SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - January 2019

SAFER 18 January 2019


DICK Weise opened meeting with announcements housekeeping. Snacks in the back. Lunch for $4

Dick led pledge of allegiance.

Scott Quinn welcomed everyone and started business meeting. Welcome to 2019


Treasurer: Five member renewals and one new member last month.  2019 dues are due.  Treasurer keeps record of when you last paid for actual one year or can pay in January to ease bookkeeping

NFPA:  NFPA meeting for wildland apparel next month. Lots of things to be discussed including contamination.  Also looking at fire shelters, need performance criteria and test methods.  New shelters provide a few more seconds of protection.  These improvements require updated wear and maintenance recommendations.  Helmets also to be discussed.  Some departments still wearing non-NFPA compliant helmets.  SB 2146 is trying to address selection for care and maintenance of structural and wildland PPE.  Hoods also being looked at and, finally integration of equipment to lighten the FF load and make more cohesiveness with all equipment for better function

Trying to reduce cancer, addressing respiratory care.

Apparatus:  VCFD reported Apparatus Report – January 2019 re: issue of corrosion in vehicles.  US Federal Highway Administration and NACE (leading authority on education and training on corrosion) estimates the cost of corrosion to be a staggering $276 billion issue.  Fire apparatus are not immune.

                New Apparatus actions: Manufacturers are sifting to alternative coatings and new materials, such as using composites for vehicle bodies and water tanks. Isolating dissimilar metals and galvanizing through engineering and assembly of parts. When specifying new apparatus, ask manufacturers about their use of anticorrosive materials. (Reference: 2018, Fire Apparatus and Emergency Equipment).


OSHA:   Corruption within the organization.  Hiring for vacancies. 

TECHNOLOGY: FIREHOUSE WORLD in LA Convention Center March as close to FDIC on the west coast. Lots of technical people to talk to us.  Exhibits free – passes not yet available but will be.  Get free passes from SAFER vendors when available. Register online before the event.


-          Scott opened a brief roundtable prior to presentation to prevent the problem of members leaving immediately after the presentation and not hearing about the vendor information


Bonita Beeman – MARKEN PPE new location of n Corona DOING WEL

Decontamination wipes of carcinogens HEOR Wipes/Diamond Wipes. Also EMS wipes for EMS issues.

MES – running a TICs promo buy 5 cameras get one free

Wade White – Fleet mgr for LACoFD

Jim Roth – Storm King Mtn Tech – thanks to SAFER for support.  Fire shelters and fire curtains for apparatus

Scott Hudson – Hemet FD retired.  3 years ago tried to contract out fire service but failed, closed some equipment and stations. All cleared up now.

Also, water safety for water district.  Use of drones, class available that talks about benefits and disadvantages of drone use. FBI Infraguard offered class.

Jason Housing = FD, PPE program

Brian Heath, VCFD, DC Gardner accepted promotion, chief spaces available. Looking for new people.  40 person academy coming up.

Shane Miller – Cal fire- riverside. 12 CADEMIES scheduled.  Retention issues.

Kelly Sisson CAPSTONE Fire business development team

David Molinatti – gas detection.  IS able to monitor five different monitors in real time.  Jim Evans asked if they had a meter that can detect off gassing after PPE has been washed.  Different technology for that operation.

Russ Snider, OCFD, academy starting next month 50 people

Gabe Sayegh, Allstar – new boots from HAIX and Thorogood

Steve – Scott new thermal imager 3-4 different models available. Hot & cold spot tracker.  All items available for testing

Steve Cooley – Cobra litter.  Next month may have demos that can be left with departments for testing. Bullet resistant Cobra soft litter tactical version

Amor Express – vendor for ballistic equipment for first responders. New designs have been adapted for use in the field.


Bill Ward- PumpPodUSA – helo-pod new unit 7k dip tank available.

Louie Garcia – VVG – samples of PPE looking for T&E departments to test

Tracy Rabe – Liongear – couple different new boots from WHITES.  One never been seen before.

Keith Gurrola – Fillmore FD – VCFD went on grant for research for respiratory protection for wildland.  Offered to several VC departments to test but available shields not the best.  Hoping to force the issue to develop a better mask.  This is what SAFER is all about directing research and development for needed safety equipment.  Rob Szczepanek is setting up a meeting in Las Vegas, about 90% there.  Hopefully in March.   Fillmore locally is looking for ballistic ensembles to improve active shooter response.  Also looking for swift water rescue equipment.

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety – met in Australia and NZ meeting 10 departments introducing NFPA 1851 issues.  SAFER known/mentioned in that meeting (our reputation). SS developed a lot of SOPs for gross decon of PPE. Many departments are doing on-scene cleaning

Jordan Evans – SS – continuing to work on SOPs for gross/onscene decon of PPE.  Citrus Squeeze helps increase the degreasing/decon of PPE.  Using detergent helps increase the cleaning of the garmentSC-14 for tools and equipment.

Dick Weise added the questions being discussed of “How clean is clean?” we’re not getting PPE 100% clean, remaining contaminants are affecting the garments and its performance. SCNBAs off-gassing

Jim Cleary – Plymovent vehicle exhaust systems – early on the work was to convince departments to use an exhaust system.  Now an accepted process and many calls to ensure proper maintenance of systems in place.  All of LAFD converted, most of OCFA, working with many departments.

Kelly Witt – Dupont – stop by booth for new items.  Nomex nano thermal liner, Improved abilities and quicker drying.  Dupont working closely with Miliken in early stages fro …

Mark Schroeder – LAFD – IOD injuries. Medical liaison. Over 3.8 milion in medical costs



“Wildfire Mitigation, Safety & Grid Resiliency”

Scott Brown, SCE, Fire Safety Manager in Wildland Fire over 30 years’ experience.

POWERLINE SAFETY VIDEO available for attendees.  Al direct impact of electrical issues for first responders.  Safety handout for all fire apparatus. Available.

All journeyman has the sole authority to such down lines for the safety of the public.


Vendor visits, meeting adjourned at 12:00 as members retreated for lunch served by Camp 2 kitchen staff.


Next meeting: Newport Beach, February 15, 2019