SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - August 19, 2016


SAFER Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2016

SAFER Board Attendees:   Seely, Quinn

Carlsbad Fire Department

 Carlsbad Training Center   

0950    Meeting called to order – Scott Quinn introduced B/C  welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting, led the flag salute and moment of silence to remember our fallen brothers and sisters in the fire, police and military. Thanks to Carlsbad Fire Department for use of the facility and FIRE ETC for morning Snacks and coffee.

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  • Program: “Firefighter Rehab on Wildfires, Structural Firefighting Heat and Toxic Exposure”

Presenter: Mary Murphy, EMS Manger CBD

Reference links, PowerPoint available

Mary was an ER nurse for 20 years, Carlsbad FD for 8 years. Related her passion for firefighter safety – including illness / injury prevention policy development.

*Every 20 minutes of work you do your “core” temp increases 1 degree. Temp increases with each successive 20 minute period. Give frequent 1 to 3 minute breaks.

Reference: US Fire Administration – Feb 2008 – Rehab report covers 7 incident reviews.


  1. Air Temp

  2. Humidity

  3. Radiant Heat

  4. Air Movement

  5. Physical demands of work

  6. Clothing

  7. PF and body composition

  8. Psychological / Perception

  9. Medications

Signs / Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion:

  1. Pounding Headache

  2. Sudden Fatigue

  3. Etc…

Insert Video – “TED Talk” ( and Utube search “Exertional Heat Stroke” ^104 F degrees (40 C)

Rhabdomyolysis – Effects skeletal muscles, breakdown of muscle fibers resulting in widespread dispersal of waste product.

Signs / Symptoms of “Rhabdo”:


Trigger Points for “Formal Rehab”:

Has used 2 bottles of air (or 1 45-60 minute)

Monitor for Dehydration, CO, Cyanide, Hyperthermia, Heat Exhaustion / Heat Stroke

Active Cooling with submersion or wet towels



Old days: Wood, cotton, silk, wool

Now: PVC, Nylons, Polyproplyene, numerous “plastics” etc.

Fire Gases and Vapors: CO, Carbon Dioxide, HCl, Nitrous Gases, Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur Dioxide, Acrolein, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Benzene, etc..

4-Gas Monitor detects: Oxygen, HS, CO and lower Explosive limit

Co is 250 times stronger than 02 in attaching to hemoglobin

HCN is 33-35% more dangerous to oxygen carrying capability of RBC’s than CO

HS is a chemical asphyxiant and irritant

Fatalities from Heart Disease: FF = 45%, PD = 22% etc.


Increased Risks Include:

  1. Tabaco Use

  2. High Blood Pressure

  3. Obesity

  4. Cholesterol and Triglycerides

  5. Diabetes

  6. Metabolic Syndrome

  7. Lack of physical fitness

  8. Poor Diet Habits

  9. Famiy Hx

  10. Age / Gender

  11. Noise

  12. Psychological Stress

  13. Shift Work

  14. Sympathetic Activity

Reference: Oregon State “A study of Chemicals found in the overhaul phase 2011”

Lists chemicals found during overhaul phase that exceeded NIOSH and OSHA standards.

Reference: Phoenix Fire Dept.: Same results found as Oregon Study. PFD now requires SCBA protection during overhaul.

“Formaldehyde” discussed as a carcinogen found in fire gases. Thought to be a significant cause of Cancer in FF’s.

“Arsenic” discussed as a hazardous fire gas.

“Mercury” discussed as a fireground toxin. Found in many modern electronics and common household devices.

Additional fire gases discussed (see PowerPoint)

Cancer Statistics shown and discussed in the Fire Service demographic.

Reference: “FF Cancer Support Network” paper discusses the risk factors related to FF behaviors that increase the exposure to fireground carcinogens.

Two leading routes of exposure:

  • Through the lungs

  • Through the skin (dermal absorption)  




  • Break to network with venders 11:1


  • Roundtable: Cancelled  due to reduced attendance from numerous agency Wildfiredeployments.

  • 1200 Meeting Adjourned

  • Next Month Orange County Fire Authority . Program: TBA





Vender’s, Manufacture’s and Consultants represented at this meeting:


Frank Uram- President-  Quala-Tel Communications

Tel (858) 577-2900

Fax (858) 693-4109

Toll Free (800) 442-1504

Cell (858) 945-1659

9925 Business Park Avenue- Suite A

San Diego, CA92131-1171


Jim Evans – Solutions Safety


Lazaro Martinez – Cascade Fire Equipment



Tracy Rabe – LineGear Fire & Rescue Equipment

(800) 466-7574

23121 Antonio Parkway #125

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688


Charles Javer – antex Knitting Mills / Industrial Fabric Div

Manufacturers of PyroSafe Fabric

(213) 713-2347


Dave Kelaita – Regional Sales Manager – Fire, West Coast - Avon Protection Systems, Inc.

1361 Brass Mill Road, Suite F

Belcamp, MD21017

(657) 263-5507


Meeting Attendees (Sign-ins)

Agency / Co                                     NAME                       PHONE #                              EMAIL (s)    

Los Angeles Fire Dept.

John Cardenas


LineGear Fire & Rescue

Tracy Rabe


Los Angeles Fire Dept.

Robert Takeshita


Cascade Fire Equipment

Lazaro Martinez


ventura county fd

Scott Dettorre


Carlsbad fire

Chris Robinson


Carlsbad fire

Taylor Larsen


Carlsbad fire

Joseph Gallucci