SAFER Monthly Meeting Minutes - November 2016


SAFER Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2016

SAFER Board Attendees:   President Fortman, VP  Weise, ,Quinn, Seely, Alvarado, Past President Duran, Past President Dolan

Long Beach Fire Department


0900 – 0945    Vender Display / Networking         

1000    Meeting called to order –  B/C President Fortman (Batt 13)  welcomed SAFER and opened the meeting , introduced B/C Alvarado (LBFD) who led the flag salute and moment of silence to remember our fallen brothers and sisters in the fire, police and military. Thanks to LBFD for use of the facility and John Price - MES for hospitality lunch.

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1000 – 1130    Presentation – Assistant Chief Corey Rose -“Firefighter Behavioral Health”

  • Program: FD/LEO Command Operations

 Chief Ed Hadfield – Rincon Fire Department / Firetown Training Specialist


“One Team – Command Concepts” – Command Concepts for the New Normal” pp

A concept developed in Huntington Beach FD & PD. They wanted to better coordinate first responders at / during major events and incidents. The concept was a “Segway” to promote the use of “Incident Command System” within the “LAW” side like the “FIRE” side uses frequently.

Chief Hadfield related the risks in the City of Santa Maria (MS 13 etc.) “thrill” murders which forced the FD/LEO units to coordinate using IC system routinely for daily operations.

The concept of routinely utilizing the ICS is based as an “organic level”, at the basic operational level. Patrol Officers, Sergeants levels MUST buy in to be successful. 

Command puts people at risk, our job is to determine the “Level of Risk” we’re willing to expose them to.

Our job is to put people at risk to serve the community, the LAW side’s job is to provide overwatch to protect our people and the public.

FD/LEO Goal: “You home, I go home”

Personal “Medical Plan”: Each LAW member produced a medical plan that was carried within the B/C’s car in case an officer was injured. The medics would take the info to the hospital. Includes everything about the officer as well as specific instructions he wants to be done on his behalf.

B/C’s would attend briefings prior to high risk warrant services, major crime incidents and similar event profiles. Casualty Collection Points (CCPs), Com. Plan, Staging locations and Hospital locations determined during briefing.  Mutual Aid assets, Auto Aid agencies with non-common communications need to be identified and policy / procedures for mitigation planned.


P – Patrol Culture

R – Respond – Need to respond with LAW on routine calls to contribute at the CP

I – Initiate – Involve yourself in the Command

D – Decide

E- Evaluate

S - Serve


In Santa Maria benefits were noted in many critical incidents where assets were on scene and positioned for quick response.

Chief Hadfield recommended “Plate Carriers” in lieu of traditional body armor. The front side was for the public, the back has equipment for the team member: Israeli bandages, tourniquets, dressings etc. Ballistic helmets were utilized by fire service.

Radio traffic needs a Tactical Channel for the incident.

B/C Fortman (LAFD) related LAPD has outstanding policies to include FD/EMS in briefings. Rescue Task Forces are outside the IDLH but proximate to the incident. They have “Tactical Medics” with dual band radios to communicate with both sides. The Tactical Medics are to provide aid to team members, the Rescue Task Force provides aid to victims, perp’s.

Discussion on whether to wear “Fire Gear” over body armor or “blend” into appearance of other incident members. Chief Hadfield feels it’s better to appear as menacing as possible to avoid being a “Target in Yellow Brush Gear”.

Chief related he produced a “Ten Things LAW should not do at a structure fire”.




  • Business Meeting:

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1130 -1200 Roundtable

  • Roundtable:

Alex Warehouse

Robert Takashida LAFD: Risk Management Chief

Ron Barome - Burbank Fire- Training Officer

Scott Quinn LAFD: Medical Liaison Officer related LA has many medical claims every year. Injuries, Illnesses, equipment

Chad Stuart LAFD: New member in Risk Management – Litigation liaison.

Ken Cardenas LAFD Safety Coordinator- Looking into overhaul procedures graduated 42 members with two more in process. JOIN

B/C Fortman LAFD – New EMS Bureau assignment. LAFD down to 200 vacancies from last year’s 300. New resources are coming on-line this year. SAFER board meeting in early December to plan next board. Recognized Capt Jim Dolan’s contribution to LAFD Safety Programs.

Mike Schlagg- Cart System: new tires will be available for off road, loop to be added to attach ropes to rear.

Steve Cooly – Cobra Carts representative: Discussed design changes to improve the performance / utility of the Cobra Cart System. Rated at 1000#, black unit for SWAT operations.

Jim Dolan LAFD Retired – Words of wisdom

Lazaro Martinez – Cascade Fire Equipment – Manufacture of skid units, distributor of PPE and fire equipment.

Stuart Luvi – AllStar Fire Equipment – Recommended attending the Hawaiian Fire Chiefs Association Annual Meeting on Maui. $200/night at Ritz-Carlton. $25 to join association. Related the newest SCOTT IR equipped mask.

Dick Weise LACoFD – NFPA Safety Briefing on washing hoods coming out. CA concerns and contamination reduction are

1877 document for SCAM of Wildland Ensemples. Working on new “lighter” fire shelters. Dozers and helicopter pilot gloves are being reviewed. Dual compliancenew station pants are being purchasing Station / wildland pants as a PPE. Undergarment to be bought out of uniform allowances. Helmet liners are a concern in units that don’t have removable liners for cleaning. Hoods to filter out contaminates down to one micron (98% of what’s in smoke). REM Teams: Rapid Emergency Medics. Cancer reduction program coming – NFPA, IAFF contributing to a package program.

John Price (JP) LACoFD Retired – Arranged use of facility. MES distributor of PPE and fire equipment.

Firefighter Cancer Support Network Vice President – Brian Feebers Pasadena Fire Marshal new President. Related recommendations for reducing CANCER risks: Clean / Replace soiled hoods, leave contaminated gear OUTSIDE, clean as per 1855. Buy cleaning packets to reduce skin contact transmitted toxins from tools and skin.

Tom Martin – Atwood-Prior, Inc. – Manufactures representative for several companies.



  • next meetings:

  1. December @ Santa Fe Springs    

  2. January 20, 2017 @ LACoFD Camp 2                                                      



Meeting Attendees (Sign-ins)        November 18th, 2016

Agency / Co                                   NAME PHONE #                                 EMAIL (s)

Downey Fire (Retired)                  Chuck Seely     (949) 492-7993 

Cascade Fire Equipment Co          Lazaro Martinez 714-715-8189

Allstar Fire Equipment                  Stuart Lovi 626-255-0433         

Ammonia Safety Training Institute - ASTI            Tony Duran 626-590-2991

Los Angeles County Fire                Dick Weise 951 807-1914         

LAFD Retired                                 Jim Dolan        562-421-3258  

LAFD                                            John A. Cardenas 661-917-7019

Rincon Fire Department               Ed Hadfield 9518582444          

Cobra Litters LLC                        Mike Schlags   805-896.7993  

Los Angeles Fire Department       Chad Stuart 213 4826933         

Burbank FD                                   Ron Barone 818-823-6560        

Atwood-Prior MFGR Rep            Tom Martin 937-689-2222       

Cobra Litters LLC                        Steve Cooley   805-377-5348  

long beach                                                paul alvarado562 5703003               paul alvarado

MES                                               John Price        562-212-6803  

LAFD                                              Scott Quinn     (213) 434-1380 




Vender’s, Manufacture’s and Consultants represented at this meeting:


Michael Schlags – Cobra Rescue Litters


P.O. Box 1981

Buellton[CS1]  , CA 93427-1981

(805) 896-7993

Spencer, Iowa   51301


Lazaro Martinez – Cascade Fire Equipment Co.

(626) 255-0433 Cell


Tom Martin – Atwood-Prior, Inc.

Manufacturers Agent

(937) 689-2222

2895 Valpak Rd. N.E.

Salem, OR97303

(800) 545-5678