Safer Monthly Meeting - July 2015

SAFER  Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2015

SAFER Board Attendees:  President Fortman, Immediate Past President Duran, Seely, Sposato, Hudson,  Lloyd  

AllStar Fire Equipment

0955    Meeting called to order – President Ells Fortman

Thanks to AllStar for hospitality

President Fortman opened the meeting by introducing Joe Sposato who welcomed SAFER to AllStar and led the flag salute and moment of silence. Joe related the restroom locations and particulars of the meeting venue.

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Program:                         “Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration”

            Capt.  Tim Mcintyre LACoFD / Training Division – Los Angeles County Fire Department

Handouts - PowerPoint Available


Business Meeting 7/17/2015:

Committee Reports:

OSHA:  Scott Hudson – Hemet (Retired) : CalOSHA advisory board is developing “Tunnel Safety / Emergency Response  Standard” for future underground operations. FEMA teams are undergoing training at the national level. New standard will likely impact equipment requirements unique to tunnel operations.  OSHA is increasing staffing to better serve their mission. CalOSHA is currently understaffed and recently advised they only want to have “serious” cases requiring hospitalization. Refer to reporting requirements for guidance.

Financial: Lloyd – $2600 in C.U. account.  Steve will continue email blasts to provide meeting info to attendees.

PPE -  Dick Weise (NFPA Committee Member): Absent  today.

Apparatus:  Tim Mcintyre covered the 2012 EPA Diesel Particulate Filtration standard and Detroit Diesel system in the meetings presentation.

Technology –Pres.  Website: New Website is up and operating but still evolving to better meet our needs. Expecting improvements this month.


Round Table:  10:20

Rick (Ventura Co.) Fire Express US / High Pressure Water delivery equipment using new technology nozzles. Will save back injuries, suppress fires with less water, faster knock down.

Andy with Fire Express. Related their training out-reach program to various fire agencies. Touched on water savings potential.

Scoot Hudson – Hemet FD (retired) – Hemet will remain an independent “City” fire department after the (new) city council cancelled the migration to CalFire.

Scott - Ventura Federal FF’s – Commented on new ARF rigs they have received. He works on San Nicolas Island.

Lazaro Martinez - AllStar – Reps much of So Cal. Has noticed an uptick in equipment sales, many new guys going through hiring – recruit training. Discussed the use of class A foam in many agencies. Related many agencies no longer use class B foam. AllStar is distributor of Class A foam.

Scott Perigow –  UniMac Extractors.

Best Way laundry systems.

Joe Sposato – AllStar Fre Equipment – Vender Liason : welcomed new venders, discussed the grants being published weekly to aid agencies in equipment purchases. Related Pasadena just updated their SCBA’s using grant funding. Fire Apparatus are also beginning to be purchased by many agencies as the economy picks up.

Steve Lloyd Torrance FD (retired) – Torrance 911 “Never Forget” Patch / sponsoring a NYFD station with a $100.00 donation.

Tony Duran LACoFD – HazMat Coordinator. New class may begin in August.

Audnce Esponsoa ; Ventura Co Fire

Dan Will LAFD – Engineer , Manufacturing a ratcheting style hydrant wrench. Is a safer way of opening hydrants than old wrenches. These may save $80-100,000 per back injury requiring surgery.  Better ergo dynamics are the key to quicker / safer opening of hydrant valves.

Tim Mcintyre LACoFD – Currently down 300 plus personnel. Will be hiring and starting a recruit tower. Currently backgrounding 50 and sizing the recruits. KME raised prices on new rigs – likely will not buy any more. Discussed recent bids for new trucks and engines – related their experiacnes in the market place.

Ed Carey Santa Barbara Co. (Retired) - Eric Petersen is new Chief from within. Related many staff / admin changes within the agency.  Recently graduated a new class of recruits.

Frank Uran – Related Quala-tel Communication new products – Concealed radio equipment for un-marked vehicles.

Ells Fortman BC with LAFD – Related the attendance in the FF Olympics in LA was low. LAFD has two classes running now has budgeting for 5 more classes. Recently completed some Capt 1 to Capt 2 promotions.  Is now having a nurse practitioner riding on certain shifts / calls (10 hour shifts). Buying apparatus, will be taking delivery of some KME units.

 Next months (August) meeting will be hosted by Carlsbad Fire, ORCO the month after. 

Requests support of Special Olympics – his battalion is sponsoring several athletes.

Recess to venders: 11:00




Adjourned at 1210 hours

“Taco Man” Lunch hosted by AllStar Fire Equipment – Joe Sposado.


Vender Attendees:

Frank Uram - Quala-tel Communication



Stuart Lovi -  Regional Manager, SCOTT Health and Safety

(626) 241-0093

(626) 205-2158