SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - April 2018

San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District

San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District


SAFER Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2018

SAFER Board Attendees:   President Quinn, Past President Gurrola, Seely, VP Weise, Wilkerson, Szczepanek , Communications / Social Media Liaison Rabe   

San Miguel Fire Consolidated Fire Protection District Sta 15  – Admin Headquarters

2850 Via Orange Way, Spring Valley, CA 91978

1000    Meeting called to order – President Quinn opened the meeting and related the meeting agenda and introduced Fire Chief Brainard who welcomed the attendees and related he recently learned 61% of FF deaths are from Cancer and encouraged the fire service to improve that number. Chief Marugg who led the pledge of allegiance and moment of silence then introduced David Picone the SDFD – Health and Safety Officer.   

  • Thanks to San Miguel Fire for the morning hospitality and MES / Fire Etc for lunch.

Committee Reports:

NFPA – Dick Weise – Updated the meeting attendees on the status of the NFPA 1877 standard development. This proposed “Wildland SCAM” document will include a “performance” standard for fire shelters. How clean is clean? Single Layer concept is a current”1977” topic and is often adopted by agencies. New wildland gear is much lighter, more comfortable but offer superior protection. Dick related the issue of cross-contamination and the methods used to limit / eliminate risks to crews and the public.

  • Public input is currently available on-line for 1877 standard.

CalOSHA –  No committee report available.

Apparatus – Rob – Related he is now monitoring the Fire Mechanics forum.  

 Safety and Training- No specific committee report.

Technology – See Website, Facebook, twitter, linkedin

Treasurer – Given by B/C Guinn for Tony Duran – Reminder to please pay your annual dues!

Communications – Tracy / Tony:

Vendor Liaison – Gabe for Joe, FDIC this week. FH World will be in LA next year.

*FDIC is at the end of April 27, 28 & 29 in Indianapolis.  

Program: General Decon and Best Practices to Keep Gear and Crews Clean

Chief Marugg – Dave Picone SDFD H&S Officer & FF Truver

Video showing “contamination” (shaving cream) and the numerous routes common PPE contamination can take into the workplace. (from SFFD). The contrast was shown between “no decon” and “proper decontamination”.   


Chief Marugg related the agencies period as a CalFire affiliate and explained the evolution of new procedures / sog’s since reformation as an independent consolidated agency. Related recent injuries / illnesses experienced by crews at various incidents.

Described their migration to new PPE ensembles under wildland scenarios and related the various techniques and methods being employed to protect crews from known carcinogens and toxics.  

Chief Marugg introduced San Diego Fire & Rescue Health and Safety Officer, Dave Picone, who related the new techniques /methods being employed by SDFD in concert with their Relief Association. (CAP Program)

  • Two sets of PPE, two sets of hoods and B/C carries a cache of hoods for replacement as required.

  • Extractors being installed

  • Wipes for “in-field decontamination”- on rigs, in stations, with decon units.

Chief Dave Picone introduced FF Truver who explained the components of their new H & S procedures. (FF Truver is the secretary of the Relief Association)

Posters from the SDFD workplace(s) were distributed to attendees showing the “Three C’s” – Clean Air - Clean Body –Clean Gear”:

Clean Air:

  • SCBA used Throughout Overhaul

  • 100% Exhaust Extractor use

  • Mindful of exhaust flow

Clean Body:

  • Gross Decontamination

  • Action Wipes

  • Strip Down and Bag Turnouts

  • Shower ASAP

Clean Gear:

  • New Hood

  • Break Turnouts apart & wash

  • Use Citro-Squeeze

  • Run and empty load after PP washing


  • Rotate crews during overhaul

  • Consider remaining assigned to incident after released for personal decontamination as needed

  • Prolonged incident , most contaminated back to quarters for personal decontamination

After exiting a fire environment they remove their helmet and hood, wipe down face and neck with cleansing wipes to reduce the amount of carcinogens in contact with the vulnerable skin surface(s). FF Cancer in the lymph nodes is a major illness in our population.  The goal is to remove as much of the “heavy metals” from the skin. (Learned from Military experience handling munitions)

The typical equipment provided to every unit was demonstrated:

  • Citro-Squeeze spray bottle

  • Cleansing Wipes

  • Brush(s)

  • Bags to capture contaminated PPE

  • Spare Hoods (in bag)


Discussions are ongoing for adopting specific methods into the Wildland scenario – Type 3 units. Crews at stations with Type 3 units are issued two sets of Wildland jackets, one of pants.

BC Quinn explained the long term effort is to reduced risks incrementally, big issues first then continue solve the smaller issues while moving towards “best practices” in all areas.

SDFD is reviewing data from previous years:

  • Hoods

  • Boots (rubber vrs leather)

  • Illnesses

  • Injuries  


  • IAFC Safety Stand-down Week of 6/17/2018


1045 Meeting to venders in apparatus bay

1120 Round Table:


Scott Quinn- Bat Chief LAFD: (4 yrs risk mgmt, litigation etc.) Feel free to call if he can help with any agencies H&S program. Related recent accidents at LAFD  (1) Dozer roll-over, (2) structure fire with a propane tank BLEVE.

Jeff Wilkerson – Camp Pendleton Fire – Related personal experiences with Ca in his fire “family”. Thanked SG and complimented SDFD for its wellness efforts.

Miamonte – Drone manufacture, can haul hose, other logistical items to crews via UAV’s.

Rameriz – Filmore Fire PIO – nothing to add.

Rob Szczepanek -  Ventura County Fire – Conducting a “Whole Dept.” review of Thomas Fire “lessons learned”.

Dick Weise - LACoFD – Relate AB2146 is being pushed through legislature – requires NFPA standard(s) adoption. LACoFD is going to morning pride PPE. LACoFD is expecting lots of turnover in the next few years. Will be adding Station 100 in one of the beach cities later this year.

Brian Bulger – Retired Ventura Co.

Kieth Gurrola – Fillmore Fire – June 30 is their golf tournament, Looking for used TIC’s and Gas Monitors. Needs some new “used” Type 6 engines.

Bill Ward – Pump Pod USA – Sacramento will be delivering unit(s) , 15 quotes out, several agencies are committed to purchase. Is demonstrating their units are numerous venues.

Jim – Viejas reservation – Hiring medics.

National city FD – Took over PPE officer 9 months ago and is learning a lot from other local agencies. Is seeing changes in old H&S culture towards a more healthy

Mark Beverage – National City- Discussed the changes being made in favor of better H&S. Complimented his PPE Captain on his contributions. Related his superiors are learning the benefits

Dave Picone – SDFD – Related they are developing a LOOD procedure / policies and are looking for other agencies programs.  B/C Quinn related LAFD’s experiences with “LOOD Investigations”and the importance of assistance of other agencies with expertise in specific areas.

Rich Smith – Lakeside FD – Discussed compatibility of various SCBA’s “Buddy Breather” fittings. Rich related  the issue in light of other department’s equipment not being connectable.  Cancer on forehead and in the groin area are the most common in the firefighter demographic. .

Brent Waddy – Lakeside Fire – Works in PPE are with Rich.

Chris – Lakeside FD – Has taken over PPE program from a retiring Captain several years ago. Lakeside is trying to stay on track with H&S “best practice’s in the fire service. Related the SDFD has been a big benefit to the area in this area.

Jordan Evans – Citro-Squeeze- Related they are now on Facebook, Twitter etc. network the H&S messages. Recommended a “decon kit” shown in the vender area.

Jim Evans – Citro Squeeze – Jim related the company’s growth in the field of H&S over the last 25 years. Added clean gear is for more than just Cancer, but many other illnesses and diseases.

Paul Laker – VF Workwear – Purchased Workrite Uniforms. Kelly Whitt will still be with the company.

Eric Higgins – Uni-Mac Extractor Sales – Complimented SG CFPD – Related new capabilities and features available to comply with 1851

Steve -  Scott Representative for Southern California. NFPA is working to standardize the RIC / Buddy Breathing connection. Complimented SDFD on their Ca / Health Program. Added the new Scott air pack has a fully removable waist belt and harness ensemble for washing in an extractor.

Gabe – AllStar Fire Equipment – PPE August – All PPE must meet 2018 standard, exception – may ship product within its 10 year like span.

Bill Black – Safety Components – Manufacture of Nomex for belt / harness ensemble for SCOTT SCBA’s. Introduced a new 5 ½ oz fabric (sigma) for wildland gear (1977 standard) that is very comfortable and Brian – San Miguel Fire -durable.

Brian  - San Miguel fire – Nothing to add.

Bill - MES – Represents Scott and Morning Pride PPE

Chase Powell – SoCal PPE – Appreciates the networking

Scott - Fire Etc – Retired CalFire , Started SoCal PPE after a Cancer diagnosis and subsequent retirement. Has Decon Kits available for gross decon on rigs. The “Kit” Contains tools and cleaning solutions for decontamination for around $100 to produce your own.

Chief Marugg – Thanked the venders for contributions to the SAFER group.


Next meetings:

Ventura Co FD – Regional Training Center – Thomas Fire, Oil patch fire. May 18th .

LAFD – Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center - UAV Program – June 15th







SAFER email :, twitter, facebook etc.

Meeting adjourned: 1200


            SAFER April 20, 2018

San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District

Agency / Co                             NAME                          PHONE #                                 EMAIL (s)

Downey Fire (Retired)                        Chuck Seely                 (949) 492-7993             

Quala-Tel                                Frank Uram                 8585772900                  

Bestway Laundry Solutions     Eric Higgins                 1-800-542-6166            

Camp Pendleton Fire ret        .Jeff Wilkerson                        949-830-087                  

LineGear Rire & Rescue Equipmen    tTracy Rabe     949-230-5610                

Workrite                                  paul laker                    9513170606                  

Fire-Etc                                    Scott Estrada               6194033442                  

MES                                         Bill Zamudio                6197261050                  

AllStar Fire Equip.                   Gabe Sayegh               6262550431                  

Mark Sheldone            760-505-3473                

LineGear Fire & Resque Equipment   Tracy Rabe      949-230-5610                

National City FD                      Matthew Lucas           619-599-3038                

LACoFD                                    Dick Weise                  951-807-1914              RWEISELACOFD@YAHOO.COM

San Miguel Fire & Rescue      Brian Bayne                619-654-3746                

SoCal PPE                                Chase Powell               619-733-3808                

Lakeside Fire Prot Dist            Richard Smith             6193902350                  

Lakeside Fire Prot Dist            Brent Watte                6193902350                  

Naitonal City Fire Dept           Mark Beveridge          6193364555      

Lakeside Fire Prot Dist            Chris Downing             619-390-2362    

Viejas Fire Dept                      JimBingham                619-743-1863    

PumpPodUSA                          Bill Ward                     949-246-6999    

CitroSqueeze                           Jordan Evans               619-607-5305