Mitigating Liability in Emergency Vehicle Fleet Operations

 Fire departments across the nation are so focused on preventing litigation from personnel actions, it is my belief that they are losing sight of other high risk liabilities. One area in particular is fleet operations.

Craig Weeks is retired from the Los Angeles County Fire Department where he completed his career as the Chief of Fleet Services Division of this major metropolitan fire department and leader in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) firefighting.  They have over 3,000 personnel, respond to over 300,000 incidents per year with a varied topography that includes commercial, residential, brush/wildland, Southern California beaches, mountains and deserts. Mr. Weeks oversaw the maintenance of over 1,800 varied vehicles including, engines, trucks, water and fuel tenders, crew buggies, buses, patrols and squads, pickup trucks, sedans and SUVs.

Mr. Weeks has joined SAFER as a contributing writer regarding fire apparatus issues.