

·         Late Topic Selection (Last minute scramble)

·         Host Agency preparation / coordination


Board member selection / rotation:

The Board Make-Up was discussed, History of the positions and rotations as per the By – Laws.

Slate going forward:

·         Even Year President

·         VP Odd Year

·         Immediate Past President-

·         Secretary – Even

·         Treasurer – Odd

·         Communications – Tracy Rabe

·         Vendor Liaison -

Board Members:

·         Scott Hudson will contact – (Was contacted and wants to remain on the board)

Discussion on the scope of the “OSHA” report should be focused on fire service.

·         Rick Griggs – Replaced by Barry Owens

·         Johnny Cardenas – Replaced by Adam Grandos LAFD

·         Scott Shuster – Maybe Hosting a meeting “Route 66 Shooting”

·         Russ Snider – OCFA

·         Mike Klusyk – SBCo

·         Andy Vansciver – Santa Paula – (Declined joining the board after direct contact)


A group discussion on the board composition, depth and positions in terms of numbers concluded with the suggestion we maintain the four as stated in the by-laws (two year terms) PLUS the Vendor Liaison. Scott related board member monthly meeting attendance is important as a gauge of program commitment.  Directors must be re-affirmed every two years – should begin the process in October +/_. Terms run on a calendar year basis. Officers must be elected by the members at large per the by-laws.


Even Year Slate:

President – Nominations:

ü  Scott Quinn – 1st Dick Weise –2nd Tony Duran

                                Unanimous Aye

ü  V-P (Scott Was V-P, Vacancy for 1 Year) – Dick Weise – 1st Jeff Wilkerson, 2nd Tony Duran

                                Unanimous Aye

ü  Secretary - – Chuck Seely – 1st Quinn, 2nd Tony Duran

Unanimous Aye

ü  Vendor Liaison:         Joe Sposato – 1st Tony Duran, 2nd Seely

Ed Schabro –  (Was added to Board of Directors after direct contact by Tony)

                                Unanimous for Joe Sposato


Odd Year Slate:

·         Vice President –


Member Roster has 185 names that opened emails that Tony sent out. Keith related he believes we could build a "Master List” with a “check box” to speed up sign-ins and improve communication. Will develop an improved sign-in document for January Meeting in Vernon.

Scott Recommended we conduct an audit of membership to define who’s in and who’s out (members and vendors) and to support SAFER with annual dues.

Scott related that we will announce the “accountability programs” we’re now conducting, such as who’s attending meetings, opening their emails and who’s paid their annual membership dues.

Master Calendar on web-site

Reach out to agencies – OES, CSFA both have listings of all California Agencies.

Northern Boundary: Santa Barbara County, San Louis Obispo County


Tony updated the group on status of web-site venders (squarespace, go-daddy, stripe etc.) and explained the relationships / services each provides. Keith related the need to update signature cards for each account / subscription.

FF First Credit Union: as of 1-2-2018, checking $XXX Savings $XXX. (Amounts available on request, please contact SAFER Treasurer)

Tony related we’d be filing our Tax Returns as a “Non-Profit” Corporation for the last two years.


Meeting Schedule for 2018:

Jan – LACoFD @ Vernon FD  

Feb – Fillmore (or a bay city substitution)

March – CalFire – Ben Clark

April – San Miguel

May – Ventura County – Thomas Fire

June – LAFD – Drones?

July - AllStar

August – OCFA / No Meeting? Russ Snider

September -  PPE Symposium  - Large Venue, Working Group To Be Assigned:

                Tony, Michele Trout (Lion Uniform),

                Scott suggested combining several relevant topics:

·         SCAM (NFPA 1851)

·         Wildland PPE (Single layer)

·         Behavioral Health

·         NFPA / CPF “How Clean is Clean”

·         Plan for 200 plus

October – Carlsbad

November - SBCFD

December – SFS Fire-Rescue - Contact Haywood ASAP to ensure December



** Cast a net for a meeting at one of the beach cities: Carlsbad, Newport, Glendale, Clark County (LV)

Meeting Topics:

**PPE SCAM, CalFire Hosted, Venders put on the program in the North and it was very well received. Keith reminded the group of the huge success of the Toxic Twins symposium held at the Gene Autry Museum.


The group discussed the need for a written committee report for submittal into the minutes. A form developed by Scott Quinn was distributed for review. The forms would be distributed to committee chairs for completion prior to the meeting.


Venders -

Technology – Tracy briefed the group on her work on Facebook and Instagram (22 followers, following 63)

Apparatus – Rob Szczepanek

                What’s new in the industry? What problems have been identified in fleet(s)?

Training – Keith Gurrola:

Committee will post links / announcements about various training opportunities. “Near miss”, “Green Sheet” announcements and Accident Investigations to be referenced / announced.

Web-Site – Tony Duran / Tracy Rabe: Being improved with hyperlinks for vender websites and better flow to current information.

The “Blue Card” concept was discussed, Keith related some sort of “discussion board” could be of value, but needs to be monitored / controlled to avoid conflict of mission issues.

The Hosting Agency $$ support for hospitality was discussed. The current board authorized expenditure is set at $200 / meeting.  Tony related most agencies he’s been contacting haven’t taken us up on the offer.


Mugs / Promotional Items: Tony to contact venders of Mugs / Challenge Coins.

Meeting Adjourned:  1220 Hours

***Notes added / modified after DRAFT comments and other updates are in italics in these meeting minutes.

Submitted by Chuck Seely – SAFER Secretary





SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - December 2017

SAFER Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2017

SAFER Board Attendees:  Past President Durran , VP Quinn,  Wilkerson,  Seely

Santa Fe Springs Fire & Rescue Training Center

0935    Meeting called to order – Past President Duran welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, Thanks to Santa Fe Springs Fire – Rescue Department for hosting the December Meeting of SAFER use of the facility and hospitality and lunch.  

Past President Duran Introduced newly appointed Fire Chief Hayward who welcomed SAFER and related his appreciation for the group. He led the flag salute and recognized the FF LOD yesterday at the Thomas Fire. Chief Hayward thanked his staff members who provide the awesome hospitality today. He related the multiple missions (Fire, Rescue and Environmental Units) the Santa Fe Springs Fire & Rescue Department supports. He related the numerous charities and benefit programs they support. He related recent retirements and promotions within the department and major developments in the city.    

Tony related the recent improvements to the website.

January 4th, SAFER Board Meeting @ AllStar Fire Equipment.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise absent today, is at an NFPA  


Vender Liaison – Firehouse world first week in March in San Diego (Last time in San Diego)


Safety and Training:

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer - $468.00 in Savings, $2,000.00 in checking, new year so please pay membership dues.

Program: “The Fentanyl Crisis and the First Responders ”

SAFER VP Scott Quinn LAFD B/C introduced Capt. Brian dejong and Capt. Bob Dunivin  with the Los Angeles JHAT, a program under Homeland security.

Managing a Hazardous Materials / Terrorist Incident:

Determine (as you can) if this is a Terrorist Incident or not.

Metering equipment is extremely important

Rapid Assessment - Rapid extraction” – Rapidly assess to determine the scope of the incident, establish warm – cold zones, extract the victims ASAP

5 Steps for HazMat:

  1. Safety Situational Awareness

  2. ID The incident, problem, leak/product – Meters and other technical equipment

  3. Notify (Scene Size-up) HazMat Teams, Civil Support Teams, Law, FBI etc.

  4. Isolate and Deny Entry

  5. Victims – Rapid Assessment and Extraction

RAT – Rapid Assessment Teams – Two guys who enters the area to evaluate and structure an emergency strategy.

CSTI – Teaches the acronym: SIN (Safety Isolate Notify)

Who is the lead agency if there is a criminal nexus?

FBI has a “Twelve step for sampling” procedures.

Scott related the experience at LAX  has had with dangerous drugs being shipped through the airport. The LAFD had 10-12 calls a day for “white powder” calls after 911.

Who is responsible if there is an imminent threat to public safety? If several agencies have a role in the incident management – establish a Unified Command to insure each agencies incident objectives are met in the IAP. * Only Fire and Public Health Agencies have objectives which support the incident victims.

The speaker related the differences between “Law” and “Fire/EMS” Incident Objectives and how the differences impact tactical operations.

*Potential HazMat exposures should be checked by a HazMat Specialist (or someone with HazMat Authority) BEFORE rushing them off to an ER.

Fentanyl: Video from DEA was shown relating two agents experience in which they were accidently exposed to fentanyl found in a bag during a routine investigation.


Produced mostly in Mexico and China, Is shipped by all methods into the US for sale on the street.

40-50X stronger than street heroin – very small amounts can kill, is a transdermal drug (will absorb through skin) CarFentanyl (an animal tranquilizer) is 10,000 stronger than heroin. Drug dealers will “cut” a drug by adding fentanyl to increase his inventory – increase his profit.

2-3 mg can produce respiratory arrest, narcan Rx can be overwhelmed by doses used by users. May need additional treatments of Narcan after initial Rx.


JUNO – detects Fentanyl


Gemini –

High Pressure Gas Spectrometer – Newest ($65,00) unit that has a huge detection library

* Fire Extinguisher Powder is about the same micron size (3-5 mc) as fentanyl and can be used as a good demonstration substitute.

Grey Death : Fentanyl is blended with heroin and another systemic opioid like U-4700  to produce a grey colored drug.

Best way to develop good field procedures is to train, drill and coordinate with the myriad of agencies with responsibilities in HazMat/Terrorist incidents.

Often mixed with an opioid

*Victims – Fire/EMS has the lead, no victim – Law has the lead

Fentanyl is extremely toxic if exposed

Presenter: JHAT – Joint Hazard Assessment Team

CDC wanted everybody in level A PPE on these incidents. They tried to use FF PPE


SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - November 2017 NTDP, San Dimas

NTDP, San Dimas, CA

NTDP, San Dimas, CA

Fuel Geysering.jpg
Wildland Flame Front Simulator

Wildland Flame Front Simulator

Cab Crush - Type 4 Engine

Cab Crush - Type 4 Engine

SFS FD Logo.jpg

Board Members in attendance: Scott Quinn, VP; Joe Sposato, Vendor Liaison; Tony Durán, Treasurer.

Attendance: Adam Bandos, LAFD; Frank Uram, QualaTel; Tracy Rose, LineGear Fire; Tom Foley, Workrite; Kelly Whitt, Workrite; Lazaro Martinez, MES; David Molinatti, ISC; Barry Owens, Cal Fire - Riverside; Steve Hoyle, Cal Fire Museum; Eric Higgins, Bestway Laundry; Aaron Ford, Super Vac; Tom MArtin, Responder Solutions; Joe Sposato, AllStar Fire Equipment; Jack Koltaj, Fed Fire Ventura County; Tony Durán, SAFER Treasurer; Jeff Wiljerson CPEN (Retired); Abel Ramos, Tempest Tech; Alexis Labbe, Tempest Leader; Jim Evans, Solutions Safety' James Golodzinier, LACoFD

The November 17, 2017 meeting was hosted by the National Technology and Development Program, San Dimas, California.  The meeting was opened at 0930 hours by SAFER V.P., Scott Quinn by welcoming everyone in attendance and leading us in the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence.  Refreshements were provided by VP Scott Quinn and Tracy Rabe of Line Gear Fire.  He then introduced our hosts and speaker.


The presenter, Robert R. Manwaring, Fire Equipment Specialist with NTDP and a former USFS Firefighter, provided an overview of the center and the projects that the centers in San Dimas and Missoula, Montana focused on through 2017.  The highlights of the program were:

Fuel Geysering - a phenomenon occurring when fuel caps were removed from tools or storage bottles that caused the fuel to suddenly shoot out "geyser" out of the storage compartment.  This event has occurred in several locations throughout the United States and causes fuel to spill out, often causing the operator to be drenched with fuel.  Only one event has been noted in California.  The event occurred in the Sierra Nevadas and it is unknown where the fuel involved in the event was purchased.  It is believed that with all the regulations on California fuel, this may fortuitously prevented the described event from occurring.  It is still not clear why the events occur.  The centers have been testing fuel containers to determine if their design was in some way a factor in this event phenomenon. Check out: for further information and to report events.

 Situational Awareness for ground operations - technology is being developed to its most advantageous ability by allowing the leadership on the fire ground to locate and track various pieces of information in real time.  The objective of the program is to provide a recommendation for situational awareness systems for ground operations.

Vehicle Test using the Wildland Flame Front Simulator - the survivability of vehicles when faced with direct flame impingement was tested.  As a result of similar testing, Australia is replacing all synthetic materials in the interior of its apparatus with natural fibers to increase the survivability inside the cab of an engine.  It has been noted that the glass windows are the universal weak point of the apparatus.

Ignition Potential for Handheld Mechanized Equipment - the experiments attempted to determine under what conditions sparks from equipment may ignite dry brush.  It was interesting to note that even though many sparks may be created, not all contain the heat potential to ignite a material.

Discussion of Vehicle Specifications and Standards - the discussion focused on reducing the cab crush potential during a rollover accident.  The center is working with the apparatus manufacturers to build rated roll cages in cabs.  It has been noted that the rear "fire package" acts as an impromptu roll protection (see photo). Structural polyfoam may be added in the ABC posts and roof structure of the apparatus.  The US is way behind Australia and other European countries' standards.

The centers are looking at water handling equipment.

Pulaskis - the centers noted that this popular hand tool has not changed design since its inception.  Firefighters, however, are taller and have been suffering from bending injuries.  The handles' lengths have been tested from 36" to 48" and it is believed that a 42" handle is optimum for the comfort of the firefighter without compromising the strength of the tool's handle. (Greater lengths than 42" were breaking during use).  A summary of the projects for 2018 was provided.  A tour of the facility followed the presentation.  Everyone in attendance was given a commemorative pin of the facility.


Cal/OSHA: No report

NFPA - Dick Weise had just returned from an NFPA meeting and was unable to attend this meeting.  Tom Martin reported that there will be a task group meeting of NFPA 1851, PPE Care and Maintenance, on January 9, 10 & 11, 2018 in Los Angeles at the Airport Marriot.  Jim Evans offered that there have been rewrites of four chapters.  There are more guidelines specific to building an SOP.  "Gross DECON" and scene mitigation (of PPE contaminated with products of combustion, i.e., potentially cancerous) has suggested that personnel will bag their PPE and store the bags outside of the passenger areas of the appratus, unless the bags are of a filtered type.  Personnel must have a second set of PPE available or be out-of-service until after they are able to obtain a clean set of PPE. California AB2146 is currently going through a financial feasibility study and, if passed, the state will have to fund AB2146.  Barry Owens, Cal Fire, Riverside provided a brief overview of a Cal/OSHA violation they received regarding this issue.

Apparatus: No report

Vendor Liaison - Firehouse World will be moving its venue as San Diego is too far and difficult to reach due to the traffic.  Most vendors do not remain overnight.  The new venue has not been decided at the time of this meeting.

Treasurer report - $XXX - checking, $XXX - savings.  As the year ends, everyone is now due for 2018.  

Alexis Labbe, Tempest Leader informed the group of the Fresno Training Officers Conference.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1200 hours.  

December meeting: December 15, 2017 at Santa Fe Springs Fire Department, check the website for details.

SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - October 20, 2017 - San Diego Fire & Rescue


SAFER Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2017

SAFER Board Attendees:    President Gurrola , VP Quinn,  Wilkerson,  Seely

San Diego Fire & Rescue Training Center

0945    Meeting called to order – President Gurrola welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, Thanks to San Diego Fire – Rescue Department for use of the facility, to AllStar Fire Equipment for the morning hospitality and Scott of FIRE ETC for lunch.  

Chief Gurrola Introduced Assistant Chief Weber who welcomed SAFER and related his appreciation for the group.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise absent today, Kirk and Jim added the 1851 Standard is in final phase of rewrite – “Public Comment period” till Oct 15th, committee to meet in LA to consider the comments before finalizing the standard.

Question: status of CalOSHA accepting the 1851 Standard as “California Law”. It was stated that it is still under consideration by CalOSHA.

Workplace violence reporting standard being worked on by LAFD et al. 

Apparatus – Pres Gurrola discussed the values of sharing information between various departments nationwide after issues being

Safety and Training:

Program: “Firefighter Behavioral Health and Suicide Awareness / Prevention”

Presenter: Jeff Dill, founder of the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA)

 via teleconference from Firehouse Expo.

MS Degree, Retired Fire Captain Cell (847) 209-8208

On site facilitator/program coordinator: David Picone – Battalion Chief – Health and Safety Officer

San Diego Fire – Rescue Department

1010 Second Avenue, Suite 400 MS 604

dpicone@sandiego-gov, (619) 533-4466

SD Fire –Rescue began its Health and Safety Officer Position about three years ago. EMS Division now focused on citizens being served, the Health and Safety program is aimed at the fire service personnel. There is staff assigned for Cancer Awareness / Prevention and Behavioral Health. (760) 845-6243. Related a three phase approach (1) Behavioral Change: Posters (Clean Gear, Clean Air, and Clean Body) (2) Policy Changes: Establishing operational standards for safety and wellness in daily operations and associated lifestyles. (3) Facilities upgraders such as extractors and multi sets of PPE Commitment: A sticker on helmet after committing to the programs any observed violation of “Best Practices” from the program.

Fire Department Chaplin: Has been involved with fire service in San Diego and nationally. Chaplin is a Member of “Peer Support Team” with the “firefighter’s benevolent association”. Many of “San Diego Fire & Rescue Departments” “firefighter’s benevolent association” programs were described that contribute to FF wellness needs. Contracts were developed with select mental professional services to provide needed assistance to Fire-Rescue family (includes lifeguards, fire, ems).

Notes from Jeff Dill’s presentation:

Jeff related the problem of FF Suicide and the most common causes that contribute to it:

  • Marital, Family problems

  • Depression

  • Addictions

  • Medical and Health Issuers

  • PTSD

  • Financial

  • Legal Issues

San Diego Fire-Rescue – BHP:

  1. “Cultural Brainwashing” – Fire Service Inexperience

  2. 12 Steps in creating a successful Behavioral Health Program.

  3. Joint Effort – I will be a constant working alongside Capt.  Cerruto who oversees the SD program

  4. “Commend the Call” – when a call for help is received. (from employee or a co-worker / supervisor)

  5. Education will be determined based on feedback and trends and shared to us by the providers

Issues to be addressed in San Diego - BHP:

  1. Education = all members within fire-rescue Division (FF’s, Lifegaurds, Pilots, Dispatch and civilians)

  2. Resources – “Official providers” FOCUS Psy Services, Chaplin’s, Fire Fam Services (SDFRA), EAP, Private Med Insurance, PERR support group and vetted long-term facilities

  3. Family Members

  4. New Recruits

  5. Retirement -0 Current and future retirees.

  6. Policies and Guideline’s –

Data / statistics related to FF Suicide was presented (138 in 2015)

No observed differences between paid / Volunteer/ male / female / city / rural data.

Suicide by Firearms 4x other methods – statistics presented

Retiree’s vs. active employees – (36 within 1 week of resignation)

Q: Size-up: Why am I using these substances, why do have these feelings. We have to self-assess:

Warning signs:

  1. Anger

  2. Reckless Behavior

  3. Isolation

  4. Lack of personal self-confidence – job competence

  5. Sleep depravation


  1. Loss of sense of humor


  • If you look back to incidents in your career that you remember in absolute details of the incident you have some level of PTSD. A website from Phoenix FD with resources for direct access regarding Behavioral Health needs.

Sleep disorders program (from Harvard) is available for around $40,000 / agency. They send a “Train the Trainer” team out to teach your agency about sleep disorders. Those who’ve used the service highly recommend the program. Contact Kurtis with SD Fire-Rescue.

Discussion on the current state of affairs regarding mental health / suicide issues in the fire service. Recent experiences with various departments who’ve experienced suicide in their agency(s).

Additional information from local SD Fire – Rescue resources was provided: FOCUS Psychologist, Chaplin.



Jeff Wilkerson – Camp Pendleton (Retired) -Great job SDF-R on the wellness issue

Jim Marugg - San Miguel Fire & Rescue Dept. – Related the green sheet report on an incident where a FF was contaminated with human waste at a homeless encampment. Related the particulars of his injury from a chemical burn / reaction to chemical contaminates. Policy changes include (1) No overhaul at night, (2) had to toss about $1,000 in PPE plus hose due to contamination. (3) All homeless encampments are considered a HazMat location.

Steve Hoyle – OCFA (Retired) – CA Fire museum

Adam Brandos LAFD – Attending for first time

Scott Quinn BC LAFD – “National” Mayday report is out, FF Memorial Ceremony held last week

Sebastion – Fillmore NTR

North Co FD and Peer Councilors being used for several local agencies

Ventura – Running Academies, many resources are out.

Michelle Trout – Lion –Related lots of new products for PPE / Uniform needs.

John Fisher SD Fire and Rescue – Wildland Committee – Finishing a PPE Survey for 1977 gear.

David Bogg – Psychological “ FOCUS” program.

BullEx – Live and Visual displays.

Henry SD City – NTA

Frank Uram - Qualtel – Liked the topic, related the experience in today’s military.

MES – Covers SD County. Has new dual compliant work pant available.

David Molinatti  – Industrial Scientific -  Related new equip and services available to first responders.

Mario Marion – Streamlight , related new products avail

Scott Estrada – FIRE ETC. – Related they supply SD F-R, SoCal FPE – cleans PPE to meet 1851 standard

Emily Stubbs - Solutions Safety – Business development for Solutions Safety

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety – Long way since 19XX in the development of PPE selection, care and maintenance

Louie Garcia – Western States Fire Equipment – Related an attempted suicide event within his department.

Tracy Rabe – Linegear Fire & Rescue Equipment – Related equipment and support services available through Linegear.  

Kirk Owen – Veridian -  Liked the presentation, topic today. Thanked the presenter.

Larry Asst. Fire Marshall SD F-R – Related the importance of these types of employee support systems / programs.

Tom Martin – Has shelty gloves that meet the new NFPA standards. (Note new email address)

Rob Hoadley – Cardiac Science – First Meeting with SAFER, Vender of fully automatic AED’s and EMS AED’s

Ed Shabaro – LN Curtis – Related equipment / PPE currently available through Curtis.

Bill Ward – Pump Pod USA – Related the use of the “Pump Pod” that allows Fire departments to train, test and certify fire pumps while saving large volumes of water.

Abe – AllStar Fire Equipment – Related the PPE available through AllStar. Fire Show Reno – first week of November.

John Picone BC SD F-R –Related the topic today as being timely and needed.

Mark Sheldone – Days off Consultants – related the products they manufacture / rep.

Brett Days off Consultants – Reps Red Back Shoes and wildland foot wear

Jeff Storey – Plymovent rep. Related the importance of exhaust removal and the history with San Diego Fire with Plymovent. They were the first they were able to design and build a system for

Steve Cooley – Cobra Litter – Introduced the completed version of the Cobra Rescue Litter. Related the many uses of the system, the quality and versatility of the product for fire, ems, major event support where transportation of victim’s / support equipment / fire hose / SWAT – Law.

Mike Schlags – Cobra Litter – Added the potential uses of the Cobra Litter in incidents like the Las Vegas massacre / mass casualty incidents. 

Keith Gurrola Fillmore Fire Chief (Retired Ventura County) – Related the importance of today’s topic and the myriad of employee assistance programs.

NEXT MEETING SanDimiss – US Forest Service

SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.

Meeting adjourned: 1200

Vender’s, Manufacture’s and Consultants represented at this meeting:


Meeting Attendees (Sign-ins)             


Agency / Co





Downey Fire (Retired)

Chuck Seely

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SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - August 2017 - OCFA


SAFER Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2017

SAFER Board Attendees:    President Gurrola , VP Quinn,  Wilkerson,  Seely

Orange County Fire Authority Headquarters

0930    Meeting called to order – President Gurrola welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, Thanks to ORCO Fire Authority for use of the facility and to Michelle Trout with LIONfor the morning hospitality.   

Russ Snyder Introduced A/C Dave Anderson who welcomed SAFER and related his appreciation for the group’s contribution to FF safety and health. He related the importance of today’s topic (Cancer) and how his agency has been impacted by this health problem. He added the agency just pushed out a new policy to mandate SCBA use from beginning to end at every fire. He related the “clean gear, clean air, clean body” initiative.

A/C Chief Brian Young added his appreciation for the coordination to SAFER and the venders aligned with the safety and health of today’s fire service. 

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick sent an email with his report – delivered by Scott Quinn:

1977 Standard is in public input, several issues related to “how clean is clean” to try to set a standard for cleaning.

1851 is being revised to incorporate changes that have been proposed from its public comment period.

1971 Soon to be released in the 4th quarter to incorporate changes to those parts of the PPE ensemble.  

Pres. Gurrola related he attended a PPE meeting that included a major change in PPE for ARFF personnel for “most” airports. The “silver” suits are being phased out to favor of 1971 PPE. The exception is for major airports like LAX etc. and military installations.

Moving website to Tracy Rabe, our new website manager to speed up and improve postings.

Safety and Training:

Pres related there are several shows coming up. ARFF , Cancer symposium in Phoenix is coming in September.

Wants to team up with TO’s to post various training opportunities.  

Russ introduced Jonathan Wilby - OCFA Risk Manager, who will deliver today’s program:

Program: “An Organizational Look at Cancer Awareness and Prevention”

Jonathan related his position as OCFA Risk Manager and explained his role as an advocate for agency health and safety. He related the cooperation of management and labor in the health and safety mission. He related the OCFA’s Cancer experience over the past five years.

(Insert PowerPoint here)

Changes Implemented to date:

  • Sunscreen products at every station

  • Second set of PPE

  • Structural PPE selection, care, and maintenance to meet NFPA 1851 standards

  • Rescue wipes used during post fire decontamination

  • Respiratory protection program procedure

  • SCBA use throughout suppression / overhaul

  • PAPR use throughout investigations (Cache kept on Truck Companies)

Mentioned San Diego Cities program as a model program

Changes in Process:

  • Educational component (cultural change)

  • Standardized signage restricting turnouts from living and sleeping areas

  • Post fire asbestos sampling and testing procedures

  • Ice machine contaminate assessment

  • Washer / extractors located in each battalion


Related asbestos contamination problem: PPE came back from their ISP with detectable levels of asbestos. They use LION Total Care ISP in Texas who has a proprietary process to clean PPE with asbestos. The department is using an industrial hygienist to verify test results to drive policy decisions.

Five Gas Monitors:

  1. CO

  2. VOC (look for zero VOC)

  3. O2

  4. Lower Expl limits

  5. Upper Expl limits

B/C Scott Quinn answered what LAFD is doing regarding asbestos and related all the difficulties in establishing policy for agency wide use. Related you almost need to build a flow chart to follow based on specific contaminates.

Chief Gurrola related Ventura County relies on the station extractors for cleaning contaminated gear.

Discussion on placement / appropriateness of Station Extractors vrs centralized service center based cleaning strategies.

Question: (Wilkerson) How does OCFA handle brush gear (1877 gear)?. (Russ) They currently don’t see many brush sets coming through the service center. Related some guys wash their 1977 gear in stations or even at home. Attendees related there will be cleaning requirements included in the new 1977 standard.

Jonathan related Historically the “first-in company” stayed throughout he suppression – overhaul – investigation phases. “First in – First out” to return to quarters for showers and equipment decontamination efforts is a possible policy change towards firefighter health.

Jonathan demonstrated the various promotional materials the OCFA is using in support of these program changes: stickers, posters and a video. The in-house produced video was viewed and very well received by all.

Question (Russ) Are any agencies doing an exchange program for hoods? Fresno – the B/C’s have a bag of new hoods that they distribute “on-scene” and collect  contaminated units for decontamination . LAFD relate if you need a new hood you’ll get a new hood.

Pres. Gurrola related were hoping to develop a “blog” capability to continue and expand discussions on various subjects (like FF CA) within the website.

John Price related the IAFF programs being instituted to enhance the awareness and practices designed to reduce carcinogens. He related the Firefighters Cancer Support Network efforts to reach-out to Cancer Victims for support and to all fire service personnel for education and training.

Jim Plymovent related there are numerous Attorneys representing Firefighters in exposure cases. Discussed exhaust gas removal systems and their respective differences.


Chief Gurrola – Fillmore FD -  Encourages members to report accidents / injuries to promote discussion and exchange of potential solutions.

Jeff Wilkerson - Camp Pendleton (Retired) – Reports Camp has been having fires. Ca Fire Museum is meeting with Irvine to request location

Russ Snyder OCFA – Thanks for attending, related the video was excellent and related the organization is starting a 52 man academy in Sept, another 50 thereafter, got numererous new apparatus. Related the trucks are overweight – working with committees to resolve. Second of 3 phases of “second set” PPE’s is nearing completion

Fillmorer Fire Sebaastion

Eric Higgins - Bestway Laundry – Related new hand scanner for use on extractors will be rolled out next week

B/C Scott Quinn - LAFD – Regional Safety Team is doing investigation of Kelly Wong LODD. LAFD is doing FRO training – Opioid problem is becoming a real problem – First Responders are having problems getting enough Narcan to service all the fentanyl OD’s. Additionally, personnel exposed to very small quantities of fentanyl can cause risks to their health.

Steve Hanks - Scott Safety – Reps West Coast and Hawaii – Scott has 2018 NFPA Packs are ready to ship waiting for official certification from NFPA.

Steve Harris – Plymovent

JP – Nothing to add

Louie Garcia - Western States Fire Equip – Showed new structure glove and related DPF is still an issue . Cops West is having a show in October 31-Nov 1 & 2  Palm Springs.

Kelly Witt - Workrite – Corporate was talking to fabric supplier of “Nomex” discussing the characteristics of the fabric as it relates to cleaning and performance in multi-certifications.

Sean Van Sluis - Santa Monica Fire – Enjoyed presentation, just took over the PPE role, is a member of their safety committee. Is organizing their PPE to lean towards “second set” program and will be going “single layer” for brush gear (1977). Gurrola: Should we be wearing our 1971 gear to T/C’s and risk absorption of petro-chem’s? Maybe come up with a “better Option” for simple T/C responses.

Tracy Rabe - LineGear Fire and Rescue Equipment – Been with them for 7 years, now have a catalog with gear they sell.

Tracy Is now managing our website to improve attendance and expand content and interaction. The enhancements should help both FD’s as well as member venders.

Chad Dicksins - Atwood-Prior – Reps Pelican Products

Tom Martin - Atwood-Prior – Discussed Level A, B, C PPE, has a number of products.

X Discussed the dual /Tri certification for “cover pant” as it affects our Cancer risk.

Steve Hoyle – Ca Fire Museum & Safety Learning Center – ORCO (Retired)  – Related the 1851 Standard was a direct off-shoot of the work SAFER produced. There have been updates since the original proposed standard. Museum organizers will be meeting with City of Irvine to discuss a location for the museum in the great park.

Melissa McGee / Doug Murphy – SoCal PPE - ISP “Intratech Certified” has pick-up and delivery service. They are located in San Diego near Coronado. She related the procedure to send contaminated PPE in for cleaning. 

Frank Uram - Qualatel Communications – Related the” ear pieces” on headsets / microphones get contaminated and should be replaced as some reasonable period. He relates he designs and installs radios and intercom systems in emergency vehicles.

Kirk Owens –  Veridian Fire Protective Gear (Retired Fire Chief & NFPA Committee Chair) – Related he is available to help support the group in technical matters. Discussed the asbestos issue and related the traditional approach was to dispose of anything exposed to asbestos, was interested in the cleaning procedure being used by OCFA. Related they will be releasing a hood with “Particulate Blocking” capabilities. Waiting for the updated 1971 standard. Several problems: Dual Certified, Tri-Certified – Vapor Protection feature costs you breathability and removes it from wildland certification. Related many of the Venders can provide training for agency decontamination techniques.

Robinson – Pelican Products – Relates they support many products for Fire Service. They have numerous lighting devices and power supplies for FD Use. Manufacture of numerous types of protective cases.

Keith Gurrola – Fillmore FD – Related the Fillmore FD budget has been set, their fire foundation golf tour was a success. He needs to purchase gear for 18 new recruits. Received a FEMA Safety Grant – will have three new paid Firefighter positions.

 They had a FF take his PPE in for alteration without authorization – he considers the incident a “near –miss” for his dept

** FF Memorial will be September 30th in Sacramento..

Los Osos Symposium on PPE (Vender Driven Event) was a good event with relavent information for the end users.

Santa Paula FD is merging with Ventura Co. FD. Much SPFD gear will be excess and will be available. They also have a Light / Air Trailer that will be available.

NEXT MEETING September 15th – Location and topic to be announced

San Diego – Behavioral Health – October


SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.


Vender’s, Manufacture’s and Consultants represented at this meeting:


Meeting Attendees (Sign-ins)             


Agency / Co                              NAME                               PHONE #                                  EMAIL (s)

Downey Fire (Retired)       Chuck Seely               (949) 492-7993         

Air Exchange PLYMOVENT   Steve Harris           909-973-8211      

Air Exchange PLYMOVENT     Jim Cleary          909-720-7064       

OCFA                                        Russ Snider                 714-573-6601           

Camp Pendleton(Retired)    Jeff Wilkerson         949-445-9512         

Qualatel                                   Frank Uram                 858-577-2900      

Ca fire museum & safety learning center   stevehoyle949-496-5688

Santa Monica Fire        Sean Van Sluis             949-702-3473       

OCFA                                 Jonathan Wilby         714-573-6832             

Scott Safety                   Steve Hanks                858-226-7420                

  SOCAL PPE    DOUG MURPHY/melissa MAGEE   619-993-1163    


Atwood-Prior          Tom Martin            909-264-4875                   

LION                              Michelle Trout                     480-225-1324        

LineGear Fire & Rescue Equipment      Tracy Rabe    949-230-5610        

Veridian Fire Protective Gear    Kirk Owen       712-260-3547              

MES                              Lazaro Martinez               562-320-2385             

MES                                    John Price                     562-212-6803                  

Bestway Laundry Solutions          Eric Higgins951-532-7700              

CURTIS Tools For Heros            Ed Shabro          760-250-1180              

fillmore fire poi         sebastian ramirez             805-2975214    sebastian

Fillmore Fire Dept      Keith Gurrola         805-558-0932                

SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - July 2017


SAFER Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2017

SAFER Board Attendees:   Past President Duran, VP Quinn,  Wilkerson,  Seely, Quinn, Vender Liaison Sposato

AllStar Fire Equipment

0940    Meeting called to order - Past President Tony Duran welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, Thanks to AllStar Fire Equipment Company for use of the facility and  to Lion apparel and SCOTT Breathing Apparatus for the morning / lunch hospitality.   

Tony introduced B/C Scott Quinn LAFD, who will deliver today’s program:

Program: “Drive to Survive”

Related his experiences as Safety Officer and Litigation Officer. Related the program scheduled for last month (Behavioral Health) is very relevant to present day FD’s and will be rescheduled in the future.

B/C Quinn related LAFD practices (pre-trip, licencing and operators role / responsibilities) documentation. The issue of length of operation , relief policy, drivers health and distractions while driving are frequesnt issues brought up in court cases.

A PowerPoint presentation was shown that demonstrated the myriad of characteristics that make up safe driver / operator practices.

Regional Training Authority: LAFD is doing EVOC training (Computer simulation and hands on handling) may be available to RTA members.

Typical Accident litigation takes about three years and is a nightmare for all involved.

All new apparatus are equipped with a “Black Box” that collects data on the vehicles operation.

(Insert PowerPoint Here)

Orange County Fire Authority will host the August SAFER Meeting. The topic will be “An Organizational Look at Cancer- Awareness and Prevention” presented by OCFA / Risk Manager Jonathan Wilby.

Joe: working on getting improved access to website to post meeting notifications earlier

Committee Reports:

Scott Hudson – OSHA Updates: Hemet FD Retired. New standard for silica sand exposure adopted by FED OSHA, CalOSHA to (TWA is based on 4 hour window of exposure). Emergency Ops allows for 24 hour period for RESCUE. Need Training, Policies and practices in place. Will be released for enforcement later this year.

New standards for Storage batteries (for backup systems) has a requirement for training and operational policies. 

Indoor heat illness standard being developed by CalOSHA for implementation next year.

New “phone” notification standard for CalOSHA is being planned to clarify employers requirement(s) for timely notification of industrial accidents.

Heat-Illness injury minimum fine is $17,000.

Workplace violence reporting requirement is “in effect” but not widely known by employers.

Employee Evacuation Plan – One for each “risk” identified, standard being developed

New standards for chop saws, protective shrouds / guards is being developed for industrial applications.

SRIA- Independent review of proposed standards (SB 617).

Nat Safety Council rates CA a “C” on workplace safety.

NIOSH has a heat illness app for download.

CalOSHA Increasing penalies: Minor $7,000 to $10,000, serious increases to XXXX, resulting from Fed OSHA stating that CalOSHA is too linient.

Gender Toilets: State legislation required an amount of toilets available for the workplace

Zika carrying mosquitos have been identified in 11 Counties in CA.

New forklift standards for “non-lift” positioning.

Capt. Jordan relates it’s important for a liaison to accompany employees to hospital in insure medical staff doesn’t label illness as “heat illness / injury” instead of “heat exhaustion”.

Tony related if CalOSHA conducts an investigation for a specific issue they have heads on swivel as they conduct the inspection – EVERYTHING is under scrutiny.


Rosenbauer is conducting  “electric apparatus” testing.

Vender Liaison:

Thanks to the venders for attending and contributing to the SAFER Organization.


Tony – Looking to improve web site, timely meeting notifications and enhanced content are several themes to be addressed.

Treasures Report: Tony for

$467.86 / $1,114.88 Checking

Expenses for NFPA membership and Dick Weise travel.


SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.


John Henderson Torrance

Jeff Wilkerson Camp Penaton Fire , All apparatus have cameras front, rear and inside to document apparatus operation , related seat belt enforcement and policy enforcement.

Steve Hoyle – ORCO retired, California Fire Museum.

Capt.Langer Vernon – Recently appointed as New Apparatus and Equipment Officer.

Curt Johnson – Tempest and Leader are now one company after a recent acquisition / merger.

John Price LACoFD Retired – Now MES representation, related “Attitude and Accelerator”

Jordan LACoFD –

Scott McLaren CalFIRE Riverside – Has finalized driving policy to meet modern traffic needs, added a second engine to T/C’s. CalFire Riverside has developed a check-list for traffic investigations. Agency has updated its EMS dispatching protocol’s (EMD). CalFire Riverside will be implementing a similar triage program for “Fire” responses in the future. Using code 2 response’s when appropriate to limit / reduce code 3 accidents.

Scott – Fillmore fire.

Chris Murdock – LACoFD Retired, Rio Hondo Fire Academy – Reminds that there is liability issues that can effct

Lim Clearly – Plymovent – Related he learns something at every SAFER meeting he attends. Company is doing a lot of conversions of older systems to newer product

Eric Higgins – BestWay Laundry systems – Has installed 10 systems this month.

Bill Ward – Pinical Bod – Has an order from Long Beach FD for a new upgraded POD unit that will accommodate aerial and nozzle testing needs. Water districts are interested in using their tanks (PODS) to save water when using testing

Louie Garcia Western States – Has new glove arriving, Ford Explorer’s have been identified as having a CO problem – Officers found with CO illness nationally. Found to be largely associated with modifications for Public Safety users.

Jack Koltaj - Ventura County – Crew reductions are occurring, island stations use JP5 for fuel

Russ Snider ORCO – Just graduated 24 “lateral” class, new engines,”quints” (some found to be overweight)

Tom Martin – Multi-line Manufactures Rep – Related some new HazMat app to better identify the proper PPE configuration for specific chemicals. Has new” Action Wipes”,  not a repackaging of baby wipes.  This wipe is specifically designed for active adults started in the outdoor sporting market. These wipes are designed to be used by persons “on line” for multiple days. Related they are showing a small washer for ppe. Kappler, wide range of chemical protective ppe:  The frontline 500 level A suit has a new larger non fog visor to increase visibility. A smart device app is available to generate risk assessment reports “ HazMatch”.  Turnout gear chem response overshot protects turnout gear from chemical contamination. Checkers ground level safety has hose ramps, electrical cabling ramps, wheel chocks speed bumps - Poly cribbing. Has Groves and single unit extractor 20 lbs. For turnout gear, hoods, woodland gear and are great for smaller departments and remote stations. 

Scott Hudson – Hemet Retired – City has passed a 1% tax to fund Police / Fire in the city. Has new B/C’s (1 from Grand Junction CO. ) Related the concept that code 3 driving is dangerous if you make it dangerous, but some accidents are simply unavoidable.

Davis Mul – Industrial Scientific – Related the CalOSHA “compliance” issues after an incident. He relates his job is to make sure the equipment is operating properly and to train the end user in it

Gevork Kazanchyan - LACo Risk Management – Working to implement the Workplace Violence Reporting standard. Working to define “work Place” definition (in the ambulance, in the facility etc.) and how they can comply “globally”.

Frank Orum – QualTel Communications – Discussed the various communications systems he installs / services: Headsets, wireless intercom and radio systems. 

Tony Duran LACoFD Retired – NH3 Training Institute – Teaches Industry and First Responders how to work with Anhydrous ammonia. He is planning dates for training Anaheim and Downey Fire Departments. Tony can facilitate training programs for NH3 operational training needs.

Scott Quinn – LAFD B/C – Budget approved for agency. Crews are working tons of OT, will be hiring more in the future. Related their recent LODD (Kelly Wong) and how the incident has impacted their operations. Department is cooperating with CalOSHA in the investigation to improve future firefighter safety.

Joe Sposado – AllStar – Related recent 4th place finish of the AllStar Porche in Utah. He related recent observations of people “texting” (leaving space – driving slow so as to text), (cars that drift the correct) these are people that are texting while driving. AllStar has won the contract with CalFire to supply them with SCOTT SCBA’s. They are switching from MSA SCBA’s. Particulate Hood for FF’s is now available that GORE Developed. Has particulate protection (99% effective) that is not vapor barrier. (see GORE online).Joe recommends writing your name on the front of the hood to insure proper donning pro-8cedures.


Vender’s, Manufacture’s and Consultants represented at this meeting:


Meeting Attendees (Sign-ins)             

Agency / Co        NAME            PHONE #       EMAIL (s)

Downey Fire (Retired)   Chuck Seely(949) 492-7993

c alifornia fire museumsteve hoyle    9494965688


Camp Pendleton Fire ret.  Jeff Wilkerson 949-830-087

Quala-Tel Communications Frank Uram858-577-2900

ASTI   Tony Duran   626-590-2991

Hemet Fire Dept. Ret.  Scott Hudson951-694-2591

VERNON Fire   Mike Langer    951-775-2058

Torrance Fire   Jon Henderson   310-977-5619

Western States Fire EqupLouie Garcia213-272-5680

Leader Emergency VehiclesGeoff Maze626-377-2931

MESJohn Price   562-212-68703

Atwood-Prior Inc    Tom Martin   909-264-4875

Safety ComponentsBill Black858-243-4371

LA County Fire RetiredChris Marangakis562-553-2619

Tempest / Leader   Curt Johnson   559269-7773

LA County CEO Risk ManagementGevork Kazanchyan 213.351.6408

Fed Fire Ventura CountyJack Koltaj805-989-7043