SAFER Meeting Minutes - July 2018

SAFER Downey Fire

July 20, 2018

Board Members Present:

President Quinn, Past President Duran, Seely, Weise, Sposdo,

0940    Meeting called to order: B/C Mike Whitney welcomed SAFER to Downey Fire Headquarters and led the flag salute and a moment of silence for those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice. B/C introduced Engineer Rich Vos who is his equipment officer.


***Sign-in sheet was passed around for attendance.

Apparatus: None

Venders: None

OSHA: Nothing

Treasurers Report”: Discussed but not reported herein. $100.00 for department membership – discussed adding links to department / company websites. Venders need to pay for membership and link.

Program : First Responder Electrical Safety - NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the workplace for first responders

NECA  - National Electrical Contractors Association

IBEW – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

CJ Hamilton

46 Years in electrical trades, retired 10 years.

Switches :       Open = Off

                        Closed = On

100 FF’s / year injured by electrical current

65 Killed this year from electrocution

Arc Flash / Arc Blast / Faraday Cage

Dr. Grossman’s Video on the mechanism(s) of an electrocution / electrical injury

Types of injuries from electricity:

1.      Locked-on: Boils your blood from the heating effect of electrical flow.

2.      Terminal to terminal (+/-) Effects heart conductivity

Shut down procedures:

1.      Shut off loads

2.      Shut down sub-panel breakers

3.      Shut down main

Don’t be in a hurry around electricity!! Don’t take short-cuts!!

**Always test electrical distribution equipment with the back of your hand in case it is electrified from a short – if you’re shocked your hand will “pull away” from the equipment instead of “Locking-on”.

Milliamps to kill:

Severity of the shock:

·         Path

·         Push (Voltage)

·         Time – of the shocking current through the body

Electricty KILLS:

·         Can’t see it

·         Can’t touch it

·         Cant taste it

·         Can’t smell it coming

·         You don’t have to touch it , sometimes just be close, it can arc or flash over to you


It’s HOT till you prove it’s NOT

Faraday Cage: Electrified BUT NOT GROUNDED to make current flow – “You’ve got Electricity on your body”.

Moisture, sweat, proximity to ground, material(s) you’re in contact with (clothes, boots, walking surface.

CJ warns of unexpected electrical sources:

ü  Shorted panels, “stolen” power that by-passes usual safety system(s) – common in grow houses and bootleg businesses.

ü  Downed distribution lines

ü  Stray voltage


CJ demonstrated the “faraday cage” phenomenon with several attendees. Hair raised with grounding source.

·         12KW line can “reach” 30’ diameter to effect a grounded person, if you step outside the faraday gage you must “bunny-hop” or “shuffle your feet” or “roll out” to avoid becoming grounded. If you start feeling tingling sensation you’re getting “low voltage” as you begin to

·         “10 feet” is the minimum safe distance to energized lines / equipment

·         30 feet from high voltage “Downed” lines

·         Stay out for smoke 1 to 1 ½ times the height of the pole to avoid a GROUND STRIKE

·         10 feet from a down low-voltage line (cable / telephone etc..) because it may be energized from an electrical line elsewhere

·         10 feet from a Down Insulated Entrance Wire.

Only operator should be in contact with an aerial apparatus. Must jump clear to avoid being the ground

Average two workers a day from Arc Flash –

Arc Flash:

35,000 degrees – copper wire turns to vapor (67,000 x expansion going from solid to vapor)

Intense light is source of injury to eyes

Molten copper “dots” can injure tissues and be inhaled

When you enter a utility room – LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN due to potential vapor expansion in the space.

Don’t pull a meter unless you have to, if you must pull one pull it from the side – never in front

Don’t approach electrically energized equipment “facing direct”

11:00 Break to vendor displays

1145 Roundtable:

Acknowledgement of Steve Cooley’s contribution to SAFER – 40 Year of membership in SAFER, contributing to Firefighter Safety. Joe Sposado presented the SAFER appreciation plaque to Steve.

Steve related his long time association with SAFER as a representative of Halprin Fire Equipment.  He discussed the original “meeting” 40 years ago and related how SAFER evolved and grew into the current organization. He related the value of the old newsletter at that time, before email and on-line communication methods.

A/C Ibey – Downey Fire Dept . – Related P/M Engine program , 1/3 dept 5 vears or less on the job. Lots of remodeling

B/C Whitney – Downey Fire Dept. - Going single layer wild land gear from Line Gear. Two new ambulances (one at each station). All city employees.

Torry D’ALESIO Inc. – Returning to SAFER after a 6 year , they design and manufacture leather equipment for Firefighters

Tony Pighetti – Santa Barbara City FD – Working with PD to prepare for Actice Shooter Incident. Related PPE issues for a regional PPE std for mud flow incidents

Jim Cleary – Plymovent, related the exhaust removal systems they design and install.  Related the new DPF systems aren’t a replacement for fixed station exhaust removal systems. Add the carncinagins are in the gas as well

Eric Higgins – BestWay Laundry Systems – New scanner based PPE tracking system is now available to track cleaning and maintenance.

Mike Weisenberg – Ventura County Fire – Grad new class this AM, promoted 6 Captains.

Tracy Rabe – LineGear Equipment – Thanked the program and DFD

Lisa Rameriz – MES – Thanked CJ for the presentation today, new with SAFER

Wade White – LAFD – New Apparatus coming to city, new helicopter, going to morning pride PPE.

JP – LACoFD Retired / now with MES – Related Lazarow Martinez and Lisa Rameriz is now on the MES team. Discussed the new Viper Pant and coat design that has become very popular and is being delivered to the LA Area consortium. 

Hero Wipes – Discussed CA in the fire service, has a wipe product that is effective at removing carbon based material from the skin.

Russ Snider – ORCO Fire Authority – Organizational Look at Cancer Prevention Program – One year later w/ Dr. Burgess will speak. New Apparatus coming Type 3’s etc..

Gabe AllStar Fire Equipment – Discussed their new Lion Hoods

Steve – Scott Safety – Fresno South – Discussed the new Scott X3 Pro Airpack – Relatede harness is fully removable for cleaning.

Joe Sposado – AllStar Fire Equipment – Related appreciation to DFD for hosting the July Meeting . NFPA Glove sizing is going to “Military Sizing” to comply with the new NFPA Standard. New SCBA standard working its way through the update process.

Michael Sledge – Ventura County (Retired) – Cobra Rescue Carts – Related improvements to the Rescue system (vinyl).

Steve Cooley – Cobra Litters – Related his appreciation to program presenter and DFD.

Industrial Scientific – Discussed the importance of improving monitoring and gas detection technics to reduce exposures. Related new

Brent Nunez – Torrance Fire – Working towards CA prevention and illness reduction. 

Lazrow  Martinez – MES – Related the various products they represent in the area to improve FF Safety. PPE

Tony Duran – Treasurer SAFER, LACoFD Retired, Ammonia Institute –

Dick Weise VP SAFER, LACoFD – NFPA Committee Meeting – 1877 SCAM for Wildland PPE, has standards for decon techniques in the field and advanced decon and maintenance. NFPA is trying to connect the care and maintenance of the various PPE ensembles “across the board”.

Robert Hamilton – CAR – Build grab handles etc for apparatus.

Tom Martin –Manufactures Rep. – Listed the companies he represents: Lakeland Fire, Gloves, Gerber Outerwear, Nupla (axes, pike poles etc,) Black Diamond.

Scott Quinn – Pres. SAFER, LAFD B/C