SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - December 2017

SAFER Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2017

SAFER Board Attendees:  Past President Durran , VP Quinn,  Wilkerson,  Seely

Santa Fe Springs Fire & Rescue Training Center

0935    Meeting called to order – Past President Duran welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, Thanks to Santa Fe Springs Fire – Rescue Department for hosting the December Meeting of SAFER use of the facility and hospitality and lunch.  

Past President Duran Introduced newly appointed Fire Chief Hayward who welcomed SAFER and related his appreciation for the group. He led the flag salute and recognized the FF LOD yesterday at the Thomas Fire. Chief Hayward thanked his staff members who provide the awesome hospitality today. He related the multiple missions (Fire, Rescue and Environmental Units) the Santa Fe Springs Fire & Rescue Department supports. He related the numerous charities and benefit programs they support. He related recent retirements and promotions within the department and major developments in the city.    

Tony related the recent improvements to the website.

January 4th, SAFER Board Meeting @ AllStar Fire Equipment.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise absent today, is at an NFPA  


Vender Liaison – Firehouse world first week in March in San Diego (Last time in San Diego)


Safety and Training:

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer - $468.00 in Savings, $2,000.00 in checking, new year so please pay membership dues.

Program: “The Fentanyl Crisis and the First Responders ”

SAFER VP Scott Quinn LAFD B/C introduced Capt. Brian dejong and Capt. Bob Dunivin  with the Los Angeles JHAT, a program under Homeland security.

Managing a Hazardous Materials / Terrorist Incident:

Determine (as you can) if this is a Terrorist Incident or not.

Metering equipment is extremely important

Rapid Assessment - Rapid extraction” – Rapidly assess to determine the scope of the incident, establish warm – cold zones, extract the victims ASAP

5 Steps for HazMat:

  1. Safety Situational Awareness

  2. ID The incident, problem, leak/product – Meters and other technical equipment

  3. Notify (Scene Size-up) HazMat Teams, Civil Support Teams, Law, FBI etc.

  4. Isolate and Deny Entry

  5. Victims – Rapid Assessment and Extraction

RAT – Rapid Assessment Teams – Two guys who enters the area to evaluate and structure an emergency strategy.

CSTI – Teaches the acronym: SIN (Safety Isolate Notify)

Who is the lead agency if there is a criminal nexus?

FBI has a “Twelve step for sampling” procedures.

Scott related the experience at LAX  has had with dangerous drugs being shipped through the airport. The LAFD had 10-12 calls a day for “white powder” calls after 911.

Who is responsible if there is an imminent threat to public safety? If several agencies have a role in the incident management – establish a Unified Command to insure each agencies incident objectives are met in the IAP. * Only Fire and Public Health Agencies have objectives which support the incident victims.

The speaker related the differences between “Law” and “Fire/EMS” Incident Objectives and how the differences impact tactical operations.

*Potential HazMat exposures should be checked by a HazMat Specialist (or someone with HazMat Authority) BEFORE rushing them off to an ER.

Fentanyl: Video from DEA was shown relating two agents experience in which they were accidently exposed to fentanyl found in a bag during a routine investigation.


Produced mostly in Mexico and China, Is shipped by all methods into the US for sale on the street.

40-50X stronger than street heroin – very small amounts can kill, is a transdermal drug (will absorb through skin) CarFentanyl (an animal tranquilizer) is 10,000 stronger than heroin. Drug dealers will “cut” a drug by adding fentanyl to increase his inventory – increase his profit.

2-3 mg can produce respiratory arrest, narcan Rx can be overwhelmed by doses used by users. May need additional treatments of Narcan after initial Rx.


JUNO – detects Fentanyl


Gemini –

High Pressure Gas Spectrometer – Newest ($65,00) unit that has a huge detection library

* Fire Extinguisher Powder is about the same micron size (3-5 mc) as fentanyl and can be used as a good demonstration substitute.

Grey Death : Fentanyl is blended with heroin and another systemic opioid like U-4700  to produce a grey colored drug.

Best way to develop good field procedures is to train, drill and coordinate with the myriad of agencies with responsibilities in HazMat/Terrorist incidents.

Often mixed with an opioid

*Victims – Fire/EMS has the lead, no victim – Law has the lead

Fentanyl is extremely toxic if exposed

Presenter: JHAT – Joint Hazard Assessment Team

CDC wanted everybody in level A PPE on these incidents. They tried to use FF PPE