SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - January 2018


SAFER Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees:  Past President Duran , President Quinn, VP Wiese  Wilkerson, Seely, Past President Gurrola, Szczepanek , Vendor Liaison Sposato   

Vernon Fire Department Station 1 - Training Center

Vernon FD Live Fire Training Facility

Vernon FD Live Fire Training Facility


0935    Meeting called to order – President Quinn, Fire Chief Bruce English welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting  relating some unique features and the history of the Vernon Fire Department. He related the importance of “safety” issues in this highly industrial city. He revealed the department will be losing about 40% of his personnel in the next few years which is a significant “Safety Issue” for the agency.  Thanks to Vernon Fire Department for hosting the January Meeting of SAFER, use of the facility and continental breakfast / coffee hospitality.  

Past President Duran related the recent improvements to the website and the move towards a new sign-in process.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – The NFPA 1851 Committee met in LA last week. He related the importance of top quality PPE as seen in the recent fire experiences in Southern California.

New “Wildland” PPE (NFPA 1877) coming soon. Best practices for SCAM. Discussed each article of the ensemble must be laundered / inspected at least once a year.NFPA 1877 Committee will be meeting in Roleihle, NC later this year.

Helmets must be cleaned, liners removed and cleaned or replaced as need to remove toxins from the unit. Gloves cleaning and standards of cleanliness are being looked at for future 1851 standards.

“How clean is Clean?” It will take years to get where we need to get to our “best practices” goals.

ISP requirements were discussed

CalOSHA –  No committee report available.

Vender Liaison – Firehouse world first week in March in San Diego (Last time in San Diego). Apparatus – Ventura County related their experience in vehicle maintenance areas at the recent Thomas Fire Incident. They had a number of plastic air-line “burn trough’s” on various apparatus after exposure to flame contact. They are placing “covers” over the lines (brake lines etc.) Cost is around $100/ rig to protect these vulnerable plastic lines which can take an apparatus out of service. Vender related they are going to offer replacement materials to replace the plastic.

Safety and Training:

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – New year, please pay your annual dues. $1837 in checking acct / $ in Savings acct.  Scott related we’d like to present a “thank-you” item to hosting agencies / presenters this year.

Communications – Tracy / Tony:

Vendor Liaison – March 5, 6 & 7 Firehouse World in San Diego. This maybe the last year in San Diego. Joe reminded everyone planning to attend to register on-line for free passes to show display floor as there will be an admission fee for those without advanced registration.  Pre-registration is free on-line, $25.00 at the door. 

*FDIC is at the end of April 27, 28 & 29 in Indianapolis.  

Next Meeting : Glendale Fire Department -  Feb 17th.

Program: “The Vernon Fire Department Training Center ”

Vernon FD Burn Training Facility

Vernon FD Burn Training Facility


**Demonstration of the new Vernon Ventilation Prop

B/C Painton took the group on a tour of the several training (HazMat, Fire Control, Flash-over room, USAR) disciplines designed into this “SHSGP” Grant prop.  

**Insert Vernon Docs Here:

Informational Outline:


•          UASI Grant

•          HSGP Grant

•          City of Vernon

13.5 Containers

•          First floor- 6 Containers

•          Second Floor- 4 containers

•          Third Floor- 3 Container

•          Fourth Floor- ½ Container to roof access

Fire Training

•          Total of 5 burn areas

•          Propane fueled props

•          (2) 500 gallon propane storage tanks

•          Meets or exceeds NFPA 1402

First Floor

•          Two burn rooms

•          One roll-over hall way

•          Haz Mat Ammonia room- Leaks to pipes and valves

•          Office area

•          Interior staircase

•          HM Storage Room- High pressure gas cylinders, 55 gallon drums, totes and rack storage

•          Ceiling access to Nance prop

Second Floor

•          One Burn Room

•          One roll-over hallway

•          Rack Storage

•          Denver Window

•          Floor/Ceiling access for Nance Prop

•          Shallow pitch ventilation prop on exterior

•          Steep pitch ventilation prop on exterior

Third Floor

•          Fire Ground Survival\SCBA Confidence Maze with moveable walls

•          Balcony area open to exterior for ladder training

•          Floor access to Nance prop

•          Empty room for future improvement

•          Interior staircase

Fourth Floor

•          ½ container for roof access

•          Interior staircase

•          Storage

Roof Deck

•          Reinforced expanded metal decking to accommodate personnel

•          Anchor points for rope rescue training

•          Removable gate for rope rescue

Window\Doors above first floor

•          Anchor points above for belay\main line rope application

Exterior Staircase

•          Stairs to roof deck

•          Platform at each entry point to all floors

•          Standpipe with outlets at each floor



Brett Nunez – Torrance Fire – Recently got approval for two new extractors with $ from a federal grant.

John Harget – Ventura City Fire – Installing air scrubbers in all facilities, has done a cleaning of all facilities.

Tony Durran – LACoFD Retired / NH3 Institute – Provides training on handling Ammonia emergencies. 

David Mol – Industrial Scientific Instruments – Offers help to all agencies

Dick Weise LACoFD - related the effects of toxic smoke of FF Health. LACoFD Is having a new selection process for new FF’s. Squad was recently stolen while left running outside an emergency call. PPE contamination is a health concern for FF’s and the public we contact and transport.  

Mike Whitney – Battalion Chief Downey Fire – RTF 2 returning from Montecito today, related extensive support of recent wildland incidents. Downey will be buying “Wildland Helmets” for members who go on active incidents. Downey is  planning to implement a “single layer” pants (two per member).DFD has  7 recruits in recruit tower, having problems getting good candidates with FF-1 & EMT-P certification to apply.

Eric Higgins – Best-Way Laundry Solutions – Will be at FireHouse World , will show Scanning / Logging software for agencies PPE tracking needs.

Russ Snider – OCFA – Related their recent academy experiences as several quit / failed / hired by another dept.

Benita Beeman - MarKen - ISP is now in Corona on Grand Blvd. Currently in Las Vegas.

Keith Gurrola – Fillmore Fire – Looking for checklists for Hoods, Gloves to solicit input from members. Looking for monitors.  Lost a monitor / defibrillator off tailboard. Door left open on rig which caused some damage.

Jordan – Fillmore Fire – On a strike team to Montecito to assist on mud / debris flow.

Scott Ramirez – Fillmore Fire.

John Price - MES / Honeywell – Thanks Chief English for hosting.

Tracy Rabe – LineGear – Has wildland equipment and is working with certification process for multiple NFPA classifications.

Frank – Communications – Related the “wind-screens” on radio microphones are a source of droplet contamination. Replacement or/or cleansing should be included in routine maintenance for employee wellness. 

Mark Shelton – Retired

Gabe – AllStar Fire Equipment – Related select Gear / Equipment currently available through AllStar Fire Equipment Company.

Bill Ward – Pump – Related uses of the pump-pod us which is on display behind Vernon Fire Station.

Joe Sposato – AllStar Fire Equipment – Related Scott is releasing a new cover for web harness that is removable for cleaning. New particulate reducing hood is being manufactured with new fabric with color-coded Inside/outside indicators. Recommended writing name on outside to better differentiate inside from outside.

Rob Mercurio – AllStar Fire – New employee, formerly from Turn-Out Maintenance Company.

Rob Szczepanek – Ventura County Fire – Related the department is recovering from the recent Thomas Fires. Will be buying two Blackhawk Helicopters, Pump Pods, Rain Gear.

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety – Related he’d used the burn rooms at TEEX and immediately sent the gear through the extractor station which the VERNON prop doesn’t require because the propane fueled prop’s represent no toxic hazard.

Jim Cleary – Plymovent – Related their system is widely used by the members of SAFER agencies. Related the AFG Grant is current open for submittals. Systems over ten years old qualify for replacement.

Louie Garcia – Western States Fire Equipment – Changing company name “  has new glove for review.

Kelly Whitt – Workrite Garments – Has been busy the last few years with single layer gear program and new NFPA certification standards.

Jordan Evans – Solutions Safety – Marketing for the company.

Fed fire Ventura County – Sent rigs to Thomas Fire and Montecito Incident.

Tom Wilson – CalFire Riverside – Dual academies running, 6 new soap pumps installed on their extractors, install HCN monitors in several stations to monitor gear. CalFire Riverside has contracted out for gas monitoring device calibration / maintenance. Had a Greensheet report for a FF burn injury during interior attack. Purchasing 50 hoods for a test batch – might use Survey Monkey to seek input from other agencies.

Steve Colley – Cobra Litters – Related capabilities of the Cobra Litter product including the characteristics of the “balloon tires” on the units as well as unique configurations for specific missions.

Scott Quinn – LAFD is opening a new hiring process, is a lengthy process. Three accident investigations currently on-going in the LAFD: (1) Façade dropped on some crew members, (2) a dozer roll-over and (3) a injury burn propane tank rupture while doing structure protection at a recent fire.

Jeff Wilkerson – Pendleton Retired – 1-800-Board-Up

Steve Hoyle – OCFA (Retired) – CA Fire museum


SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.

Meeting adjourned: 1200