SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - October 2018

SAFER Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees: Vice President Weise , Wilkerson, Seely , Tracy Rabe   

Carlsbad Fire Department

0941    Meeting called to order – President Quinn, welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, introduced A/C Lopez who led the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

** Thanks to SCOTT Safety  for morning hospitality.

**Thanks to Michele Trout - “Lion Manufacturing” for Pizza Lunch.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – Absent today

Cal-OSHA – Scott Hudson – Absent today

Vender Liaison – FH World will be in LA City March 24-28, 2019 at the Downtown Convention Center.  Reno November 6,7 & 8, 2018.

Safety and Training: B/C White (LAFD Logistics Section) – Related the FF Cancer Issue and his personal experiences. He is relating the value Cancer Registry Act of 2018 (Chris Collins sponsored) – recently signed into law by the president. He related the efforts to take preventative measures LAFD is taking to reduce the incidents of CA within the agency:

  • No PPE in Quarters, no contaminated gear to subsequent calls.

  • Two sets of PPE to allow for cleaning

  • Cleaning / maintenance of soiled PPE  (Extractors and ISP servicers)

  • Gross decon in-field / on-scene with cleaning pads

  • Overhall done on tank air

Changing the culture begins in the training tower. NFPA 1851 is on track to become law in California. Mary Murphy related the importance of maintaining a record of your exposures over your career should a CA occurs. The National Registry will consolidate data at the national level.

Apparatus:  No report

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – Tony Duran (Via email to board members) Savings and Checking was reported to Board Members (Not posted herein for privacy / security reasons)

Communications – Tracy / Tony: Please “sign-in” to receive emails and be included on meeting minutes. 




SAFER Meeting Program(s):

Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens Update

Presented by: Mary Murphy BSN – Carlsbad Fire Department EMS Manager

PowerPoint Insert:


Designated Infection Control Officer is an CalOSHA requirement

Written Policies and Procedures

Blood borne ; Hepatitis B & C, HIV, 

Airborne : Measles, TB, Chickenpox

Lack of Vaccination & Air Travel are leading causes of increasing disease spread.

Droplet : Diptheria, Influenza

Meningitis, Mump, Pertussis,  

Airborne Diseases (Factors to consider):

  • Organism

  • Transport Time

  • Task / Procedure Performed

  • Ventilation

  • Distance

Protective measures:




Round Table:

Steve Hoyle CA Fire Museum – Take equipment donations – will give tax deductions, wants brass coupled double Dacron / cotton lined layered fire hose for use on static displays.  

Dave Molinatti – Industrial Scientific – Discussed battery off-gases around electric cars and back-up battery systems in solar systems. Hydrogen sensors will likely react to the presence of battery Hydrogen.

Lisa Rameriz – MES - Thermal imaging camera that is small, waterproof around $600.

B/C White LAFD – Getting replacement apparatus through funding sources. Has spec’s if anyone needs spec’s.

Joe Vicinte – Central Valley Fire – First SAFER meeting

Russel Ames – Source One – Products include an array of decon products (wipes, soaps, surface cleaning materials)

Art Camarena -San Miguel Fire – Handles logistics for SMFD.

Josh Krimston – Bonita Fire – PPE manager

Jay Wojnowski -Harland Fire and Rescue – B/C in charge od EMS and Safety programs. Related his experience with improving ff health and safety and his agencies efforts to improve H & S

John Hunter – Swede Rescue Systems – Inventor of Fire Containers, New device “Solar System” to clean PPE and equipment. Relates the swedes are way ahead on CA prevention measures.

Jeremy Verderber – Corona FD (Retired); Works with Marken ISP in Corona.

Kirk Owen – Plano TX FD (Retired): works for fire Veridian equipment, has glove product that was highly rated in testing in Texas.

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety – Related his experience with NFPA 1851 Standard development. Markets Citro-Squeze cleaning PPE. Discussed new Clorox solution for use in decontamination procedures.

Eric Higgins – BestWay Laundry Solutions – Related they set up extractors / laundering systems in FD’s, related they now have software to track SCAM of PPE elements.

Jeff Storey – PlyMoVent – Discussed article on diesel exhaust and the statistics on CA and the effect on personnel. Advises everyone to “connect the system” instead of coasting in to apparatus bays.

Mark Shelton : Days off Consultants –

Mike McBride – FoxFire Lighting – Related the importance of CA prevention. Discussed the companies lighting solution products.

Jordan Evans – Solutions Safety – Working on videos for “gross cleaning”.

Scott Estrada – Fire Etc .- Has contract for wildland gear for SD County, is and ISP with a 7 day turn-around , 7 days a week.

Bill Ward – Pump-Pod USA – SB 555 Water agencies must account for all un-reported water to the state.

-Discussed the HeloPod : 7K gallons movable tank for remote water source for helicopters

Bill Smodio – MES – Has contracts with SD County for compressors.

Tracy Rabe – Linegear : Has new catalog of product lines. Is working with several FD’s to complete equipment / gear orders.

Steve Hanks – SCOTT – Is shipping the SP PRO Airpacks (Meets current standards, not the “buddy Breathing” connection as this standard is being developed in NFPA comittee.

Gabe Sayegh - AllStar Fire Equipment – Showed new LION PPE, discussed the company’s products and upcoming conference in LA.  

Tom Martin – Solutions – Markets Gerber, Lakeland Fire – working on a non-fire response ensemble to limit the exposure to 1972 PPE. Discussed the SAFER Organization advantages.

Bill Black – Safety Components – Discussed the agencies using their fabrics being used by PPE manufactures. Related the new “Sigma” fabric (7 oz. for wildland PPE) originally a fabric used by military applications. Several colors are being offered: Yellow, Tan and Orange for prison crews. Relates the coloring is within the “fiber” not just dyed.

Scott Quinn – B/C LAFD – Discussed a recent “near miss” incident where a couple of FF’s partially fell through a roof. Related the PPE is the reason they’re not having funerals / retirements on the two members.


Next Meeting: Scheduled in Newport Beach – CANCELLED due to extreme deployments to wildfires throughout the state.

Meeting Adjourned: 1230