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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning At Command Post During "North Fire"

During the first six days of the North Fire incident there was a common complaint from personnel of headaches, nausea, and a general sense of tiredness. Through dialogue between incident personnel, Safety and Operations began to question the possibility that CO gas was entering the trailers and tents in camp.

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Behavioral Health Conference

Hosted by the Orange County Fire Authority on October 24th or 25th from 0900-1700  hours.

Guest Speakers:

Kim Lightly, USFS/ Pineville Hotshots

BC Joe Krebbs and FF Frank Ungaro, FDNY

FC Frank Babinec and Captain Chris Bator, Coral Springs, Parkland FD

Captain Jeremy Hurd, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue


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CARR Fire Entrapment and Fatalities Report

Informational Summary Report of Serious or Near Serious CAL FIRE Injuries, Illnesses and Accidents A Board of Review has not approved this Informational Summary Report. It is intended to enhance safety and training, aid in preventing future occurrences, and to inform interested parties. Because the report is published in a short time frame, the information contained herein is subject to revision as further investigation is conducted and/or additional information is developed. GREEN SHEET Burn Over Fatalities July 26, 2018 Carr Incident 18-CA-SHU-007808 18-CA-SHU-007962 California Northern Region SUMMARY On July 26, 2018, a private dozer operator (Dozer 1) and Marin County Engine Company (ENG1) were assigned to the Carr Fire in Shasta County, California. At approximately 5:30 p.m., the fire transitioned from a fuel dominated fire to a winddriven fire, resulting in a combination of increased fire behavior and extraordinary fire weather conditions. During the progression of the fire’s rapid spread through Old Shasta, Keswick, and into the City of Redding, firefighters were engaged in rescues, evacuations, structure defense, and suppression operations. As the wildland fire advanced into the City of Redding, Redding Fire Department personnel and apparatus responded, including a Fire Prevention Inspector (FPI1). Within a timeframe of approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes, covering a 3-mile expanse, the following events transpired: Dozer 1 was burned over while improving dozerline; ENG1 firefighters suffered minor burn injuries while engaged in structure defense; and FPI1 was caught in a fire tornado while engaged in community protection. Dozer 1 and FPI1 suffered fatal injuries.    

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Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center - Weekly Digest: 7/13/2018


Klamathon Entrapment

During mobile attack operations, a fire engine was overrun by fire and two employees suffered burn injuries.

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Incident Info

Fawn Fire Engine Rollover
72 Hour Report

At approximately 2325 hours on July 8, 2018, a non-federal cooperator agency’s Type VI engine returning from a firing operation on the Fawn fire, departed the dirt road it was traveling on, rolled down an embankment, and came to rest upright in a drainage.

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Incident Info

Lake Christine Fire Dozer Rollover
72 Hour Report

While cresting a marginal drop-off, the D5M bulldozer rolled over approximately three times and came to a rest upright. The operator appeared to have lost consciousness during the rollover and the bulldozer continued to move in reverse, but was eventually stopped by the other bulldozer operator’s actions.

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Incident Info

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