SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - June 2019

SAFER Meeting Minutes

June 21, 2019

SAFER Board Attendees:  President Quinn,VP Weise, Seely, Vendor Liaison Sposato,   

LAFD Hotchkin Memorial Training Center

0950    Meeting called to order – President Quinn, welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting with the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.  Scott related some features of the Training Centers “Simulations Lab” to those visiting. He related his experience in accident investigations and after action report development.

Thanks to Kelly Whitt – (Dupont) for morning hospitality.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – Meeting in Quincy next week, San Antonio meeting gives the ISP’s a two year certification cycle. Wildland: Respiratory Protection (1983 & 1984 Std’s) will be addressed in the near future.

Cal-OSHA – Nothing to add.

Vender Liaison – Joe Sposato - LA Fire Show was poorly attended. The 2020 show will be moved to Las Vegas but is open to moving it elsewhere in the Western region in the future. Venders have been doing good this year, related September 3rd, 2019 is the last day a 2013 SCBA can ship – after that all SCBA’s must be 2018 specification(s).

Apparatus – No report at this time.

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – New year, please pay your annual dues. Account balances were discussed but not documented herein.

Communications – Tracy / Tony:


Program: After Action Review and Serious Incident Investigation

Presented by Captain II Kenneth Cook

When “Right” doesn’t go right, how do you investigate and memorialize the event.

Key Points: (abbreviated from PP Presentation):

Notebook provided included:

  1. Sample Green Sheet

  2. LAFD Departmental Bulletin – After Action Review Policy and Procedures

  3. LAFD Standard Operating Procedures – “After Action Review”

  4. LAFD – Blue Sheet (LFD D-8R Rollover)

  5. LAFD – Green Sheet (Roscoe Incident)

  6. LAFD – SIRT Guidance for Monrovia Fire and Rescue – Chestnut Fire

Attendees were surveyed for agency / company roles that might intersect with the topic.

Discussion on the evolution of LAFD’s “After Action Review” process. The AAR’s used by the military was reviewed as a model for the LAFD AAR Policy.

Process should:

  • Influence agencies to develop similar policies

  • Transparecy of the evolution of the present AAR policies.

  • Educate  

What are the key questions?

  1. What was planned?

  2. What actually happened?

  3. Why did it happen?

  4. What can we do to prevent future incidents?


Challenges, Successes and Failures = Lessons learned

The policy document was reviewed and key components discussed in Captain Cooks’ presentation.

“Curriculum Delivery Model”, a sample video was reviewed covering AAR’s (“What does “Right” look like?) and was developed for use by the Los Angeles Area  Regional Training Group.

Purpose of the AAR is to improve future operations by reviewing key incident components: plans, actions and outcomes, “A culture of improvement”.

  • Serious Incident Review Teams – SIRT’s

Several incidents the LAFD has experienced were identified with the intent of demonstrating the risks all agencies may shoulder.

Serious Incident:

  • Inpatient admission to a hospital

  • Near-Miss – a occurrence that

  • Fatality


  • Initial Notification

  • Subsequent Notification

  • Initiate Team

CalOSHA Title 8


  • Provide an overview with factual information to eliminate false rumors.

  • Identify / mitigate safety hazards or concerns


Safety Unit Products in AAR process:

  • Blue Sheets - With 3 days

  • Green Sheets – Within 30 days

  • SIRT Final Report -

  • Confidential Working Recommendations Report

  • Safety Stand Down – From FC, goes across agency.


  • All documents MUST REMAIN in DRAFT form to remain non- discoverable

Things to know:

  • Professional , critical thinkers, open minded

  • Extremely confidential, non-punitive

  • Work with other investigative bodies

  • Incidents are highly emotional, highly critized, avoid confect of interest

  • Unbiased report, make recommendations

  • Don’t jump the gun release preliminary information.

Video shown: 1700 Soto Street where an LAFD FF went through roof.

Psychologists want to conduct CIS debriefing asap, AAR interviews should be conduct first.

SIRT Positions:

  • Team Leader

  • Lead Investigator

  • Safety Representative

  • Training Representative

  • Labor Representative

  • Documentation Specialist

  • Technical Specialist

Scene Considerations:

  • Report to IC or Management Team for a debrief on the incident

  • Liaison with any other investigative bodies.

  • Ensure scene safety

  • Approach the scene methodically

  • Control the incident site

  • Start the photograph process and collection of evidence immediately

Interview Considerations (see Monrovia doc in booklet)

  • Team Leader and Lead Investigator shoule be at every interview

  • Labor Rep should assist with scheduling

“Facilitated  Learning Analysis” Tells a story about the thoughts of the members and their actual accounts of the events. (Mendocino Complex Burn Over)


Deliberation Consideration’s:

  • Reconvene the SIRT

  • Et al


Joe AllStar: Has new hoods with particulate filter, Barrier. Recommends visiting Normandy

Jim – Citro-squeeze – Has had calls regarding “on-scene” mitigation as compared to PPE cleaning after an exposure.

NFPA 2018 standard will shipping September, after September 3rd you won’t be able to get 2013 SCBA’s. The new buddy breather connection will not connect to older SCBA’s. Compatibility can be made with an adapter soon.

Kirk Owens - Veridean – Has two hoods with separate fabric make-ups for immediate delivery

Tracy –  Line Gear - Related product line(s) and availability of catalog.

Steve Colley – Related a SAFER meeting many years ago where LAFD had PPE from a near-miss incident. Cobra litter has recent order with Kern County.  

Melisa – HAIX -


Richard Wiese LACoFD – NFPA Committees will be meeting to enhance

Laz – IDEX – SAM – Simplified Apparatus Management device to operate , Lunch at 11-2:00 PM on July 1 at AllStar Fire Equipment. 

Jeff – Kapler Protective Hazmat suits. Specific PPE for white powdery substances (ei fentanyl etc.)

Christina – Hero Wipes – Sells wipes for decontamination. Has product that decontaminates bio / ems materials.

Jordan  Evans – Solutions Safety / Citro-squezze – encourages on-line questions and dialog about use of their product . Next Run for mental health issues,.

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety / Citro-squzze – Thanks to LAFD for hosting and the presentation on UAV’s. Encourages gross decon and subsequent on-scene and station PPE decontamination programs. Suggests purchasing PPE extractors that are proven effective to insure carcinogins etc are

Scott Ramirez – Fillmore Fire.


            Elsegundo Fire July Meeting