SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - February 2019 - Newport Beach FD

SAFER Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2019

SAFER Board Attendees: President Quinn ,Past President Gurrola, Seely , Tracy Rabe   

Newport Beach Fire Department – Marina Park Community Center

1600 West Balboa Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA  92663

0940    Meeting called to order – SAFER President Quinn, welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, introduced B/C Justin Carr who led the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

**Thanks to Line-Gear  for morning hospitality.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – No report at this time. Jim Evans - AB-2146 is working its way through Sacramento. Adapts portions of NFPA 1851 (Cleaning, maintenance, repairs) will be phased in over a few years. (All gear must be NFPA certified equipment will be enforced by CalOSHA). Quinn related the headache CalOSHA investigations

Chief NFPA 1851 2020 Edition – will be issued in August 2019. Some changes to cleaning standard. NFPA 1877 is one to two years out for Wildland PPE.

Cal-OSHA –  Scott Hudson (via email): Nothing to report

Vender Liaison – FH World will be in LA City March 24-28, 2019 at the Downtown Convention Center.  Reno November 6,7 & 8, 2018. FREE pass –Enter AllStar for a free pass to

Safety and Training:


Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn

Treasurer – Tony Duran (Via email to board members) Savings and Checking was reported to Board Members (Not posted herein for privacy / security reasons)

Communications – Tracy / Tony: Please “sign-in” to receive emails and be included on meeting minutes. 






SAFER Meeting Program(s):

Wildland Exposure Risks & Valley Fever

Presented by: EMS Chief Kristin Thompson – Newport Beach Fire Dept.

B/C Carr related Chief Thompsons background and related her current responsibilities before introducing her as our program presenter.

Chemical Exposures on the Fireground

Insert PP Here


Paul Laker - Workrite – Has new dual compliant PPE,.

Chief Tony Pighitti -  Santa Barbara City

Steve Hanks – SCOTT Safety - New pro airpack out, will comply with new SCBA NFPa

B/C Barry Owens Cal Fire Riverside – Available to assist with other agencies.

Brent Nunez - Torrance Fire – Developing a CA prevention policy. NH3 ongoing today (Tony Duran)

Sabastian – Fillmore Fire :

Keith Gurrola – Fillmore Fire : 3 new paid firefighters added to roster, (6-7 persons a day) Will be hiring- FF-1 & EMT-1 required. Looking for type 3 units

Kelly Whitt - DuPont – Working on Nomex with new liner with less weight. DuPont wants to support FF with

Tracy Rabe – Linegear : Has new catalog of product line.

Gail Mills – Mills Custom Art: Has array of professional poster depicting career highlights and professional gear.

Jeremy Verderber -  (Retired Corona B/C) – Now Merkan Rep – Open to tour facilities at Merkan PPE ISP here in Corona.

Tom Martain – Responded Solutions: Black Diamond, Night Stick, Shelby, Lakeland Fire, Gerber, Nupla products reversible high visibility jackets, many other products related to emergency operations.

Eric Higgins – BestWay Laundry solutions: new FireLink software to allow scanning individual PPE elements for recording keeping.

Scott Estrada FIREETC –San Diego: They stock all fireground equipment and Class A foam inventory. Has Citrosqueeze

Bill Ward – PumpPod USA : giving demonstrations to numerous fire service agencies of their pump training / testing units as well as water source units for refilling helicopters.  (HeloPod) Will be at Cal Chiefs meeting next Thursday to show their units

Next Meeting: Clark County Fire Department in March – Topic Shooting


Chief Gurrola – Fillmore Fire – No isues with equipment

Tony – Santa Ba Fire

Brandon Neilson – Ventura City

Ventura City – Getting three new apparatus, new web-sets fron Line-Gear, Had a CalOSHA heat-illness policy issue.

B/C Carr – Newport Beach, Has begun using “Hot-Shield” product for wildland particulate filtering

Eric Higgins – Bestway Laundry Solutions- Related their new software (FireLink) to scan gear for maintenance of PPE.

Jim Evans – Discussed status of 1851 adoption as a national standard for Selection, Care and Maintenance of firefighter PPE in California.

Hector Garcis Ventura County Fire – is participating in a multi-agency grant for SCBA. Completing study

Jordan Evans – Solutions Safety – Focusing on gross decon methods / procedures.

Swede Rescue Systems – Solo Rescue – Has equipment to decontaminate SCBA components

Hostin in two months

Kelly – Capstone – Will be hosting in April

Newport Beach Fire Depart. –

Kieth Henderberg – NBFD –

Matt – NBFD – First timer

Scott – NPFD – Looking for

Kelly Whitt - DuPont – Related new products avail from Dupont

Rochille - Workrite Uniforms – Is working to fulfill backorders

Pual – WorkRite – Related the sales rep district they are using. Has samples of various PPE / Enseble componemts

Lazaro Martinez – IDEX Fire & Safety  – Has products to support various lines associated with fire apparatus. Rep’s HALE equipment

Russ Snider – OCFA – Has new classes starting Monday, 10 new apparatus

Steve Hanks – 3M Fire Safety – New SCBA standards will be in effect September 2019.

Chief Kristin Thompson – NBFD – A registered nurse, Safety, PPE Committee member. NBFD has a new rehab trailer with equipment for on-scene support needs.

Adrerial Mesa – Torrance FD – New extractor and PPE decon policy. Is at a Wildland Station and works to develop Wildland capabilities.

Chuck Spencer – Air Bandit Filters – Has a line of wildland respiratory protective devices.  

Jeff - AllStar Fire Equipment –

Safety Components – Fabric Mill who supplies materials to SCOTT Airpacks and thermal liners that many manufactures use for Structural PPE and Wildland PPE. Also makes products of the military. CalFire is now using their uniform

Brett – Foxfire Lighting – Will be at

Mike McBride – FoxFire Lighting – Has a light system to support many on-scene needs.

Ed Vella – 3m – Promotes various PPE products for the fire service. N-95 filters

Bill Ward – PumpPod USA – Manufacture of  Helo pod, and pump pod units. Related the various models / uses their units  are used for. Related their recent sales

Davis Molinarti – Related his experience with gas detection / CalOSHA Compliance issues. Related has product lines and the unique capabilities they can offer.

Tracy – LineGear – Located in Orange County – Focus’s on Wildland PPE / Gear.

Kirk Owen – Veridian – Provides gear / support of PPE and related ensemble components

Xxx - Hot Shield – Thanked NBFD for choosing his Hot-Shield product. Related the backround on the development of the Hot-Shield product for Wildland uses.  Offers information.

Jake Sherwin – HeroWipes – Related the performance statistics of their cleaning wipes. Fire wipes / EMS Wipes were discussed.

 ISP - Marken PPE – Related their companies services and

Jerry Marken PPE ISP –

B/C Quinn – Related the “near-miss” report on a recent burn-over of LAFD crew assigned to Mendocino Complex fire. Suggested everybody should read to fully appreciate the value of PPE worn correctly. The report was completed by a US Forestry Staff.