SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - June 2016


SAFER Meeting Minutes

June 17, 2016

SAFER Board Attendees:   President Fortman, Past President Dolan, Seely, Quinn, , Alvarado, Vender liaison Sposado

Los Angeles Fire Department

 Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center   

0930    Meeting called to order –  B/C President Fortman (Batt 13)  welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, led the flag salute and moment of silence to remember our fallen brothers and sisters in the fire, police and military. Thanks to LAFD for use of the facility and “WorkRite” Uniforms for hospitality.

SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.


  • Program: Fire Service Grants

Battalion Chief Cori Tipton – “Homeland Security Grants Section”

(213) 202-9955 Office

26 Federal Agencies with “fingers” in the Grant pool. Grants are not “free money” in that you must satisfy a myriad of requirements to receive and utilize the dollars. Over 1000 grants available in various categories. to see all grants.


UASI – “Urban Area Security Initiative”. (21 Cities in US), Regional in nature as it is assumed other local / regional agencies will be needed to assist in a terrorism incident.   

SHSGP-“ State Homeland Security Grant Program”

PSGP- “Port Security Grant Program”

AFG – Assistance to Firefighters Grant (FF Safety), Largest Grant available in LACo. (Single Layer Pant example.

SAFER – “Staffing For Adequate Fire & Emergency Response” to meet 1710 / 1720 manning standard. Pays for

FP&S – “Fire Prevention and Safety Grant”


PERFORMANCE PERIOD: Time allowed to apply for, receive and completed approved grants.

Solution Areas:


            Positions – hiring for backfill & overtime


            Must have deliverables



            Includes consumables



*PowerPoint Presentation, Check Sheets and Test parameters available from presenters upon request.



  • Business Meeting:



  • Roundtable:

Scott Quinn Capt II – LAFD : Drill tower class graduating,

John Price -

Stuart Lovi – AllStar Fire Equipment –

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety: AB 2146 is proposed law being written for California that will mandate SCBA’s, PPE standards that meet NFPA 1851. State must make the implementation of the law coincide with funding (not a un-funded mandate). Cleaning and inspection will likely be the first to be implemented as it has low or no costs.


Eric Higgins VP – BestWay Laundry Solutions –

Mark Sheldon – Oceanside FD Retired – Days-Off Products: Introduced his product representation: TIC’s, Tools etc..


Lazaro Martinez – Cascade Fire Equipment Company:


Bill Ward –



LN Curtis Fire Equipment:


Tom Langer –




  • 1200 Meeting Adjourned

  • Next Month AllStar Fire Equipment . Program:





Vender’s, Manufacture’s and Consultants represented at this meeting:


Michael Schlags – Cobra Rescue Litters


P.O. Box 1981

Buelton[CS1]  , CA 93427-1981

(805) 896-7993


Kelly Whitt – Regional Account Executive – Workrite Uniforms

(909) 289-5775 Cell

(562) 252-0155 Fax

1701 N. Lombard Street, Suite 200

Oxnard, CA 93030



Walt Dorn – Liqui-Pod

(562) 244-2205 cell

(844)766-5763 ext 104


Bill Ward – Luqui-Pod


TJ Jasper - Bestway Laundry Solutions – UniMac Sales and Service

1035 E. Third Street

Corona, CA92879

Phone (800) 542-6166 ext204


Tyson Raner – Systems Consultant –  Construction Innovations – Fire Watch Digital Communications

(855) 725-9555

(916) 502-3414

5716 Folsom Blvd Suite 155

Sacramento, CA95819

Self-Contained , Portable Fire Alarm System


Ford Davies – B&D Safety Systems Inc. (Business Development)

(916) 765-8648 Cell/text

(800) 983-3518 Central Station

Associates with: SecureWatch and FireWatch electronic monitoring units


Frank Uram- President-  Quala-Tel Communications

Tel (858) 577-2900

Fax (858) 693-4109

Toll Free (800) 442-1504

Cell (858) 945-1659

9925 Business Park Avenue- Suite A

San Diego, CA92131-1171



Louie Garcia – Western States Fire Equipment

(909) 510-4266

(213) 272-5680

13800 Valley Blvd.

Fontana, CA


Jay Terry   Terry’s Canvas

2925 Palomino Court

Ontario, CA 91761

Phone (909) 947-7998



Jim Evans – Solutions Safety


Lazaro Martinez – AllStar Fire Equipment

(626) 255-0433 Cell


Tracy Rabe – LineGear Fire & Rescue Equipment

(800) 466-7574

23121 Antonio Parkway #125

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688


Tom Ramstead – LineGear Fire & Rescue Equipment

(800) 466-7574

23121 Antonio Parkway #125

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688









Meeting Attendees (Sign-ins)

Agency / Co                                     NAME                       PHONE #                              EMAIL (s)    

Downey Fire (Retired)                Chuck Seely             (562) 824-3225            

LACFD (retired) MES                    John Price                562-212-6803                 

Straight Up Imaging             Terry Parisher      (912) 667-8990           

Qual-Tel                                           Frank Uram             800-442-1504   

Cobra Litters                                   Steve Cooley          805-377-5348          

Bestwqy Laundry Solutions       Eric Jasoer               (800)562-6166           

Cobra Litters                          Michael Schlags        808-896-7993               

Cobra Litters                     Breanna Bartolucci         805-245-1535                 

Oceanside FD(retired)/Days Off Consultants         Mark Sheldone      760-505-3473        

Western States Fire Equipment      Louie Garcia    213-272-5680   

Chistian Brothers Mechanical ServicesGavin Fenske714-515-0083               

LineGear Fire & Rescue Equipment    Tom Ramstead   949-709-8808                

LineGear Fire & Rescue Equipment    Tracy Rabe         949-709-8808     

LN Curtis and Sons            Ed Shabro     76-250-1180   

LACoFD                     Tony Duran            626-590-2991    

LAFD                        Ells Fortman            661-645-1810          

LAFDRetired         Jim Dolan                 562-400-1298                            

SC Products             Jim Evans                 770-634-0848                

OCFA                         Russ Snider             714-308-4338                

FireWatch                Ford Davies             916-765-8648             

Christian Brothers Mechanical               Bren Cohee          951-703-8985           

Liqui-Pod                  Bill Ward                  949-246-6999          

Ventura County Fire Dept    Michael Weisenberg 805-990-4326    

Los Angeles Fire Dept     Scott Quinn             213-434-1380  

Allstar Fire Equipment Inc.        Lazaro Martinez    626-255-0433           

LACoFD                     Alvin Brewer          213-700-4184        

LAFD                        John Cardenas        661-917-7019         

VCFD                Robert Szczepanek       805-914-4021      

Santa Paula Fire     Keith Gurrola          805-377-1491