SAFER Annual Board Meeting - December 2014

Meeting Date : December 13, 2014
Location : All Star Corporate Offices

Board Members present: President Duran, Weise, Fortman, Quinn, Sposato, Wilkerson, Lloyd, FF Aimin Alton, VCFD - Guest

Business Meeting:

0900 President Duran opened annual board meeting:

A. Duran opened with the continued discussion of Thursday versus Friday meetings. Duran stated he has been asking on several occasions whether the day change was working or not and getting lukewarm and mixed reactions. He stated that the loss of key members, like PP Jim Dolan, was enough of an argument for Duran to request the meeting day be changed back. Having no opposition, a motion was made and seconded to move the meetings back to the third Friday of each month. Following the passing of the motion, the board responded with a rousing applause.

B. Schedule for 2015 Meetings: January 16 LACoFD February 20 NLV/Clark County - need to confirm (Scott Schuster) March TBD AFC, Phoenix, NV April 17 DDL Traffic/Chino - need to confirm May 15 Ventura City/County (CA Lou Manzano/DC K Gurrola) June 19 LAFD - confirmed (CA Scott Quinn) July 17 All Star - confirmed August 21 Pierce/KME? - need to confirm September 18 OCFA - need to confirm (Russ Snider) October 16 Carlsbad ? - need to confirm November 20 LN Curtis - need to confirm December 18 SFS - confirmed

C. Overhead request for new topics made to all members - ongoing.

D. FF Aimin Alton made a presentation to the board regarding the creation (or further development) of a subcommittee on "Emerging Technology" in the Fire Service. FF Alton explained that Ventura County FD is exploring the many ways technology is expanding the reach of the fire service. The proposal was made to create a blog site on the SAFER website where individuals can access information and pose questions on any aspect of technology (RPV/drones, communications, computers, software, etc.) The blogs will be monitored for appropriate/acceptable comments (language) with varying degrees of security depending on a person's membership to SAFER (full members gain all access while visitors may only be able to view comment threads). FF Alton stated they have access to high school students from a talented school of technology where the students must serve 100 hours of community service prior to graduation. These students are very knowledgeable on the ways of computer technology and website control. They would be placed into contact with the SAFER web master for coordination in setting up the system. A motion was made to further research this proposal with no commitment at this time. The motion was seconded and approved by a unanimous vote.

E. Elections

2015-2016 OUT IN President - Duran Ellsworth Fortman (LAFD) V.P. - Fortman Dick Weise (LACoFD) Secretary - Seeley Chuck Seeley (DFD, Ret.) BM - PP Gurrola Keith Gurrola (VCFD, Ret.) BM - Hudson Scott Hudson (HFD, Ret.) BM - Sawyer Rick Griggs (CAL_FIRE) BM - Weise Scott Quinn (LAFD) BM - Obermeier Russ Snider (OCFA) BM - Raganold Marvin Chang (LBFD - proposed) Mat large - Curry Vacant IPP - Gurrola Tony Duran (LACoFD)

2014-2015 Treasurer - Steve Lloyd (TFD, Ret.) Communication (formerly Publisher) - Vacant BM - Peurifoy/Lucas Spellman (Dave vacating his position) (RFD, Ret.) BM - Shaun Malone (NLVFD) BM - Ed Carey (SBFD, Ret.) BM - Wilkerson (CPFD) BM - Scott Schuster (NVLFD) BM - Bruce Vanderhorst (RFD) Vendor Liaison - Joe Sposato (All Star Fire Equipment, Inc) WEB Master - Josh Augustine

F. Revamp Certificate

Duran voiced an observation for the regeneration of certificates for hosting agencies and vendor members. He mentioned noticing past certificates at various vendors that were of a different design than that of the certificate given to the presenters. Lloyd and Sposato reminded the board that a special certificate was created and presented to vendor members for display at their booths during trade shows. Lloyd stated he had the template for the other certificate versions. He also recommended we could frame the certificate in a wood frame for presentation to the vendor members and others.

G. A recommendation was made to create more robust ads, advertise in department publications like "Straight Streams" (LACoFD) and "The Grapevine" (LAFD), as well as Firehouse World and other trade shows. To also add link on flyers to a map to the venue, SAFER website, host's website, etc.

H. Discussion of the outgoing president gift. Sposato stated that had always been the responsibility of the incoming president and paid for by SAFER. This created further discussion for the reinstatement of dues. The current balances are approximately $2549.87 with an additional $1456 in PayPal accounts. The major expense currently is the travel for NFPA representation. This ignited further discussion by Sposato that SAFER should be "run like a business", that any expenses should be submitted to the treasurer for reimbursement. Duran mentioned how all expenses during his tenure were provided out of pocket (printer ink, certificate blanks, etc.) Sposato stated this should not occur.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1145 hours with lunch following.