SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - April 2017


SAFER Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2017

SAFER Board Attendees:   Pres Gurrola, Vice Pres Weise, Quinn, Seely, Wilkerson

Santa Monica Fire Department

Santa Monica Library

0950:   Meeting called to order - President Gurrola, Fillmore Fire Chief, welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, Thanks to the City of Santa Monica for use of the facility and AllStar Fire Equipment for morning bagels and coffee.

SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.

Business Meeting:

Finance: No report at meeting, a detailed report was submitted to board via email from Past Pres Duran.


OSHA: ”Violence against first responders” reporting– Agencies must maintain a Log / Journal , (similar to a “300 Log”) beginning April 1st, 2017 of incidents involving:  (1) Member on Member, (2)Violence on  first responder from public, (3) Dog Bites.  April 2018: All members must be trained. LAFD has started a log to begin implementation.

Acceptance of NFPA standards by CalOSHA is pending “cost analysis “review by legislature as it will place burden on local government agencies. (Un-funded Mandate)

NFPA: Dick Weise – SAFER rep to 1977, (1877 Document is a SCAM doc for wildland): Committee is looking at Dozer Operator gloves, FR boot laces, “vented helmets”. Dual compliant Station-Wildland pants are out to bid for LACoFD. All helmet liners/support elements must be easily removable for proper decontamination. IAFF is pushing a Cancer Prevention program. 1971 (Structure and Proximity) updates to include systems to protect from particulates through “Hood” elements and THL standard.

“Healthy In – Healthy Out” programs are being implemented throughout the fire service.

FIRESCOPE: Chief Reyes - LAFD: Discussed the “flagging tape” colors and their meanings and the efforts underway to standardize its uses. Smoke/inhalation issues are being looked at and the desire to NOT cover other standard developers. Recommends attending “Safety Officers Conference” (3-Days), receive updates from experts and agency representatives from CalFire, aviation ops, Incident Management – Leadership. 

FDIC next week in Indianapolis.  Document # 215A updated and on website.

Apparatus: No report. One attendee related they’d experienced some LDH (4”) delaminate.

Technology: No report

Venders: FDIC Next week in Indianapolis.

“Foresters and Fire Wardens”: Pilgrim Pines (Oak Glen) May 4 &5th, 2017


  • Program: Fire Service working at Tactical Law Enforcement Incidents

Presenter: B/C Don Reyes – LAFD – Homeland Security Division & FIRESCOPE

Reference FIRESCOPE ICS 701 Document, Revised June 23, 2015 or newer

  • History : (Columbine Incident was impetus – Immediate Action Tactics developed)

  • Pre Incident Considerations

  • Initial Actions Tactical Considerations

  • Staging

  • Tactical Context

  • Working with Law/SWAT

  • Nomenclature

  • The Bid One

What is a Tactical Law Enforcement Incident?

  1. Active Shooter, Hostage Taker, Barricaded Suspect

  2. Suspect with explosives

  3. Perimeter Search

  4. MACTAC / Combat Coordinated Attack

  5. ICS 701

TEMS: Tactical Emergency Medical Support:

Section redacted

Pre-Incident Considerations:

  • Pre-Incident Relationships

  • Training:

  • FRO

  • Active Shooter


  • PPE and Equipment

  • Adapting other SOG’s

  • Other Agency needs (Public Schools, airport other “stake-holders”)

  • Public Information and Incident Messaging (Social Media)


  • Blue Force Tracking being developed for public safety

Initial Actions:

  • Confirm Incident Type

  • Co-locate with LAW OIC/IC

  • Establish Unified Command:

  • ID Hot/Warm/ Cold Zones

  • Create RTF’s

  • Request Additional Resources

  • Create Notification Area with Dispatch (to control access to incident area)

  • Communication Plan

  • Inter-Agency Communication

  • Rescue Group Supervisor

  • Med Communications

  • Med Group Supervisor

  • Fire Group

Tactical Considerations:

Section redacted


 Section redacted

Tactical Context:

Risk Assessment:

  • ID HOT/WARM/COLD zones

  • Viable Victims

  • What Can we Accomplish?


  • Primary Plan

  • Alternate Plan

  • Contingency Plan

  • Emergency Plan


Does each agency have same criteria?

Comm Plan

Interagency Communications


Working with Law/SWAT:

  • The Officer in Charge

  • Mutual Support

  • Unified Command

  • Briefing(s)

  • Medical Plan & CCP (Casualty Collection Point)

  • Force Protection

  • Fire Plan


  • Discussion on ISIS publications and the JRIC info products being distributed to Law/Fire Agencies. Push Publications are developed for reasons, not just on a time-table.  

( LAFD) Working withLAW/SWAT/TEMS:

Section redacted


Section redacted


MACTAC Considerations:

  • Tactical Areas (Notification Areas)

  • Incident Facilities Locations

  • Maximum Commitment

  • California Mutual Aid

  • Federal Assets


Meeting recessed to Vender Time at 1125

Meeting reconvened at 1145 for roundtable


Dick Weise – Predicts active fire season, drills coming up. KME Quints coming soon. Replacing many “plastic interior parts” from rigs to reduce off gassing

Weisenburg – Ventura County Fire – Class of recruits going through, need medics, 5 Rosenbowers Type 1’s, 1 Quint ordered. Next Month BBQ at SAFER meeting. Two years till next retirement

Crystal – Fillmore / Ventura Federal FF’s – Hiring six

Scott Quinn – LAFD B/C – Castro Retired last week, slowing drill towers to two per year. Has had 4” LDH separating.  LAFD had a large fire on the Vernon border in a food processing plant.

Had a kid making pipe bombs in a neighborhood. Was injured.

 LAFD responded to Murrieta Georgia FF’s accident that was fatal. The guy had just toured the fire station that responded to the incident. LAFD provided “honor guard” to the coroner, then the funeral home and finally to the airport. Provided family support to the friends / family from Georgia.

Kirk Owen – Veridian PPE – Will be at FDIC next week introducing a new generation FF Glove.

Jack K Ventura Federal FF – Looking for Chief to

Don Reyes – LAFD –

Jeff Wilkerson May 10th, Camp Pendelton Dozer School May 1, 2017, CalFIRE. 1st Week in June – Fire School.

Steve Hoyle – ORCO (Retired) – Fire Museum – Related the loss of agency history, experience

Bill Ward – Pump recovery system – Saves water while allowing real world training opportunities.

Tracy Rabe - Fire Rescue Equipment – Rep’s footwear and workrite uniforms.

Rick Holman – AllStar Fire Equipment – Will be at FDIC. Scott bought by 3-M

Louie Garcia – Western States Fire Equipment - :LaHabra Heights looking at Rosenbouer Type 1 and 3 appratus. Has a new glove to show at FDIC.

Tom Martin – Atwood-Prior , Inc. - Factory Rep’s for Pelican, others. Has Sun Block, Insect repellant, mounting brackets. Showed a new foam cartridge nozzle.

Jim Cleary – Plymovent – ORCO 61 burned, 61 on a call when they responded to their station for a reported structure fire. Contract just signed to have it rebuilt.

Eric Higgins – BestWay Laundry- Related he’d have a “Scanning Program” to track PPE laundering for 1851 compliance.

John Price – LACoFD (Retired) – MES PPE Expert

Rob Span Ventura County Fire –

Frank QualTel – Showed the wireless headset / transmitter to interface with rig radio and intercom. 

Lazaro Martinez – MES – PPE, equipment for Law and Fire Services. Has InfraRed cameras and Scope for USA

Davis A – Industrial Scientific – Related the company and the industry they service. Gas detection equipment and chemical monitoring.

Keith Gurrola – Fillmore FD – Will be hiring FF’s after current group is fully integrated. Annual Golf tournament will be June 3rd, 2017.

Vender’s, Manufacture’s and Consultants represented at this meeting:


Meeting Attendees (Sign-ins)


Agency / Co                           NAME                 PHONE #              EMAIL (s)

Downey Fire (Retired)    Chuck Seely    (949) 492-7993

c alifornia fire museum   steve hoyle       9494965688


Camp Pendleton Fire ret.  Jeff Wilkerson949-830-087

Quala-Tel Communications    Frank Uram 858 577-2900   

Los Angeles Fire Dept  Scott Quinn213-434-1380

Los Angeles County Fire Dick Weise 951-807-1914

Municipal Emergency ServicesLaz Martinez

Atwood-Prior/Pelican Products Tom Martin 909-264-4875

Louie GarciaLouie Garcia213-272-5680

Industrial ScientificDavid Molinatti714-403-1915

Torrance Fire Dept.  Tim McAtee     310-344-1490

 Santa Barbara County Fire Dept.  Michael Klusyk   805-896-6337

Ventura City Fire DeptLuis Manzano   805-256-8533

Veridian Fire Protective GearKirk Owen 712-260-3547

Fillmore Fire Department Crystal Rhoden 805-701-5891

Los Angeles Fire DepartmentDon Reyes 213359-1054

Fillmore Fire Department Keith Gurrola 8055580932

Bestway Laundry Solutions Eric higgins 18005426166

Federal Fire Ventura County Jack Koltaj 805 989-2373

LineGear Fire & Rescue Equip Tracy Rabe 949-709-8808

Pump Pod USA        Bil Ward    949-246-6999

MES                             John Price   562-212-6803

Allstar Fire Equip.    Rick Homan

Los Angeles Fire Dept     Scott Quinn213-434-1380