SAFER Board Meeting - January 2018

SAFER Annual Board Meeting 

January 4, 2018

AllStar Fire Equipment 0900 Hours

Board Members present: Gurrola, Quinn, Duran, Wilkerson, Tracy Rabe, Weise, Sposato, Seely, Szczepanek

Scott Quinn related issues he has observed during the past year that he’d like to improve on:

·         Meeting attendance

·         Late Topic Selection (Last minute scramble)

·         Host Agency preparation / coordination


Board member selection / rotation:

The Board Make-Up was discussed, History of the positions and rotations as per the By – Laws.

Slate going forward:

·         Even Year President

·         VP Odd Year

·         Immediate Past President-

·         Secretary – Even

·         Treasurer – Odd

·         Communications – Tracy Rabe

·         Vendor Liaison -

Board Members:

·         Scott Hudson will contact – (Was contacted and wants to remain on the board)

Discussion on the scope of the “OSHA” report should be focused on fire service.

·         Rick Griggs – Replaced by Barry Owens

·         Johnny Cardenas – Replaced by Adam Grandos LAFD

·         Scott Shuster – Maybe Hosting a meeting “Route 66 Shooting”

·         Russ Snider – OCFA

·         Mike Klusyk – SBCo

·         Andy Vansciver – Santa Paula – (Declined joining the board after direct contact)


A group discussion on the board composition, depth and positions in terms of numbers concluded with the suggestion we maintain the four as stated in the by-laws (two year terms) PLUS the Vendor Liaison. Scott related board member monthly meeting attendance is important as a gauge of program commitment.  Directors must be re-affirmed every two years – should begin the process in October +/_. Terms run on a calendar year basis. Officers must be elected by the members at large per the by-laws.


Even Year Slate:

President – Nominations:

ü  Scott Quinn – 1st Dick Weise –2nd Tony Duran

                                Unanimous Aye

ü  V-P (Scott Was V-P, Vacancy for 1 Year) – Dick Weise – 1st Jeff Wilkerson, 2nd Tony Duran

                                Unanimous Aye

ü  Secretary - – Chuck Seely – 1st Quinn, 2nd Tony Duran

Unanimous Aye

ü  Vendor Liaison:         Joe Sposato – 1st Tony Duran, 2nd Seely

Ed Schabro –  (Was added to Board of Directors after direct contact by Tony)

                                Unanimous for Joe Sposato


Odd Year Slate:

·         Vice President –


Member Roster has 185 names that opened emails that Tony sent out. Keith related he believes we could build a "Master List” with a “check box” to speed up sign-ins and improve communication. Will develop an improved sign-in document for January Meeting in Vernon.

Scott Recommended we conduct an audit of membership to define who’s in and who’s out (members and vendors) and to support SAFER with annual dues.

Scott related that we will announce the “accountability programs” we’re now conducting, such as who’s attending meetings, opening their emails and who’s paid their annual membership dues.

Master Calendar on web-site

Reach out to agencies – OES, CSFA both have listings of all California Agencies.

Northern Boundary: Santa Barbara County, San Louis Obispo County


Tony updated the group on status of web-site venders (squarespace, go-daddy, stripe etc.) and explained the relationships / services each provides. Keith related the need to update signature cards for each account / subscription.

FF First Credit Union: as of 1-2-2018, checking $XXX Savings $XXX. (Amounts available on request, please contact SAFER Treasurer)

Tony related we’d be filing our Tax Returns as a “Non-Profit” Corporation for the last two years.


Meeting Schedule for 2018:

Jan – LACoFD @ Vernon FD  

Feb – Fillmore (or a bay city substitution)

March – CalFire – Ben Clark

April – San Miguel

May – Ventura County – Thomas Fire

June – LAFD – Drones?

July - AllStar

August – OCFA / No Meeting? Russ Snider

September -  PPE Symposium  - Large Venue, Working Group To Be Assigned:

                Tony, Michele Trout (Lion Uniform),

                Scott suggested combining several relevant topics:

·         SCAM (NFPA 1851)

·         Wildland PPE (Single layer)

·         Behavioral Health

·         NFPA / CPF “How Clean is Clean”

·         Plan for 200 plus

October – Carlsbad

November - SBCFD

December – SFS Fire-Rescue - Contact Haywood ASAP to ensure December



** Cast a net for a meeting at one of the beach cities: Carlsbad, Newport, Glendale, Clark County (LV)

Meeting Topics:

**PPE SCAM, CalFire Hosted, Venders put on the program in the North and it was very well received. Keith reminded the group of the huge success of the Toxic Twins symposium held at the Gene Autry Museum.


The group discussed the need for a written committee report for submittal into the minutes. A form developed by Scott Quinn was distributed for review. The forms would be distributed to committee chairs for completion prior to the meeting.


Venders -

Technology – Tracy briefed the group on her work on Facebook and Instagram (22 followers, following 63)

Apparatus – Rob Szczepanek

                What’s new in the industry? What problems have been identified in fleet(s)?

Training – Keith Gurrola:

Committee will post links / announcements about various training opportunities. “Near miss”, “Green Sheet” announcements and Accident Investigations to be referenced / announced.

Web-Site – Tony Duran / Tracy Rabe: Being improved with hyperlinks for vender websites and better flow to current information.

The “Blue Card” concept was discussed, Keith related some sort of “discussion board” could be of value, but needs to be monitored / controlled to avoid conflict of mission issues.

The Hosting Agency $$ support for hospitality was discussed. The current board authorized expenditure is set at $200 / meeting.  Tony related most agencies he’s been contacting haven’t taken us up on the offer.


Mugs / Promotional Items: Tony to contact venders of Mugs / Challenge Coins.

Meeting Adjourned:  1220 Hours

***Notes added / modified after DRAFT comments and other updates are in italics in these meeting minutes.

Submitted by Chuck Seely – SAFER Secretary