SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - June 15, 2018


SAFER Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees:  Past President Duran , President Quinn, VP Wiese  Wilkerson, Seely, Szczepanek , Vendor Liaison Sposato,   

LAFD Hotchkins   Training Center

0940    Meeting called to order – President Quinn, welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting with the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. Scott relating some unique features of the Training Center to those visiting.

Past President Duran related the recent improvements to the website and the move towards a new sign-in process.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – NFPA committees are “in between revisions” on numerous standards with possible changes out for comments. Fire Shelter standards being updated with a performance as well as a test standard.

Incorporation of several capabilities into one ensemble is being looked at to reduce weight on FF’s as well as increase CA prevention. Examples: TIC’s within SCBA facemasks, axe holders built into SCBA harnesses. The issue of how test and approve such additions into current single ensemble standards / certifications is being discussed. 

New “Wildland” PPE (NFPA 1877) coming soon. Best practices for SCAM. Discussed each article of the ensemble must be laundered / inspected at least once a year.

 Helmets must be cleaned, liners removed and cleaned or replaced as need to remove toxins from the unit. Gloves cleaning and standards of cleanliness are being looked at for future 1851 standards.

“How clean is Clean?” It will take years to get where we need to get to our “best practices” goals.

Cal-OSHA –  FED-OSHA requires form 300A being submitted to CalOSHA electronically every year.  Indoor Heat Illness Draft Standard has an exemption for agencies meeting the Outdoor Heat Illness standard.   

Vender Liaison – FH World will be in LA City March 24-28, 2019 at the Downtown Convention Center.  Grants will be announced shortly for 2018. NFPA SCBA has been delayed due to “buddy breathing connection” being selected as DRAGGER, which is one of the product lines in the US. SCOTT filed a request to use their connection as the standard for Buddy Breathing Connections. Expecting the new standard to be out in 2019.

Safety and Training: Nothing reported

Apparatus: Type 6 units: Many agencies are buying type 6 units instead of sending Type 1 units to wildland incidents. Vehicle  weight has been a problem as these units are often overloaded.

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – New year, please pay your annual dues. Account balances were discussed but not documented herein.

Communications – Tracy / Tony:


Program: UAS ”Drone” use in the Fire Service

Presented by Sr Chief David Danielson(USN) and B/C Richard Fields

Key Points: (abbreviated from PP Presentation):

Chief Fields discussed the LAFD UAS (Drone) Program as a developing capability. He related LAFD FF/PM David Danielson (retired USN Master Chief) with extensive experience in the use of UAS equipment has been the technical “lead” on the Drone program. Chief Fields discussed the benefits the agency has experienced at recent incidents:

·         Program acts as a “force multiplier” allowing field commanders to better assign resources to “actual” areas with tactical needs.

·         Program enhances firefighter safety by providing accurate situation / status intelligence to incident that identifies “hot spots”, physical hazards and real time fire behavior(s). 

·         Drone can “monitor” fireground conditions saving $4,440 to $4,900 / hour compared to maned rotorcraft; vs. $10,000 to $12,000 to purchase a FLIR system equipped UAV.

·         Can be equipped with sensors and camera capabilities to support S&R, HazMat, WMD and other “high hazard” scenarios.

LAFD FF/PM David Danielson related the various requirements the department has in place to insure their use of these resource types remain “transparent” and within agency protocol:

·         COA - “Certificate of Authorization to fly” required to operate a UAV:

Blanket COA:

o   At or below 400 feet AGL and

o   5 Nautical Miles from an airport having an operating control tower or

o   3 miles from an airport having a published flight control policy

·         LAFD program operated on the basis of “you are a pilot operating an aircraft” mindset. This mindset maintains professionalism and operational standardization in the program.

·         LAFD UAV features Hi-Def zoom and an IR camera.

·         Operator / Pilot training requires 20 hours plus part 107 cert. as well as other materials / studies to operate the LAFD Drone(s). UAV Pilot must also have a” visual observer” allowing the pilot to focus entirely on operation of the UAV. The Visual Observer maintains communication between Incident Command, tactical units (including air-ops / air-boss) and associated technologies (mapping, data collection and situational awareness).

·         LAFD gets FAA approval by phone (and hardcopy next day) before every incident use. Notification of the regional RADAR traffic center may be part of their approval.

·         FAA can issue an “NTAM”: Notice to airmen when a UAV is operating in an area to prevent conflict with general aviation. 

·         LAFD documents every use by tying  an incident number, with flight data  attached and  after action report with the incident for maximum program operational  transparency 

Q: Where does this fit into FIRESCOPE?

A: This program is being developed by LAFD for LAFD (and cooperating agencies when appropriate). Will be offered up to Incident as lead agencies evolve (such as transitioning to management teams or as an incident moves into another jurisdiction)

NASA – Ames Research is studying the area airports, in 3-D, with pathways / flight patterns INCLUDING the addition of UAV/UAS devices that may occupy the airspace in the future.

Issues of security / public privacy of down-links and access to aerial data were discussed.  

 B/C Richard Fields : Richard.




Ron Harris Noice Industries – Security Solution’s based on Drones, sensors , detectors. Has fixed wing, rotorcraft as well as drones.

Kevin Rockwell – Chief Pilot for Noice Industries. Touts doing things right.

Richard Wiese LACoFD – Classes moving forward, getting new B/C’s cars based on ½ ton P/U

Mike Weisberg Ventura CoFD – New classes moving through, chiefs interviews ongoing. B/C’s test coming up. ½ staff retiring in next few years. Santa Paula annexation moving along as planned. Will be a big benefit to the citizens of VC

Jeff Wilkerson – Camp Pendleton Fire (Retired) – Camp just completed dozer school and wildland fire training. Museum

Steve Hoyle – ORCO Retired – California Fire Museum Project at the Irvine “Great Park”.

Fed Fire Ventura County –

Bill Ward – Pump Pod USA – Rolled out new pod designed for heli-spots. Several P.0.

Amir Emadi -Sky lift Global – Develops and builds Drones to deliver equipment to lines on wildland incidents. Has units able to build fire breaks. Has passion for developing products to help protect troops.

Jeff – Kapler Protective Hazmat suits. Specific PPE for white powdery substances (ei fentanyl etc.)

Joe Sposdao AllStar Fire Equipment – New SCOTT SCBA has a removable harness for cleaning and / or replacement. New SCOTT TIC is built into the facemask. Has new boots : HAIX, Danner. New sizing for gloves will be based on military standards beginning in August. Girth of glove, length of fingers etc.

Tracy Rabes – Line Gear – Has new boot by HAIX that is compliant but not certified due to the boots height.

Happy Fathers Day to dads.

Jerry Mertimer – Market PPE – Opening an ISP in Corona first week

Christina – Hero Wipes – Sells wipes for decontamination. Has product that decontaminates bio / ems materials.

Jordan  Evans – Solutions Safety / Citro-squezze – encourages on-line questions and dialog about use of their product . Next Run for mental health issues,.

Jim Evans – Solutions Safety / Citro-squzze – Thanks to LAFD for hosting and the presentation on UAV’s. Encourages gross decon and subsequent on-scene and station PPE decontamination programs. Suggests purchasing PPE extractors that are proven effective to insure carcinogins etc are

Bob Mercurio – AllStar Fire Equipment – Reminds personnel to clean helmet “Ratchets” and liners as well as hoods to reduce carcinogens. Use Dawn dishwashing liquid to clean hoods.

Jimmy Smith – Lead Docent African American Fire Museum (14th and Central) Open Tues and Thurs 10-2, Sunday 1-4. Center is available for events.

J Price LACoFD (Retired): Commented on today’s program. Thanked LAFD for event.

LAFD Having tower graduation in a couple more weeks.

Tony Duran – LACoFD Retired / NH3 Institute –

David Molnetti – Industrial Scientific Instruments – Offers help to all agencies

Jordan – Fillmore Fire – On a strike team to Montecito to assist on mud / debris flow.

Scott Ramirez – Fillmore Fire