SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - July 2017


SAFER Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2017

SAFER Board Attendees:   Past President Duran, VP Quinn,  Wilkerson,  Seely, Quinn, Vender Liaison Sposato

AllStar Fire Equipment

0940    Meeting called to order - Past President Tony Duran welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, Thanks to AllStar Fire Equipment Company for use of the facility and  to Lion apparel and SCOTT Breathing Apparatus for the morning / lunch hospitality.   

Tony introduced B/C Scott Quinn LAFD, who will deliver today’s program:

Program: “Drive to Survive”

Related his experiences as Safety Officer and Litigation Officer. Related the program scheduled for last month (Behavioral Health) is very relevant to present day FD’s and will be rescheduled in the future.

B/C Quinn related LAFD practices (pre-trip, licencing and operators role / responsibilities) documentation. The issue of length of operation , relief policy, drivers health and distractions while driving are frequesnt issues brought up in court cases.

A PowerPoint presentation was shown that demonstrated the myriad of characteristics that make up safe driver / operator practices.

Regional Training Authority: LAFD is doing EVOC training (Computer simulation and hands on handling) may be available to RTA members.

Typical Accident litigation takes about three years and is a nightmare for all involved.

All new apparatus are equipped with a “Black Box” that collects data on the vehicles operation.

(Insert PowerPoint Here)

Orange County Fire Authority will host the August SAFER Meeting. The topic will be “An Organizational Look at Cancer- Awareness and Prevention” presented by OCFA / Risk Manager Jonathan Wilby.

Joe: working on getting improved access to website to post meeting notifications earlier

Committee Reports:

Scott Hudson – OSHA Updates: Hemet FD Retired. New standard for silica sand exposure adopted by FED OSHA, CalOSHA to (TWA is based on 4 hour window of exposure). Emergency Ops allows for 24 hour period for RESCUE. Need Training, Policies and practices in place. Will be released for enforcement later this year.

New standards for Storage batteries (for backup systems) has a requirement for training and operational policies. 

Indoor heat illness standard being developed by CalOSHA for implementation next year.

New “phone” notification standard for CalOSHA is being planned to clarify employers requirement(s) for timely notification of industrial accidents.

Heat-Illness injury minimum fine is $17,000.

Workplace violence reporting requirement is “in effect” but not widely known by employers.

Employee Evacuation Plan – One for each “risk” identified, standard being developed

New standards for chop saws, protective shrouds / guards is being developed for industrial applications.

SRIA- Independent review of proposed standards (SB 617).

Nat Safety Council rates CA a “C” on workplace safety.

NIOSH has a heat illness app for download.

CalOSHA Increasing penalies: Minor $7,000 to $10,000, serious increases to XXXX, resulting from Fed OSHA stating that CalOSHA is too linient.

Gender Toilets: State legislation required an amount of toilets available for the workplace

Zika carrying mosquitos have been identified in 11 Counties in CA.

New forklift standards for “non-lift” positioning.

Capt. Jordan relates it’s important for a liaison to accompany employees to hospital in insure medical staff doesn’t label illness as “heat illness / injury” instead of “heat exhaustion”.

Tony related if CalOSHA conducts an investigation for a specific issue they have heads on swivel as they conduct the inspection – EVERYTHING is under scrutiny.


Rosenbauer is conducting  “electric apparatus” testing.

Vender Liaison:

Thanks to the venders for attending and contributing to the SAFER Organization.


Tony – Looking to improve web site, timely meeting notifications and enhanced content are several themes to be addressed.

Treasures Report: Tony for

$467.86 / $1,114.88 Checking

Expenses for NFPA membership and Dick Weise travel.


SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.


John Henderson Torrance

Jeff Wilkerson Camp Penaton Fire , All apparatus have cameras front, rear and inside to document apparatus operation , related seat belt enforcement and policy enforcement.

Steve Hoyle – ORCO retired, California Fire Museum.

Capt.Langer Vernon – Recently appointed as New Apparatus and Equipment Officer.

Curt Johnson – Tempest and Leader are now one company after a recent acquisition / merger.

John Price LACoFD Retired – Now MES representation, related “Attitude and Accelerator”

Jordan LACoFD –

Scott McLaren CalFIRE Riverside – Has finalized driving policy to meet modern traffic needs, added a second engine to T/C’s. CalFire Riverside has developed a check-list for traffic investigations. Agency has updated its EMS dispatching protocol’s (EMD). CalFire Riverside will be implementing a similar triage program for “Fire” responses in the future. Using code 2 response’s when appropriate to limit / reduce code 3 accidents.

Scott – Fillmore fire.

Chris Murdock – LACoFD Retired, Rio Hondo Fire Academy – Reminds that there is liability issues that can effct

Lim Clearly – Plymovent – Related he learns something at every SAFER meeting he attends. Company is doing a lot of conversions of older systems to newer product

Eric Higgins – BestWay Laundry systems – Has installed 10 systems this month.

Bill Ward – Pinical Bod – Has an order from Long Beach FD for a new upgraded POD unit that will accommodate aerial and nozzle testing needs. Water districts are interested in using their tanks (PODS) to save water when using testing

Louie Garcia Western States – Has new glove arriving, Ford Explorer’s have been identified as having a CO problem – Officers found with CO illness nationally. Found to be largely associated with modifications for Public Safety users.

Jack Koltaj - Ventura County – Crew reductions are occurring, island stations use JP5 for fuel

Russ Snider ORCO – Just graduated 24 “lateral” class, new engines,”quints” (some found to be overweight)

Tom Martin – Multi-line Manufactures Rep – Related some new HazMat app to better identify the proper PPE configuration for specific chemicals. Has new” Action Wipes”,  not a repackaging of baby wipes.  This wipe is specifically designed for active adults started in the outdoor sporting market. These wipes are designed to be used by persons “on line” for multiple days. Related they are showing a small washer for ppe. Kappler, wide range of chemical protective ppe:  The frontline 500 level A suit has a new larger non fog visor to increase visibility. A smart device app is available to generate risk assessment reports “ HazMatch”.  Turnout gear chem response overshot protects turnout gear from chemical contamination. Checkers ground level safety has hose ramps, electrical cabling ramps, wheel chocks speed bumps - Poly cribbing. Has Groves and single unit extractor 20 lbs. For turnout gear, hoods, woodland gear and are great for smaller departments and remote stations. 

Scott Hudson – Hemet Retired – City has passed a 1% tax to fund Police / Fire in the city. Has new B/C’s (1 from Grand Junction CO. ) Related the concept that code 3 driving is dangerous if you make it dangerous, but some accidents are simply unavoidable.

Davis Mul – Industrial Scientific – Related the CalOSHA “compliance” issues after an incident. He relates his job is to make sure the equipment is operating properly and to train the end user in it

Gevork Kazanchyan - LACo Risk Management – Working to implement the Workplace Violence Reporting standard. Working to define “work Place” definition (in the ambulance, in the facility etc.) and how they can comply “globally”.

Frank Orum – QualTel Communications – Discussed the various communications systems he installs / services: Headsets, wireless intercom and radio systems. 

Tony Duran LACoFD Retired – NH3 Training Institute – Teaches Industry and First Responders how to work with Anhydrous ammonia. He is planning dates for training Anaheim and Downey Fire Departments. Tony can facilitate training programs for NH3 operational training needs.

Scott Quinn – LAFD B/C – Budget approved for agency. Crews are working tons of OT, will be hiring more in the future. Related their recent LODD (Kelly Wong) and how the incident has impacted their operations. Department is cooperating with CalOSHA in the investigation to improve future firefighter safety.

Joe Sposado – AllStar – Related recent 4th place finish of the AllStar Porche in Utah. He related recent observations of people “texting” (leaving space – driving slow so as to text), (cars that drift the correct) these are people that are texting while driving. AllStar has won the contract with CalFire to supply them with SCOTT SCBA’s. They are switching from MSA SCBA’s. Particulate Hood for FF’s is now available that GORE Developed. Has particulate protection (99% effective) that is not vapor barrier. (see GORE online).Joe recommends writing your name on the front of the hood to insure proper donning pro-8cedures.


Vender’s, Manufacture’s and Consultants represented at this meeting:


Meeting Attendees (Sign-ins)             

Agency / Co        NAME            PHONE #       EMAIL (s)

Downey Fire (Retired)   Chuck Seely(949) 492-7993

c alifornia fire museumsteve hoyle    9494965688


Camp Pendleton Fire ret.  Jeff Wilkerson 949-830-087

Quala-Tel Communications Frank Uram858-577-2900

ASTI   Tony Duran   626-590-2991

Hemet Fire Dept. Ret.  Scott Hudson951-694-2591

VERNON Fire   Mike Langer    951-775-2058

Torrance Fire   Jon Henderson   310-977-5619

Western States Fire EqupLouie Garcia213-272-5680

Leader Emergency VehiclesGeoff Maze626-377-2931

MESJohn Price   562-212-68703

Atwood-Prior Inc    Tom Martin   909-264-4875

Safety ComponentsBill Black858-243-4371

LA County Fire RetiredChris Marangakis562-553-2619

Tempest / Leader   Curt Johnson   559269-7773

LA County CEO Risk ManagementGevork Kazanchyan 213.351.6408

Fed Fire Ventura CountyJack Koltaj805-989-7043