SAFER Annual Board Meeting - December 2012

Date : 12/14/2012 
Host : AllStar Fire Equipment

Attending: President Duran, Steve Lloyd, Jim Dolan, Rick Griggs, Dave Purifoy, Keith Gurrola, Chuck Seely, Jeff Wilkerson, Joe Sposato

Open Meeting at 0900


Thursday SAFER Meetings:

Discussion on the Thursday Mtng schedule. Related many agencies are dark on Fridays which seemed to be an enabler for increased attendance.  Joe related the Thursday meetings are better for the venders. Dave suggested considering bi-monthly meetings to insure currency and relevancy in meeting quality. Keith related he sees good attendance from geographically nearby personnel.  He added the planning, advertising of meeting (s) and topics needs to ramp up to insure attendance. Suggested “formalizing” the scheduling, planning and delivery of meeting particulars through assignment of the monthly schedule.

Meeting Venues / Topics / Planning:

Some agencies are having difficulty hosting due to economic problems. Example: Cathedral City will probably not be able to host in the near future.  Discussion on the possibility of utilizing private sector sites / facilities to improve quality and attendance. Benefits include increase interface / networking with suppliers and manufactures. Dave discussed the nature of the modern FF and their tendency to dis-engage with professional associations and the load it’s thrown on the few.  Suggested potential “themes” and “topics of interest”. Steve added FIREHOUSE is coming in February. He suggested designing an annual schedule and program list for the future.  Joe suggested being dark in August due to poor availability. President Duran related Phoenix wants to host a meeting (per Chief Varner of the Chiefs Association). Keith questioned the “every other year” / rotation of Las Vegas – Phoenix venues.  Discussion on the attendance of the PPE maintenance event with Karl Beeman’s company.

Firehouse World: Seely assigned to contact and coordinate SAFER booth and meeting location.

Request from Jack Weise for support to attend:

FIERO PPE Symposium March 4-6, 2013 Raleigh, NC         $395.00

IAFC Conference  Reno, NV WUI March 19-21 Fire Tech Reno

Board requests specific $Budget$ requests and attendance justification to the SAFER mission.

SQUARE Credit Card reader for SAFER at various events

Dave related we might be able to capture membership sign-ups etc. at meeting’s and other related events. (2.75% per swipe)

Non-profit status update:

Recalled the board approved professional advise up to $300/ +/- to get direction for cleaning up our Tax Exempt Status with the State of CA.

Website updates:

Pres. Duran discussed the problems updating the website with meeting minutes / program content. Related methods / formats to better communicate products to Josh (webmaster).  Collect and forward to Tony / Josh.

SAFER Speaker gifts (mugs, brief cases etc):

Discussion of future speaker gifts for future events.  We have enough at present.


Reward new membership with a coffee mug at FW?


Discussion to purchase / support an Iphone to support SQUARE device to facilitate on-site membership dues collection at meetings and other events.

No purchase required.  

Board Elections

**Conference Call with Chief Varmer RE: July Phoenix Mtng. To coincide with AZ FC’s Association Conference.


Keith: Gordon Graham Ventura County hosting a presentation on top 10 things to get firefighters in trouble. Jan 31, 2013 in Camarillo.

Dave: Related Riverside City FD’s recent retirees and labor issues.

Meeting Adjourned @ 1214





2013:             Host Ageny              Topic / Course

Jan                  LACoFD

Feb                 SDFD (Firehouse World)

March            AllStar

April               Phoenix                                 TBA

May                Ventura                                 Active Shooter

June               LAFD

July                 CalFire (Hemet-Ryan)       Air Tanker

August           Dark

September                                                   Dupont “Burning Man”

October        Camp Pendleton

November    LN Curtis

December    ORCO


Potential Topics:

CISD, Psyc First Aid

Grant Writtin

B/C Blackboard

Solar Panels

Gore Co


Water Tender Safety


Toxic Twins

Type III IC Teams

Heat Illness / Injury Programs





1st Jim Dolan nominates the existing slate with exception of Sawyer.

2nd Dave Purifoy

VOTE : Unanimous 

 Board of Directors

Term of Office: January 2013-2014


President                              Tony Duran              Tony Duran 

Vice-President                     Rick Griggs               Rick Griggs  

Secretary                              Chuck Seely             Chuck Seely

Board Member                   Keith Gurrola           Keith Gurrola

Board Member                   Scott Hudson           Scott Hudson

Board Member                   Tim Sawyer

Board Member                   Dick Weise               Dick Weise

Board Member                   Doug Obermeier    Doug Obermeier