SAFER Monthly Meeting - September 2015

SAFER Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2015

SAFER Board Attendees:   VP Weise, Past President Duran, Carey,  Seely,  Lloyd , Quinn, Wilkerson, Snyder,  Gurrola,  Sposato

Orange County Fire Authority

 Jeff Bowman – Fire Chief

0940    Meeting called to order – Capt Tony Duran – (HazMat Coordinator LACoFD) opened the meeting by introducing OCFA Assistant Chief Thomas who welcomed SAFER to OCFA and lead the flag salute and moment of silence.

Thanks to AllStar for breakfast hospitality

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***Change of scheduled program (DRONES in the Fire Service) due to a family emergency for the presenter -  Substitute program:                                      

Yernell Fire

Captain Dick Weise – LACoFD

Yernell Fire – Granite Mountain June 30, 2013

Granite Mountain Hot Shot Crew – 19 LODD’s

Background: The Yarnell Hill Fire was a wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona, ignited by lightning on June 28, 2013. On June 30, it overran and killed 19 City of Prescott firefighters, members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. The wildfire was fully contained by July 10, 2013.This event resulted in the highest wildland firefighter death toll in the United States since the 1933 Griffith Park Fire killed 29 firefighters, and the highest death toll from any U.S. wildfire since the 1991 East Bay Hills fire killed 25 people. It is the sixth deadliest American firefighter disaster overall and the deadliest wildfire ever in Arizona

PowerPoint presentation

June 28, 2013 – 37 Active fires in Arizona. Many agencies from several states adjacent to Arizona contributed resources.


10 / 18 Discussed

Key factors from the Yernell Incident where discussed while reviewing the 10 / 18 and select wildland strategies. Crew “Typing” (Type 1 vs Type 2) was discussed as it often relates in multi-agency deployments / assignments.

Recent studies regarding 1977 PPE ensembles and their effects on individual decision making with crew fatigue was related.

Photos were shown that were taken by the crew before the burn-over incident (cell phones / digital cameras), visual cues that help identify fire behavior and potential hazards were discussed.

Changes in fire behavior as seen in the photos were discussed as an indicator of changing fire behavior.

10 / 18 Explained:

The Ten Standard Fire Orders and Eighteen Watchout Situations have been developed over the course of the last five or six decades by the wildland fire community.  Each of the Fire Orders and Watchouts have been learned from incidents in which that situation has led to a fatality, entrapment, or near miss incident.  These are stressed to wildland firefighters and every firefighter is expected to remember each of them, even rookies. The Standard Fire Orders are the laws to live by for wildland firefighters.  The Watchout Situations are indicators or trigger points that remind firefighters to reanalyze the LCES system (Lookouts, Communications, Escape Routes, and Safety Zones) and to re-evaluate their suppression strategies and tactics.  Each of these have been written by the blood of wildland firefighters who have lost their lives fighting fire.  One of the first tragedy fires that contributed to the development of the 10 & 18 was the Mann Gulch Fire in Montana. This happened in 1949 and 13 USFS Montana Smokejumpers were killed.  A book written by Norman Maclean called Young Men and Fire tells the entire story of the fire. The Standard Fire Orders were revised (changed arrangement) in 2002, visitUSDA Fire and Aviation to view them.

The crew had 3 radios for Crew Boss and look-outs to share. They were assigned “point protection” (structure protection) on a ranch house (Boulder Ranch) in front of the fire. They choose a route to their assignment through unburned 12’ brush & rocky out-cropping’s instead of keeping in the burn.  Once at the ranch house, they had limited time to prep the site. When the look-out warned the fire was approaching they had about 10 minutes to prepare for the burn-over. They deployed their shelters but were hit by 2000 degree heat which quickly defeated the protective element of the shelters. (Shelters are designed to protect from radiant heat – not convected heat).  

Wind demonstration using the “Wind Wizard” technology was shown through each phase leading to the burn-over incident.

CO studies being conducted for firefighters. Dick related his experience with blood clots, secondary to CO exposure to multiple structure and wildland fires in a short period.  


Business Meeting:

11:40 Past President Duran opened meeting

OSHA Update: Scott Hudson – Absent , Tony related his experience at the “Continuing Challege” meeting in San Francisico - (How to survive a Cal-OSHA inspection).

NFPA update: Dick Weise – LACoFD – NFPA 1977 Wildland. 1971 Helmet Standard being looked at for appropriate length of service. Hoods are being evaluated for particulate protection using a ceramic component. Manufacturers are working to make PPE lighter, gloves with enhanced manipulation / dexterity.

Apparatus update: Tim – Absent. No reports

Vendor update – Joe Sposado – Oct 6,7 &8 Fire Tech Reno. Good classes, reasonable hotels and airfare.

Technology: Working to improve, Jon is working on background of website.

Treasures Report: Steven Lloyd presented the treasures report.


Open Forum and Round Table:

Jim Evans – Citro Squeeze – Related a bill in CA is working through the legislature to make NFPA 1851 as new law, making adhering to the standard required. Related the Citro-Squeeze product line has added SC-14 cleaner to the fire service to clean hydrocarbon residue from equipment and facilities.

Long Beach – B/C  Paul Alvarado – Related his experience upgrading his agencies PPE program. Spoke of the benefits the info received at SAFER made in their PPE purchases.  VP Pre-Mix fuels: Related they had issues with seizing 2-cycle saws because of the ethanol added to many fuels so they have begun using a purchased “pre-mixed” fuel blend. MotoMix is another brand related by Dick Weise. Added their department will revert back to two medics on a PM Squad after the LA EMS agency advised them the performance of the program was un-acceptable. (effective October 3rd)

Capt Mike Wizenberg – Ventura County Fire – Related about ¼ of the department will be retiring in the next few years. New training model (Learning Management System) being used for all personnel, Tracks training hours, required topic coverage, company activities of any type). Features “outside” invites for participants.

Eric Hainy – Areo Environment – Came for DRONE program. UAV manufacturer to military.

Steve Hoyle – Ca fire Museum – Related they have had several engines donated, some going through refurbishment. Crowd funding site on their Facebook page to refurb Long Beachs oldcivil defense rig. At “Cruising for Cure” – September 26th at Orange County Fairgrounds.

Steve Hoyle (additional information from email) – Orange County Fire Authority (Retired), CA Fire Museum Donations Coordinator - The California Fire Museum & Safety Learning Center has a GoFundMe site, we are raising money to paint our 1953 REO Civil Defense Rescue. Please go to to donate. We (the Fire Museum) are accepting donations of any items related to the Fire Service, We have several engine’s we are currently in the process of outfitting and need anything used on an engine.

Contact: Steve Hoyle - Donation’s Coordinator




Jeff Wilkerson Camp Pendelton (Retired)

Kelly Witt – Workright Uniforms – Thanked OCFA for their business. Working with new fabrics with properties that the fire service will be interested in.  (Wildland Gen 2,  “Tech T4”).

Ed Carey – Santa Barbara Co FD (Retired)

Joe Sposado – AllStar Fire Equipment – Pasadena FD will soon put new SCOTT SCBA’s with 5500 PSI bottles. Ventura just was approved for SCBA Grant, AllStar now stocking the new Long Beach Spec. LBFD related their new PPE has been well received by crews. Akron now has a new intake valve with wheel actuation.

Keith Gurrola – Ventura County (Retired) – Lots of overhead and strike team deployments. Advises all participants to maintain training records / documentation for CICCS development through agency reps. State FM instructor update courses are coming to an end.

Julie Bovey – Firefighters First CU – 80th year anniversary this year. Check out their Facebook Page, check the website for entry to a drawing. 

BrianHarvick -  H3 – Introduces a new light for helmet mounted LED light: Great features with rear facing green light for buddy tracking, flood and spot forward. New design of fire axe.

Frank Orin – Qualitel Communications – Has systems for interfacing into radio’s, Bluetooth.

Ed Shaffer – LN Curtis – Has 2-cycle pre mixed fuels available – REMs (Rapid Extraction Module) Will be next month’s topic at L.N Curtis in La Mirada

Stuart Levi – SCOTT Safety – New SCOTT equipment has Bluetooth connectivity from radio to headset. Additionally they have a “crew comm” feature available. Escape belt feature now available on new airpacks.

John Ramirez – SCOTT Safety – Works on Military side of safety gear for SCOTT Safety. New technical data will be available from sensors (chemical, thermal images etc..) on SCOTT equipment that can be monitored world –wide.

Louie Garcia Western States Fire Equipment – Has equipment available now in California.

Eric –BestWay Laundry – Has new detergents available for PPE Maintenance. Sells, installs and maintains Extractor machines.

Scott Quinn LAFD – Tower classes are continuing, just took delivery of three rigs. LAFD is transitioning to single layer gear from a grant. Get “Homeland Study” to see justification to migrate to single layer.

Warehouse fire LAFD had revealed very high levels of CO and HCN during overhaul. The warehouse contained flooring, much of which was “laminate” type materials.

Babara -LACOFire Health HazMat – First meeting, manages some HazMat programs through the LACo Health – HazMat Division of the LACoFD.

BC Takasita LAFD –  Risk Management Manager – First Meeting related his experiences in his role.

Russ Snyder – ORCO – Thanked attendees for attending, has a recruit academy underway, for sees continuous tower classes for the next years. Has transitioned to new work uniforms.

Dick Weise LACoFD – Thanked venders for continuing support of SAFER and related the importance of vender participation.

Tony Duran – LACoFD HazMat Coordinator – Related the importance of decontamination methods should be begun as soon as possible after ANY potential exposure, not waiting till returning to quarters. County is running tower classes continuously. Ventura will be able to provide a basic review of the Mission Incident (The incident is still being litigated).


***All venders provided current particulars of their product lines and services.

1200 Meeting Adjourned , next meeting October xx, 2015 at L.N. Curtis in La Mirada.



Vender’s, Manufacture’s and Consultants represented at this meeting:


Ed Shabro – Sales Representative   L.N. Curtis & Sons

16821 Knott Ave.

La Mirada, CA 90638

Phone (323) 780-0254

Toll Free (866) 557-0254

Cell (760) 250-1180


Stuart Lovi -  Regional Manager, SCOTT Health and Safety

(626) 241-0093

(626) 205-2158


Lazaro Martinez – Regional Sales Representative – AllStar Fire Equipment

(626) 255-0433


Michelle Trout – CBRN Technical Specialist    LION Uniforms

7200 Poe Street – Suite 400

Dayton, Ohio45414

(480) 225-1324


Brian Harvick – H3 Safety Marketing

(855) 723-8943/    (855) SAFETY.H3

(661) 645-1845 Cell

25060 Hancock Ave. #103-226

Murrieta, CA     92562


Eric l. Higgins – Vice President    Bestway Laundry Solutions – UniMac Sales and Service

1035 E. Third Street

Corona, CA92879

Phone (800) 542-6166 ext204

Cell (951) 532-7700


Kelly Whitt – Regional Account Executive – Workrite Uniform

(909) 289-5775

1701 N. Lombard Street , Suite 200

Oxnard, CA 93030


Frank Uram- President  -  Quala-Tel Communications

Tel (858) 577-2900

Fax (858) 693-4109

Toll Free (800) 442-1504

Cell (858) 945-1659

9925 Business Park Avenue- Suite A

San Diego, CA92131-1171


Brett E. Maurits - Vice President, Sales – Public Safety – Redback Boot Co. USA

(619) 203-6541

1031 S. Andreasen Drive #100

Escondido, CA92029


Louie Garcia – Western States Fire Equipment

(909) 510-4266

(213) 272-5680

13800 Valley Blvd.

Fontana, CA92335


Mark Sheldone – Fire Safety / Technical Specialist - Manufacture’s Representative

Days-Off Consultants – Fire Equipment Marketing

(760) 505-3473 Cell

Carlsbad, CA 92008


Eric Haney – Unmanned Aircraft Systems

(805) 581-2187

(805) 208-6840

900 Enchanted Way

Simi Valley, CA93065



Meeting Attendees (Sign-ins)

Agency                     NAME                      PHONE #                     EMAIL (s)

Downey Fire -Retired Chuck Seely (562)8243225

LION                                   Michlle Trout  480-225-1324  


Quala-Tel                           Frank Uram     858-577-2900     

Ventura County Fire       Michael Weisenberg     80594647                                   


LN Curtis and Sons             Ed Shabro         

SBCRet.                      Ed Carey  805-895-9225

calif. Fire museum        steve hoyle         949-496-5688

Wolfpack Gear/Paso Robles Fire  Mike Oberndorfer  805.423.2691             

LA County FD                                     Tony Duran                626-590           firetiget2013-

Western States Fire Equipment       Louie Garcia     

AeroVironment                                 Eric Haney                  805-6840

Firefighters First CU                           Juloe Beauvais           323 216-6657


Los Angeles County Fire                  Dick Weise        

Camp Pendleton                                 Jeff Wilkerson                        9498304087

Ventura County Fire                          Keith Gurrola   

Los Angeles City Fire                         Scott Quinn      

Bestway Laundry Solutions            Eric Higgins                 1-800-542-6166


OCFA                                                      Russ Snider       

LACoFD Health HazMat                    Barbara C. Vu             N/A                 N/A

Days-Off Consultants                        Mark Sheldone          760-505-3473


Workrite Uniforms                            Kelly Whitt     9          09-289-5775

Redback Boots                                   Brett E. Maurits

H3 Safety Marketing                         Brian Harvick